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Sharing tentang online community, apa yang harus disiapkan dll. Untuk pemahaman yang lebih komprehensif bisa ikut public training saya di MarkFirst dengan tema Build Community Digital Marketing

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Community marketing slideshare version

  1. 1. Bandung, 20 February 2014 Community Development & Engagement
  2. 2. Phase of A Community Source: communitybestpracticesfina?v=qf1&b=&from_search=6
  3. 3. Strategy Leadership Culture Community Management Content & Programming Policies & Governance Tools Metrics & Measurement Stage 1 Hierarchy Stage 2 Emergent Community Stage 3 Community Stage 4 Networked Familiarize & Listen Command & Control Reactive None Formal & Structured No Guidelines for UGC Consumer tools used by individuals Anecdotal Participate Consensus Contributive Informal Some user generated content Restrictive social media policies Consumer & self- service tools Basic Activities Build Collaborative Emergent Defined roles & processes Community created content Flexible social media policies Mix of consumer & enterprise tools Activities & Content Integrate Distributed Activist Integrated roles & processes Integrated formal & user generated Inclusive ‘Social’ functionality is integrated Behaviors & Outcomes Community Maturity Model Source:
  4. 4. Forrester’s Ladder of Engagement
  5. 5. Source: community-provides-practical-value/
  6. 6. Member Profile Source: 12747943?v=qf1&b=&from_search=35
  7. 7. Community Types • Location • Activity-based • Demographic • Goal-oriented • Brand-sponsored Source: 12747943?v=qf1&b=&from_search=35
  8. 8. Community Activities Orientation
  9. 9. 4 Elements of “Community” Membership Integration & Fullfilment of needs Influence Shared Emotional Connection Source: Wikipedia, study by McMillan & Chasis, 1986
  10. 10. What is Your Path? • Brand Fans • Interest Based Build Your Own Community • Long term partnership • Short term engagement Engage with Established Community
  11. 11. Build Your Own Community • Strengths: 1. Easier to connect business objective with community 2. You have all control to community 3. Easier to adapt and customized the community when you change the objective • Weaknesses: 1. It takes time to build the community 2. Big investment to develop the community 3. You must invest in community icon and planner
  12. 12. Engage with Community • Strengths: 1. Cheaper investment 2. You can see the result faster than build your own community • Weaknesses: 1. You must compromise with community vision and objective 2. They can also work with your competitor brand 3. You can not control the community
  13. 13. Wardah & Hijabers Community Wardah already support Hijabers Community since their official launching in 2011
  14. 14. Wardah Consistent Engagement with Hijabers Community Wardah consistently engage with Dian Pelangi as the most influential person in Hijabers Community, and now the icon for Moslem Fashion
  15. 15. Bike To Work & Polygon Polygon partnership with Bike to Work Community who not only sponsored event but also further engagement with community by creating customized product. This long term partnership is also valuable for the brand loyalty among the community members. Event Sponsorship Product Development
  16. 16. Hitman System
  17. 17. Why Hitman System Interesting? • They build the community of alumni as part of after sales (trough social media, forum by region, and offline gathering) • They shared the same pride and identity as the alumni (they called other member “Bro”, use white shoes etc) • The alumni become the prmotors of their products and recommend others
  18. 18. Important Variable in Community • Clear Objective why Community? • You can not force hard selling and immidiate sales impact • Community is a long term investment • Community is not about numbers of member • Online community must integrate with offline events • Community must have shared values, symbols, language etc • Community must have strong and influential leaders
  19. 19. Product Character & Community Strategy High Involvement Products • People will research first before buy the products • This products has a high psychological barrier for consumers • The price is expensive • Use it for long term Low Involvement Products • People will do impulsive buying • The price usually cheap • They will not give a lot of impact when you choose the wrong one
  20. 20. What’s The Impact? Naturally consumers build community of brand fans or Easier Build Community More challenging to build commmunity
  21. 21. Case Study High Involvement Products Consumers usually build independently and reluctant if brand want to interupt with it. You can involve as partner and facilitator for them
  22. 22. Case Study Low Involvement Products Build shared identity to the target audience, grooming more brand and products promoters
  23. 23. Build Online Community for Brand
  24. 24. Benefit of Online Community • Create buzz about your products • Create free marketing trough word of mouth and social media • Produce content for your site • Encourage brand loyalty
  25. 25. Strategic Step Build Community Objective Target Audience Insight Channel KPI
  26. 26. From Impulsive Product Toward Religionization
  27. 27. Captain Maxx as Emotional Reward
  28. 28. Ask The Fans, They Decide The Content
  29. 29. We Build Icon as Community Leader This is the 3 icon in Beng Beng Community
  30. 30. We Have Closed Group Only for Captain Maxx
  31. 31. Measurement & ROI
  32. 32. Strategic Step Build Community Objective Target Audience Insight Channel KPI
  33. 33. What Kind of Measurement? Quick Tips How To Start: 1. Look up your objective, then build KPI based on your objective 2. Break down what will support the objective 3. Find the right tools to measure 4. Only report the importance thing based on objective
  34. 34. Presented By: Tuhu Nugraha Dewanto COO Upnormals PingFans Twitter: @Tuhunugraha E-mail: LinkedIn: