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Pizza Factory UK


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Pizza Factory UK offers range of pizza concept from fresh dough, focaccia, stonebaked, dough disc. Pizza supplier also supplies Pizza equipment.

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Pizza Factory UK

  1. 1.   TUGO PIZZA LOVE PIZZA, LOVE... TuGo is all about fresh pizza assembled and cooked on the premises. It’s the UK’s best pizza offer, and has won a huge range of prestigious industry awards. It’s ideal for high quality catering in: Business and industry, Leisure and tourism, Stadia, Education and Healthcare. WHO WE ARE We believe pizza is at its best when assembled on site. That’s what customers expect and demand. It delivers that authentic, freshly prepared experience which keeps customers coming back for more. TuGo offers a range of pizza bases from fresh dough puck to authentic stonebaked. For the extras, we offer a range of meat, sauce, cheese and ingredients. We also have the ability to work with customers to bespoke manufactured products to your specification! And it all comes with attractive, compelling, high quality branded packaging and point of sale material. Our branding is as strong and eye catching as any of the high street pizza chains. We know our product matches theirs in terms of quality, taste and freshness. How can we be so confident? Because we supply most of them! TuGo is one of the UK’s leading food concept companies. We’re true food service specialists with a passion for food. We combine 25 years of market knowledge with unique offerings designed to appeal to a wide cross-section of customers. PIZZA CONCEPTS Quality and simplicity combined To grow sales and enhance your brand, it pays to offer your customers high quality, freshly prepared pizza at exceptional prices. Fresh Dough Stonebaked l Frozen for consistency and quality l An authentic Italian hand-stretched pre-cooked pizza l Provides the authenticity, quality and softness of a base fresh baked product l Can be used straight from frozen l Available in 10" and 14" sizes l Available in 10" and 14" sizes l The amazing 6" S brand l A perfect solution for any skill level Page 1 / 4
  2. 2. l Versatile - offer a range of premium products such as l Delivers an average of 55% gross profit Calzones, Stromboli and Stuffed Crust pizzas l Delivers an average of 70% gross profit Dough Disc Focaccia l Our breakthrough Self Rise Dough Disc is exclusive to TuGo! l A flat, oven baked bread, flavoured with olive oil and l Reduce labour costs while serving a high quality, fresh herbs dough product l A convenient, high quality, grab n go product l Versatility - offer premium products l Produced in the UK, reducing carbon footprint l Produced in the UK - reduces food miles l Variety of portion size l Delivers an average of 60% gross profit l A perfect solution for any skill level l Delivers an average of 60% gross profit ABOUT OUR PIZZAS PIZZA RANGE NUTRITION SUPPORT PIZZA RANGE FINANCIALS At TuGo, all products are developed by our chefs using only CASE STUDY the finest ingredients. Our 100% mozzarella is locally made FIRST STEPS in the UK specifically for our range of pizzas. Our sauce is a special recipe created using only the freshest tomatoes mixed with our secret blend of herbs and spices. Its perfect TUGO HOME pizza, every time. The range of pizzas is too extensive to list CONTACT here but it includes classic recipes, gourmet & seasonal favourites to name but a few. We work with our customers to develop a menu cycle that fits their needs and is part of the support structure that is included with Pizza TuGo. NUTRITION At TuGo we specialise in fresh, healthy and nutritional food. Todays consumers want to know exactly what they are eating, with detailed information on nutrition and calories. Not everyone looks at their food in this kind of detail, but those who do are valued customers, and a sizeable chunk of the food market. At TuGo we make sure customers can access this information effortlessly, so they can buy and consume our products with total confidence. We can provide a full nutritional breakdown of all of our products both as separate ingredients and as completed pizzas. Our school menu offering has been developed in collaboration with a registered dietician to ensure it meets all current legislation including school and TNS (target nutrient specifications) guidelines. And if your customers would like bespoke recipes or further information on nutritional standards, we’ll be happy to work with you to meet all their needs. We feel it is important that every customer of pizza TuGo knows exactly what is in the meal that they are eating. For this reason, we have adopted the traffic light system and use this as part of the  TuGo Pizza menu communication. BRANDING Attractive, high quality branding is essential to enhance the customer experience and to grow sales and boost profitability. Thats why TuGo has invested in unique branding concepts designed to increase customer loyalty and awareness of our products. Page 2 / 4
  3. 3. Customers respond positively to our brand and recognise it as a quality offering. This brand awareness has been shown to boost sales, typically by as much as 15%. We also provide a wide range of targeted and compelling point of sale material to further increase customer awareness and grow sales. And if you need bespoke branding or point of sales material, we can meet your specific requirements. Our approach is clear, we work with our customers to provide a tailored solution for them, as one solution does not fit all. EQUIPMENT We provide everything you need, tailored to your site.We equip the site with everything required to provide a core service, and start serving the country’s finest pizza brand. The starter pack includes: Spoodles, Pizza cutters, Pizza lifters, Black shallow enamel display pans, Perforated pizza pans, Rectangular pizza pans, Pizza stacking racks. We can also provide a huge range of additionalequipment depending on your needs. This includes: Ovens, Dough rollers, Pizza carts, Prover retarders, Pizza refrigeration units, Pizza make tables. Large equipment such as ovens are purchased separately. This ensures you only pay for what you need as and when you need it. FINANCIALS TuGo pizzas deliver exceptional levels of return, with gross profits of up to 70%. A typical outlet selling two hundred pizzas a day for five days a week can generate almost £120,000 in net profit per year. Well be happy to provide detailed pricing breakdowns and financial performance forecasts tailored to your needs and situation. The Pizza TuGo brand has consistently increased spend per head and improved tariffs compared with other pizza offers on the market. CASE STUDIES City of Plymouth College BBC White City This site was launched in September 2010. The Chicago BBC White City has been providing TuGo pizza since 2005. Town pizza offer was not popular with the students, and Its hugely popular with customers, and the arrangement sales had dwindled to less than 10 portions of pizza per has been maintained through a series of shake-ups, day. Tugo was invited to remedy the situation, and the site including a change of operating company. BBC White City manager agreed with the recommendation of a dual produces an average of 100 pizzas per day, generating product approach. The site uses the Tugo 14 inch Stone annual sales in excess of £80k. TuGo works closely with baked product which is cut into six slices, and the Tugo 10 the chefs on site to develop new products and recipes, and inch Fresh Dough Disc, sold as an individual pizza. Both this has proven to be highly successful in increasing both products offer exceptional quality and value, without sales and client satisfaction. increasing labour costs. Pizzas are prepared and cooked front of house and this develops a great deal of interest Page 3 / 4
  4. 4. and drives sales. The site sells on average 30 individual 10 inch pizzas and between 50 and 60 portions of the 14 inch stone baked pizza per day, generating sales of over £800 per week at a combined GP of over 57%. The site manager puts this remarkable turnaround into perspective. "The students see the high street offers, they know about brands, and they recognise good value for money. For us to compete and to succeed, we have to have the same quality as they get at Dominoes or Pizza Hut, and if we can do it better and a bit cheaper, we win."   FIRST STEPS         To get started, or if you simply Once weve discussed your Our dedicated team of trainers will want to find out more, give us a call requirements and youve placed contact you before your go live and well arrange everything for your first food order, well send out day to discuss how you should you. We’ll discuss the nature of your account details with delivery prepare and what you need to do to your location and set up a site days. Well ship your first food get ready. On the day itself, our visit. One of our helpful and order along with the welcome pack trainers will be on site to bring your responsive account managers will that includes both cooking staff up to speed and make sure visit you and go through all your equipment and point of sale everything goes smoothly. requirements. Well discuss how to branded marketing materials. All tailor a solution for you, you need to do now is put up the demonstrate the concepts, and ‘Coming Soon’ poster and wait for arrange for FREE equipment and your go live day! FREE branding with your first food order. PRIVACY POLICY | COOKIE INFORMATION | SITEMAP | All Rights Reserved Tugo 2012 Page 4 / 4