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Profile of Karnteera Ingkhaninan


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Profile of Karnteera Ingkhaninan

  1. 1. Personal Profile – Karnteera Ingkhaninan Name Karnteera Ingkhaninan (Tuke) Address 249/14 Moo 5, Nein Kaew Road, T. Tarahad, A. Muang Suphanburi 72000 Telephone +66 89 836 4403 Email Date of Birth 21 April 1976 Gender Female Nationality Thai Religion Buddhism Marital Status Single Education 2008 Graduate Diploma in Teaching Profession, Faculty of Education, Thepsatri Rajaphat University, Thailand 2002-2004 Master of Applied Science in Environmental Studies, School of Geography & Environmental Studies, University of Tasmania, Australia 1995-1998 Bachelor of Arts, Faculty of Humanities, Mass Communication, Journalism, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, Thailand 1992-1994 Satreewittaya School, Bangkok, Thailand 1989-1991 Photisanpittayakorn School, Bangkok, Thailand Special Training 2011 (6 weeks) ‘The Study of the United States Institute for Secondary School Educators’, Institute for Training and Development, Amherst, Massachusetts, USA (Funded by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs) Work Experience 2011-current Teacher of the Distance Education between Lodi High School, Wisconsin and Sa-nguan Ying School, Suphan Buri, Thailand. For the past four years, I have been teaching Southeast Asian Studies, via Skype, to groups of American students of Lodi High School, Wisconsin, USA. The Distance Education Program was initiated as an exchange program between the two schools. The core purpose of the program is to share knowledge and cultural values of both parts of the
  2. 2. Personal Profile of Karnteera Ingkhaninan Page 2 of 6 world to students and academics of both nations. The program consists of two sections. An American History course is taught by an American teacher, also via Skype, to grade 12 students of the English Program of Sa-nguan Ying School, Suphan Buri. I am responsible for teaching Southeast Asian Studies to American students enrolling in this course. All of them were in grade 10-12. Within this role, I was responsible for creating the course outline of this course, working in corporation with a co-American teacher in lesson planning, learning how to operate tools and programs such as Skype, blogging my teaching materials on websites to allow student access from distance, and managing my time well as the course is taught outside of my normal working hours. Because of many tasks performed, my English skills have been improving immensely. I have gained a huge confidence in teaching comfortably in English to American audiences. Because of the distance between teacher and learners, students must have an access to teaching materials at all times. Therefore, I have learned to use blogging as a resource center for this course. As a result, this responsibility has boosted my ability in the operation of various computing programs, i.e. Blogger, YouTube, and Slideshare. 2005-current Teacher, Translator, and Administrative Officer of the English Program of Sa-nguan Ying School, Suphan Buri, Thailand. Within this position I have acted as a responsible staff member and participant of the Student Exchange Program between Sa-nguan Ying School and schools in Tasmania, Australia. Although this position has involved many different tasks and responsibilities, there have been two major roles. The first role, as a Teacher, has involved teaching Social Studies in English to Grade 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 Thai students. This experience has helped me to further develop and improve my teaching and planning skills. In this position I have been responsible for creating lesson plans for all the topics I was teaching. As a result, of this experience, I believe that I am now better organized with many of my daily routine tasks. Because I was working with younger people in this position, I feel that I now possess valuable skills in communicating more effectively with them. The second role in this position has involved work as an Administrative Officer. In this role, I have been involved in a diverse range of matters relevant to using and developing English skills. My main duties in this role are to translate educational and administrative documents into either English or Thai, and organise and prepare internal or external documents through coordination between international departments.
  3. 3. Personal Profile of Karnteera Ingkhaninan Page 3 of 6 Within this position, I have also acted as a coordinator and translator for communication in meetings between Thai people and others as well as assuming part responsibility for the Student Exchange Program between Sa-nguan Ying School and several different schools in Tasmania, Australia. Since the Student Exchange Program between Sa-nguan Ying School and Lodi High School, Wisconsin, USA started in 2008, I have acted as a Master of ceremonies in welcoming and farewell ceremonies and a translator for communication in various classes, i.e. music, cooking, crafting, and Thai traditional dancing classes. Because of the many different tasks performed in this position, I have significantly enhanced my English proficiency in speaking, reading, writing and translation. In addition, the experiences gained have also fostered my confidence with many common PC applications such as the Microsoft programs Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, and with Adobe Photoshop. In this position I am often required to meet strict deadlines. As a result, I believe that I can work well independently and have acquired a good work ethic with a positive attitude and a strong focus on providing high quality service to clients. 2004 Field Research Assistant, School of Geography & Environmental Studies, University of Tasmania. This work involved traveling (by 4WD and walking) to several remote and isolated areas within Tasmania and assisting with collection of ecological data as part of a PhD project. From this experience, I acquired an understanding of ecological data collection techniques and experimental design. I also gained some appreciation and valuable insights regarding nature conservation issues and ecological restoration procedures within Tasmania. 2003-2004 Field Researcher, Inspiring Place Consultants During this period I worked for an environmental consulting company responsible for producing information to be used in the development of the Myrtle Forest Site Development Plan, Wellington Park, Collinsvale, Tasmania. I was responsible for producing a report containing information relevant to area. The report contained two main features. The first described geographical and natural features, current usage, and other relevant information of the site. I was required to search for a wide range of information from multiple sources including books, journals, databases, Internet searches, and by conducting personal interviews. The latter contained information on people’s aspirations for future development of the area. With a strong emphasis on public participation, questionnaire surveys, personal interviews, and community meetings were utilized as a means of colleting data. For the project, I was required to work closely with the Wellington Park Management Trust, an established organization in charge of producing the plan. As a result, of working closely with this
  4. 4. Personal Profile of Karnteera Ingkhaninan Page 4 of 6 project, I developed proficient computer skills, presentation skills, creativeness, valuable document arrangement, an ability to search and collect relevant information and experience in working within a team environment. 2001-2004 Part-time Waitress, Several Restaurants in Hobart, Tasmania ! Mai-Ake Thai Restaurant ! Vanidol’s Asian Cuisine, Thai Restaurant ! mit Zitrone Restaurant, Australian-owned restaurant ! Amulet Restaurant, American-owned restaurant ! Sen’s Asian Sensation Restaurant, Chinese-owned restaurant My main responsibilities within this area included customer services during lunch and dinner, food handling, cash-register operation, and general cleaning. Several years of working within the restaurant service established my ability to work as part of a team within a demanding work environment where outcomes must be delivered within demanding time frames. From this experience, I gained a proven ability to be reliable, strong service- minded, trustworthy and skilled in dealing with people. 1999-2001 Secretary of J. Builders Corporation Ltd In this position I was responsible for all administrative and secretarial duties. This included preparing documents, taking minutes at meetings, and attending to visitors and enquires via telephone. Working within this organization developed my competency with various PC applications. This position helped me to become well organized with my daily work routines and developed my ability to work independently with minimum supervision when required. 1998 Reporter, Matichon Daily Newspaper As a condition of course completion from Chiang Mai University, I was required to undertake a period of employment as a reporter. In this field I performed the role of reporter for a short time before moving into the position of editor. I was also involved in the roles of editor and reporter for ‘Ang-Keaw Newspaper’, Chiang Mai University newspaper, Mass Communication during this period. Special award • 1998 - Thai Journalists Association, silver medal for news reporting on environmental destruction at Doi Suthep National Park, Ang-Keaw newspaper, Chiang Mai University Exchange Program Participation • 2006 – a chaperone of the Student Exchange Program to Kingston High School, Kingston, Tasmania, Australia.
  5. 5. Personal Profile of Karnteera Ingkhaninan Page 5 of 6 • 2007 – a chaperone of the Student Exchange Program to Queechy High School, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. • 2008 - a chaperone of the Student Exchange Program to Riverside High School, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. • 2009 - a chaperone of the Student Exchange Program to Queechy High School, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. • 2010 - a chaperone of the Student Exchange Program to Port Dalrymple School, George Town, Tasmania Australia. • March 2013 - a chaperone of the Student Exchange Program to Taroona High School, Hobart Tasmania, Australia. • October 2013 - a chaperone of the Student Exchange Program to Lodi High School, Lodi, Wisconsin, USA Other Activities • 1997 - President of Environmental Conservation Club, Chiang Mai University • 2003 - 2004 - Volunteer counselor of Australian-Thai cultural exchange program while completing my Masters Degree in Tasmania, Australia. My main duty was to present information and give advice to university and high school students so they could gain a better understanding of Thai culture, be able to adjust themselves to live in a different environment, and also to enjoy their time in Thailand. • 2005 - English Speaking Emcee for the dinner party arranged by Tourism of Thailand in collaboration with Suphan Buri Province for the athletes of the 1st Asian Indoor Games 2005 held in Suphan Buri on the 16 of November 2005. • 2007 – Volunteer teacher accompanying Thai students in the East Asia Youth Leadership Forum, hosted by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Education, 26-30 November 2007 Special Skills and Interests • Special interest in conservation of natural resources and environment • Able to speak, read and write English fluently • Proficient in speaking Mandarin • Skilled in training students for Skit and Story Telling Competitions Referees Mr Greg Cairnduff Director, The Australian International School of Bangkok Phone: +66 81 751 0133 Email:
  6. 6. Personal Profile of Karnteera Ingkhaninan Page 6 of 6 Dr Cherdsak Supasopon Director, Suankularb Wittayalai School Phone: +66 81 197 9990 Email: Mr Supannachaht Plang-ngoen English Program Manager, Sa-nguan Ying School, Suphan Buri, Thailand Phone: +66 81 858 7678 Email: