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ENOLL thematicdomains Ghent, tuija hirvikoski


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prensentation on the 13th of December, Enoll, Ghent

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ENOLL thematicdomains Ghent, tuija hirvikoski

  1. 1. Laurea with multiple Centre of Excellence awards in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area LIVING LABS CO-OPERATION IN FINLAND AND WITH ASIAN Director, Dr. Tuija Hirvikoski PhD (Industrial Management) | MSc (Public Administration) | MSc (Physical Education) Laurea LivingLabs Network The European Network of living labs (ENOLL) & The Sendai-Finland wellbeing centre (Japan) The Helsinki IT Association (HITA, Finland) Learning by Developing (LbD) The Helsinki Living Labs (Finland) The ambient assisted living E2C project (Denmark)
  2. 2. In Finnish innovation policy Living Labs are Instruments for1. Demand and user-driven open RDI (Research, Development and Innovation) in service, business and technology development Engagement of active citizens, users and customers to co-creation, do-development and co-innovation2. Creation of new RDI and business ecosystems that are needed for new service and business architectures, and market and industry creation3. Reforming the private and public services4. Industrial Reform
  3. 3. Laurea LivingLabs and Learning by Developing modelMobilising Laurea resources 1.Active Life Village (Espoo) 2.Agro Living Lab (Seinäjoki)• 50M€, 550 personnel and 8000 students 3.Arabia Living Lab (Helsinki) throughout Laurea’s pedagogical 4.ArchipeLabo (Turun saaristokunnat) innovation, the Learning by Developing 5.Arctic Living Lab (esiselvityshanke) (LbD) model 6.Edelläkävijäkunta Living Lab (Mikkeli) 7.Helsinki Living Lab (pk-seutu)• incubator and innovation services 8.Huomisen hotelli (Helsinki)References and Track Record 9.InnoHub Espoo (Espoo) 10.Karjaranta Living Lab (Pori)• Laurea’s R&D&I portfolio (12 M€) mainly 11.Lahti Living Lab (Lahti) related to LivingLabs and user driven 12.Laurea Lbd Living Lab (pk-seutu) innovation and product development 13.Living Lab for Design and Services (Pohjois-Karjala)• for the projects and results see, 14.Lutakko Living Lab (Jyväskylä) 15.Maunula Living Lab (Helsinki) 16.Northern Rural Living Lab (Pohjois-Suomi) living-labs 17.OtaSizzle/SizzleLab (Espoo)• scientific papers and PhD theses 18.Owela Open Web Lab (Espoo) 19.Pasila Living Lab (Helsinki)Co-creating with 20.Porvoo Campus Living Lab 21.Skaftkärr/Energia Living Lab (Porvoo)• Helsinki Metropolitan area, HLL, Forum 22.Suuntaamo (Tampere) Virium, Aalto, FUAS, Quadruple Helix 23.Suupohja Living Lab• ENoLL, Asian –European Active Innovation 24.Suurpelto Living Lab (Espoo) 25.Virvelinranta Living Lab (Hämeenlinna) Net, Sendai-Finland Wellbeing Centre, 1.Cleantech Living Lab (Asumisen OSKE) Security and Safety Net in US, LLs in South 2.Digital Living Lab Espoo Africa 3.Nokiareena Living Lab (Tampere)• Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Halmstad, 4.Paper Living Lab -tutkimus 5.Snowpolis (Vuokatti) Öresund and Helsinki Living Labs
  4. 4. LbD&LivingLabs Ecosystem Creating value “Orchestration table”Institutional Strategic Business Execution Design Personalenviroment environment environment professional development enviroment environment meanings orchestration table Political Enablers Utilizer licenses, franchiser, spin-offs Developer guidelines User
  5. 5. Grand Challenge Driven Innovation in the Global RDI and Business Ecosystem1. Global warming and tightening supplies of energy2. Water and food3. Ageing societies and public health4. Pandemics and security Institutional Strategic Business Execution Design Personal enviroment environment environment professional development enviroment environment meanings orchestration table Political licenses, franchiser, spin-offs guideline Enablers Utilizer Developer UserBelgium Finland s ENoLL Aalto Asian-European UAS - Security and Active Innovation Quadruple FUAS Safety RDI Ireland Net & Active Europe net Helix Aging Spain USA Forum Asia Virium France Africa HLL Turkey Sendai-Finland Helsinki Wellbeing LL network in Virtual Greece Centre Southern Africa Village
  6. 6. SidLabs & BarLaurea with a Master programme on service innovation and design LbD&LivingLabs Ecosystem Doctor Seppo Leminen | FinLab and UDOI |Doctor Katri Ojasalo| Minna Fred Senior lecturer| Doctor Jyri Rajamäki | Research and Education on Security and Safety | |Rob Moonen | Project Manager Guarantee and DiYSE | Julius Tuomisto | Project Manager |Mika J Kortelainen Senior lecturer User Driven Innovation Centre UniC with a Personal meaningsInstitutionalenviroment Strategic environment Business environment professional development Execution enviroment Design environment Master programme on user centric methodologies, Doctor Satu Luojus | Doctor Outi Cavén-Pöysä | |Doctor Olli Vilkki | Petteri Suckman | Project Manager Ballad Project and Quadruple Helix | Active Life Village & CaringTv in Finland, Japan and China || orchestration Doctor Paula Lehto | Doctor Maria Suokannas | Pia Kiviharju table | Senior lecturer/Development Manager | Laurea/Active Life Village Ltd | Doctor Matti Hämäläinen | Laurea Medical and Care Simulation Centre || Political Enablers Utilizer licenses, franchiser, spin-offs Developer guidelines Doctor Jorma Jokela | Doctor Päivi Marjanen Konkkaronkka User Care Innovation and Design Hub CIDe & Express to Connect || Doctor Anne Äyväri | Doctor Katariina Raij | Primary Labs & Developers & Master programmes
  7. 7. Examples ofmethodologies in use
  8. 8. To learn more, please seeLaurea /laurea-living-labsEnoll Smart Cities Showcase|Helsinki Design Capital 2012“Living Lab - Living or Killing Innovation” (2011), Tekes