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ENoLL pitchers matchmakingsession 27082013 Laurea Living Lab


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ENoLL pitchers matchmakingsession 27082013 Laurea Living Lab

  1. 1. The Helsinki Region Pioneering EU Laurea LivingLab Network e4 = (e)Health & (e)Services and Service Business, (e)Security, Safety and Social Responsibility & entrepreneurship Project References • /Focus_in_Research/Pages/defaul t.aspx • • /Projects/Current%20Projects/Pa ges/Ongoing-projects.aspx ISJ Call for papers • irv/isj-call-for-papers Contact Laurea is your access point to Helsinki metropolitan area 55M€ | 12M€ | 4.1 M€ 8000 people Open access theses and dissertations about Living labs
  2. 2. T3 / RYM EUE & Espoo & Aalto: Focus on Developing Attractive Innovation Environment Markku Markkula • Espoo, Chair of the City Planning Board • Member of the EU Committee of the Regions, Rapporteur on “Horizon 2020” and “Closing the Innovation Divide” • Advisor to the Aalto Presidents at Aalto University Digitisation and globalisation drive change, and convergence towards digital services is speeding up. For regions and cities this means: - Innovation communities operate as ecosystems through systemic value networking in a world without borders. - Innovation processes are strongly based on demand and user orientation and customers as crucial players in innovations. - Innovation strategies focus on catalysing open innovation and encouraging individuals and communities towards an entrepreneurial mindset and effective use and creation of new digitalised services. - Innovation is often based on experimenting and implementing demonstration projects by partnerships, using the best international knowledge and creating new innovative concepts.
  3. 3. The Helsinki Region Pioneering EU Laurea LivingLabs Clusters in Helsinki-Uusimaa Region Helsinki Smart Region: Pioneering for Europe 2020 region-paper-for-co-r-educ-25-26-april-2013-v0-85 Europe 2020 conference of the Committee of the Regions Brussels, 27 November 2013, 10:00-16:00
  4. 4. 1) Societal challenges … ageing society, transport, energy efficiency, security (pursuit of criminals across a border or close support of vehicles going through a border, disaster relief operations, food security..), Overcoming the crisis, climate change, digital agenda, social and societal innovation, innovative public procurement, Social Platform on Cultural Heritage for Reflective and Inclusive Societies; Inclusive and sustainable Europe for the young generation; EU-Japan socio-economic research platform; Reflective Societies; Twinning; – Achieving IU and ERA; New forms of innovation; Digital empowerment of citizens; Cooperation with third countries; Ensuring societal engagement in research and innovation; Strengthen the evidence-base for R&I policy making…. 2) Excellent Sciences/Marie Curie; 3) Industriel leadership/ SME innovation – New innovation activities of SMEs shall be promoted through facilitating cross-border and cross-sectoral collaboration and entrepreneurship across different regions and value chains – Design driven innovation in European SMEs 4) Others: • Erasmus+ for using LivingLabs in education • COSME with SMEs Horizon 2020 theme(s): Industrial Leadership, Societal challenges and Excellent Science fit our living lab
  5. 5. Laurea offers access to one of the world’s most competitive and advanced metropolitan areas
  6. 6. With you we create even better RDI results and improve their usage in companies and within society (e)Health: Expertice in Nursing and Coping at Home project references 1) Joining Innovative Approaches for the Integration and Development of Transnational Knowledge Clusters Policies related to Independent living of Elderly (JADE); 2) mHealth booster; 3) Express to Connect; 4) Training and market dialogue for Innovative Nordic Health Procurement (INHP); 5) Pumppu; 6) Safe Home and CaringTV Caring TV - service design with and for clients; 6) Confident Motion (COM'ON); 7) The GUARANTEE Project - A Guardian Angel for the Extended Home Environment; 8) ForeMassi2025, 9) Empowering Art, 10) Welfare and energy efficiency for living. Using innovation environment and user information in welfare and energy saving, 11) VIRTU -project - Virtual Elderly Care Services on the Baltic Islands (e)Services: Service Innovation and Design; Service Business project references 1) From co-production to co-creation (CoCo); 2) Integrating Design for All in Living Labs (IDeALL), 3) Confident Motion (COM'ON); 4) EXPAT- Innovative Services for Internationals - easier access to the CBSR; 5) Service Innovation through Strategic Stakeholder Integration (SISSI); 6) The GUARANTEE Project - A Guardian Angel for the Extended Home Environment; 7) 3) Express to Connect; 8) CIDe Cluster Finland; 9) Ballad LivingLabs make export of digital services possible! 10) EKA Pioneering Region and Energizing Urban Ecosystems; 11) Twinning Kosovo, 12) With All senses – Developing open learning environments, 13) Measuring Innovation Competencies, 14) Sustainable logistics solutions through international networking,
  7. 7. With you we create even better RDI results and improve their usage in companies and within society (e)Security, Safety and Social Responsibility project references • 1) Multiagency cooperation in cross-border operations (MACICO); 2) Protection of European borders and Seas Through the Intelligent Use of Surveillance (PERSEUS); 3) Airborne information for Emergency situation Awareness and Monitoring (AIRBEAM); 4) Mobile Object Bus Interaction (MOBI); 5) AIRBEAM (AIRBorne information for Emergency situation Awareness and Monitoring) • 6) The public health implications of neoliberal policy and management on professions and vulnerable populations; 7) Re- integration into Labour market through Entrepreneurship Skills Enhancement (RELESE) entrepreneurship 1) Quicker Steps; 2) Co-creation of network modes for market entry in developing countries – Finnish renewable energy SME (CONNECT), 3) The project Young Entrepreneurship Developing in Action (YEDAC); 4) Spinno Enterprise Center
  8. 8. LivingLabs • Service Innovation and Design Lab • BarLaurea • Safety and Security Lab • Smart Hospital • Medical and Care Simulation Centre • CIDE cluster • Ballad – Baltic Region for SMEs • Abrilab / Aalto • NanoLab / Vantaa Innovation institute • Urban Mill / EUE • Sendai Finland Wellbeing Centre / City of Sendai, Japan • Shuan-Lien elderly care Living Lab / NTU, Taiwan
  9. 9. Call for papers ISJ -the Interdisciplinary Studies Journal Laurea Living Labs network invites Living Labs professionals keen on Service Business (including topics like eServices) and Expertise in Nursing and Coping at Home (including topics like eHealth and eWellbeing) to introduce their Research work and results in ISJ - the Interdisciplinary Studies Journal. Important dates • Edition ‘Expertise in Nursing and Coping at Home’ Deadline 31.11.2013 • Edition ‘Service Business’ Deadline 01.02.2014 Contact and Info • Email: • Website : Read more:
  10. 10. Call for papers and presentations – Societal system research and analysis. Smart ICT systems, environments, networks, and digital services – Humanistic research on societal models, information flows, communication and services – Implementations – Societal and business applications of smart environments and ICT systems, new markets areas, collaboration proposals The submission procedure For submission, please send your paper extended abstract or presentation abstract to . Smartsocietalenvironments transnational city,regional,national individualsmartenvironment vehicular TIEMS Workshop on Smart Environments and ICT System Living Lab for Societal Security. 26-27 September 2013. Espoo, FINLAND
  11. 11. Harvesting results together Questions