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Public Lecture Slides (4.17.2017): Powerful or powerless Japan?


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(4.17.2017) Powerful or powerless Japan?
Investigating the full extent of the world's third-largest power

Slides for speaker, Dr. Guibourg Delamotte.

Dr. Guibourg Delamotte, Associate Professor of Political science at the French Institute of Oriental Studies (Inalco)’s Japanese studies department

Dr. Satoru Nagao, Research Fellow at the Institute for Future Engineering, Visiting Research Fellow at the Research Institute for Oriental Cultures at Gakushuin University, Research Fellow at the Japan Forum for Strategic Studies, and Lecturer at Aoyama-Gakuin and Komazawa universities.

ICAS public lecture series videos are posted on Youtube:

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Public Lecture Slides (4.17.2017): Powerful or powerless Japan?

  1. 1. Powerful or powerless Japan? Guibourg DELAMOTTE, PhD Assoc. Prof. of Political Science, Japanese studies Dpt, National Oriental Studies Institute (Paris), Adjunct Fellow, Temple University 17 April 2017
  2. 2. Defining power • “the capacity to do, to make do, to prevent from doing or to refuse to do “ or “the capacity to do things and in social situations to affect others to get the outcomes we want” . • “the ability of a country to structure a situation so that other countries will develop preferences or define their interest in ways consistent with its own”. Is Japan powerful according to these definitions?
  3. 3. The changing nature of Japanese power I. Japan’s power after WWII: economic and financial might II. The impact of the end of the CW: discovering “international cooperation” III. PM Abe’s policy and Japanese power: Japan as a “hardening” power IV. Japan’s soft power (1. Is there any soft power without hard power? 2. A limited resource)
  4. 4. Japan’s weaknesses I. Economic aspects: 1. Massive public debt 2. Demographics I. International influence: 1. Japan in International organisations 2. History and Japan’s international image I. The 2015 reforms and regional security challenges: 1. Article 9 as strength or weakness? ( element of national identity) 2. Beyond the constitutional framework: SDF operational capabilities 3. Dependency on the US (…and coping with Donald Trump)