ISJ Call for papers related to eHealth, Expertise in Nursing and Coping at Home and Service Busines


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ISJ Call for papers related to eHealth, Expertise in Nursing and Coping at Home and Service Busines

  1. 1. Call for papers Laurea LivingLabs network invites LivingLabs professionals keen on Service Business (including topics like eServices) and Expertise in Nursing and Coping at Home (including topics like eHealth and eWellbeing) to introduce their Research work and results in ISJ -the Interdisciplinary Studies Journal. Important dates Edition ‘Expertise in Nursing and Coping at Home’ Deadline 31.11.2013 Edition ‘Service Business’ Deadline 01.02.2014 ISJ -the Interdisciplinary Studies Journal This journalis an international forum exploring the frontiers of innovation, creativity and development. This journal does not limit itself to traditions specifically associated with one discipline or school of thought per se but embraces consideration of emerging issues assessing novel terrains and encouraging change. ISJ serves to both industry and academic communities by advancing the premises for implementing research into practice. These quarterly journal issues are published under a distinguished list of editors, including special issues, comprising an expected annual volume of over 700 pages. ISJ is listed in the Ulrich’s Periodicals Director, and indexed and abstracted in the ProQuest. ISJ is international in all aspects considering, i.e. quality, content, representation, and dissemination; a major scholarly publication dedicated to the advancement of interdisciplinarity; bridges the gap between theory and practice; serves the needs of researchers as well as practitioners and executives; challenges conventional wisdom, explores alternatives and offers new perspective and intends to be the leading forum for the publication of high quality interdisciplinary manuscripts. ISJ may also publish a non-refereed e-journal (ISSN 1799-2710), book reviews and commentaries on developments in interdisciplinarity as well as notes on research work in progress and reports of relevant conferences. Submission Guidelines ISJ aims to publish papers on diverse subjectsrelated but not limited to service innovation and design, nursing and coping at home, security and social responsibility, and student entrepreneurship. All the submissions are expected to contribute to raising awareness and rethinking interdisciplinarity. The submissions should also take into considerations that ISJ bridges the gap between theory and practice serving the needs of researchers as well as practitioners and executives. Papers will be accepted in English language only. Please submit drafts, abstracts, or complete articles to Contact and Info Email: Website :