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Research project SEA trip


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Published in: Education, Travel
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Research project SEA trip

  1. 1. Merlion, Singapore Ayuthaya, Thailand Chocolate Hills, the Philippines Research Project Planning a Trip to Southeast Asia Countries
  2. 2. Trip to SEA countries8 weeks period (every Friday)be practical and of your own interestSelect at least 2 SEA countries towork onAbout an hour a week of each Fridaywill be given for the researchResearch on one topic each week Irrawaddy Dolphin, Khon Phapeng Falls, Laos
  3. 3. Trip to SEA countriesDuring class time every Friday, youwill research for information in yourcomputer lab on a particular topic.After an hour of your research time,you will take turn to see Kru Tukeand talk about what informationyou’ve found, what the choices are,what your decision is and reasonsfor your choices. Halong Bay, Vietnam
  4. 4. Trip to SEA countries Your homework for the weekend is to write a journal explaining about your research What kind of information you were looking for, What you’ve found, What the choices are, What your decision is and reasons for your choices Marina Bay Sand, Singapore You will submit your journal to Kru Tuke by 8 pm on Sunday.
  5. 5. Assessment Your trip plan & work progress (70%) How you participate in the research in the computer labBorobudur, Indonesia Presenting ideas and counseling with Kru Tuke weekly Journal keeping with all required detailsPresentation (30%) Emailing journal by 8 pm on Sunday Body language, Introduction & Closure, Voice/Intonation, Mechanic Writing, Graphic/Animation, Image, Font & Size, Length of text, Background & Color, and Citation
  6. 6. Week 1: Countries to visit Friday, November 18 Which countries of SEA to visit (select at least 2 countries) Why not other countries? What interests you about these countries? (attractions, natural history, personal experiences) At the end of the class, report to Kru tuke with all your reasonsSchwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar
  7. 7. Week 2: Activities, Places, Events Friday, December 2Where to go? (at least 2 attractions foreach country)What to do? (at least 2 activities)What to experience? (at least 2cultural events)When to visit? (time & duration)What is the currency of each country?How much is it, compared with $US? Angkor Wat, Cambodia
  8. 8. Week 3: International Travel Friday, December 9 How to get to the countries? Airline, flight details and options, cost, transportation means, Comparing prices between different airlines Reasons for your decisionUlan Danu Bratan Temple, Bali, Indonesia
  9. 9. Week 4: Accommodation Friday, December 16 Where to stay? (backpacker, hotel, motel, guest house) for each attraction, town, city, and country Price for each place you’ll stay Why you choose stay there?Petronas Towers, Malaysia
  10. 10. Week 5: How to get around inbound? Christmas Holiday Friday, December 23 Submit your journal by Sunday November 27 Bus, train, plane, motor bike, taxi? find out the cost of transport Ex: where to rent a motor bike, how much does it cost?, Do you need license for that? How much Phi Phi Island, Krabi, Thailand does a taxi, bus, train cost?
  11. 11. Week 6: Entry Requirement & Customs Christmas Holiday Friday, December 30 Submit your journal by 8 pm. Sunday January 1, 2012 Visa requirement, Where to get your visa? How much does it cost? Safety issues, travel tips Do’s and Don’ts What to do in an emergency? Pha That Luang, Laos
  12. 12. Week 7: Overall Budget Friday, January 6 Calculate all the costs of transportation, meal, accommodation, visa, pocket money, emergency money, etc. How will you earn the money?Mount Ramelau, East Timor
  13. 13. Presentation Days Students are required to give a presentation on their trip plans on January 12-13, 2012. A workshop on ‘an effective presentation’ will be held on January 9.Jame Ar’ Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque, Brunei
  14. 14. Questions?
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  17. 17. Questions?View from Kru Tuke’s Home, Khao Kho, Thailand