Design days 2012


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Design days 2012

  1. 1. Laurea with multiple Centre of Excellenceawards in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area REGIONAL POLICY AND DESIGN IN OPEN USER-DRIVEN ECOSYSTEMS Director Tuija Hirvikoski, PhD, Laurea University of Applied Sciences European Network of Living Labs Helsinki, the World Design Capital 2012 Design Days 2012
  2. 2. Don‟t discard routines, challenge them and creatively explore new ones!Science and technology driven innovation 4%Practice based innovation 96%
  3. 3. Service Designis a systematic way toapproach servicedevelopment andinnovation bothanalytically andintuitively
  4. 4. An emergingtrend: datavisualization• Illustrates the data and makes it more perceivable• alisointiblogi/ – Data visualization examples and tools Datakuvat:
  5. 5. DESIGN THINKING AND METHODS – WHY?It catalyses people to innovate and see opportunities in a new way…creates a virtuous circle of learning - helps us to share abstract ideasand to spot the promising connections between things.. enables us toescape the constraints dominating bureaucracies and to avoid pitfalls oftraditional boarders.By quickly developing multiple perspectives and integrating strategic intent withexecution, strategic design advances society‟s ability to work in integratedfashion with complex issues in dynamic context.Design methods can help governments and public authorities, who traditionallyspend billions on research and development , to invest in themselves bydeveloping new ways of tackling wicked problems and creating publicinnovation.Best of all, strategic design allows people to act while the government facilitates . Helsinki Design Lab
  6. 6. TACKLING WICKED PROBLEMS AND CREATING PUBLIC INNOVATION A lot more of creative and systemicA bit less of the same thinking, tem effort, and strategic design
  7. 7. Helsinki Design Lab is an initiative by Sitra, The Finnish Innovation Fund, to advance strategic design as a way to re- examine, re-think, and re-design the systems weve inherited from the past. We assist decision-makers to view challenges from a big-picture perspective, and provide guidance toward more complete solutions that consider all aspects of a problem “STRATEGIC DESIGN IS A WAY TO SPECIFY THE INTENTIONS THAT WE WANT TO ACCOMPLISH AND STEWARD EFFORTS TOWARDS THE REALISATION OF THOSE AIMS.”
  8. 8. Inspiring creativity,innovation and design in regions and cities
  9. 9. Inspiring Creativity,innovation and design in Regions and cities Applying Living Labs thinking
  10. 10. Creativity and Design
  11. 11. Can Local and regional authorities BeCreative and design?
  12. 12. CanPolicymakers and civil servants BeCreative and design?
  13. 13. Can Citizens and users BeCreative and design?
  14. 14. Can You BeCreative and design?
  15. 15. Creativity is an ability to think up and designnew services and inventions, produce works of art, or solve problems in new ways, or develop an idea based on an original, novel or unconventional approach
  16. 16. Creativity is theroad less travelledbut one we need toexplore to get to a better and more innovative place
  17. 17. “THE ACCESSIBILITY AND ATTRACTIVENESS OF NEW SERVICES ARE SHAPED AND ENABLED IN REGIONAL AND GLOBAL INNOVATION ECOSYSTEMS AS WELL AS BY NATIONAL AND EU INNOVATION POLICIESActors Actions Where / how Why / forDesigners Innovate In open BetterEngineers Ecosystems • SolutionsEntrepreneurs Co-design • ProductsAcademics • Play games with • ServicesNurses • Simulate • Public • ProcessesService providers • Visualize • Private • Business models… • People • Inclusive foresightsCitizens Co-create Partner-Users ship NewCivil servants Experiment • Global marketsLocal authorities • User behaviourPublic policy Pilot • Firmsmakers • Industries Commercialize… Societal Utilize transformation
  18. 18. CultivatingUrbanInnovations
  19. 19. Cities and regionsSet the agenda forinformation infrastructurefor everything, fromservice to security toenergy
  20. 20. SELF-RENEWAL MULTI-STAKEHOLDER ECOSYSTEM DRIVEN BY USERSwhat is needed? multilevel governance Service- Enablers MNS, providers SMES “ our smart city projects, the DEVELOPER COMMUNITY is often a critical Public sectorin wellbeing, asset, Education the USER COMMUNITIES” third sector convergence of science RDI Citizens and cross-sector co-operation users what is possible? Also for social and societal innovation
  21. 21. A SYSTEMIC APPROACH TO USER CENTRED POLICIES AND SERVICES IT IS THE WHOLE BUNCH – TIE THE KNOT = DESIGN All levels and actors of the ecosystem are interdependent and in continuous interaction,r:19,s:0,i:108
  22. 22. WE HAVE TO UNDERSTAND WHAT„S GOING ON IN THE WORLD AND WITHIN OURSELVES SCALE People, Zooming in (micro level) Teams Networks Organisations Environments - The built and natural surroundingsZooming out (macro level) Cities Regions Europe
  23. 23. ALL LEVELS ARE INTERDEPENDENTWhat does systemic / holistic innovation and design look like?
  24. 24. IT„S ALL STARTS IN YOUR HEADNeurological foundations of creativity Meaningfully address the emotional aspects of creativity
  25. 25. ORGANIZING FOR COLLABORATIVEINNOVATION – HOW?J. Dyer, H. Gregersen, & C.M. Christensen, T.Hirvikoski, A Systemic Approach to SuccessfulThe Innovator’s DNA: Mastering the Five Innovation Ecosystems.Skills of Disruptive Innovators Virtuous Circle of Innovation• Associating – making connections across seemingly unrelated questions, • Visionary and Holistic approach problems, or ideas • Complementary interaction &• Questioning – a passion for inquiry integrating ideas and knowledge• Observing – carefully watch • Resistance of pressures & Tolerance customers, technologies, firms, etc. of inconveniences and frustration• Networking – find and test ideas through a diverse network of individuals • Generation of tangible and intangible energy• Experimenting – try out new experiences and ideas
  26. 26. A PLANET OF CIVIC LABORATORIES “In regional ecosystems or living laboratories, we can create and test the new distributed structures, value creation and business models, or the renewed production and consumption patterns of the emerging new service or business ecosystems, new markets or new industries.” Kulkki (2011) Science and Society, Pan European Networks: Science and Technology, November 2011 issue Kulkki (2012) Getting Competitive, Pan European Networks: Science and Technology, March 2012, issue 02, pages 28-31
  27. 27. Kulkki (2011) Science and Society, Pan European Networks: Science and Technology, November 2011 issueKulkki (2012) Getting Competitive, Pan European Networks: Science and Technology, March 2012, issue 02,pages 28-31INNOVATIVE REGIONAL POLICY,OPEN GOVERNMENT POLICY,POLICY AND RESEARCH INTEGRATION, AND DECISIONS-TO SUPPORT THE BOTTOM-UP DEVELOPMENT,-TO PROVIDE GOOD EDUCATION OR-TO APPLY THE PUBLIC PRE-COMMERCIAL PROCUREMENTWILL HELP THE TRANSFORMATIVE INNOVATION TOEMERGE.
  28. 28. REGIONS AND CITIES ARE PLACES FOR LIFE.. There people and organisations encounter and solve major societal challenges • The Synergise Finland development project (Sitra) is an example of how these elements where present when addressing the concept of new work and the idea of new demography. Immediate democracy is based on increased openness and the flexibility of administration; it means that operations are spontaneously introduced by the public. The New Democracy forum experimented with participatory budgeting, crowd sourcing of information requests and a social hub, where people can meet and work together. • •
  29. 29. “WHEN THEY HAVE A PROBLEM, THEY ASK EVERYONE” * Crowd-funding Platforms Because They know that people are willing to be of service The open, user-driven innovation:*
  30. 30. DISTRIBUTED LEADERSHIP BASED ON TRUST AND SHARED RESPONSIBILITIES AMONG FIRMS, PUBLIC AUTHORITIES, ACADEMIA AND PEOPLE.Help firms and people to design and producenew services Living Lab thinking in real life e.g.• cities and regions as places and • the city of Barcelona as a Living Lab engines for globally competitive and • the Consciousness Academy in open, ecosystem-based, human- Friesland centric RDI in real-life contexts, such • the city of Oulu which is successfully as living laboratories that engage renewing their social and health care people. When solving societal system in close collaboration with the challenges, we co-design, citizens. experiment and pilot new services, • Helsinki Living Labs: FVH + Aalto + technologies and businesses in the Laurea + …. ecosystems.. • Open innovation portfolio since since 1990s
  31. 31. Tie the knot! Perseverance! “Sisu”!“I will run through the brick wall”“If needed, I will stand on my head” I wish you a creative workshop!