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Chris Young and Duct Tape

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  1. 1. 3M Presents A Kuttler and Starr Production
  2. 2. Chris Young and DUCT TAPE!
  3. 3. You may be asking yourself, “Why should Duct Tape sponsor Chris Young?”
  4. 4. Because… this young country artist lives a 100 mile an hour Duct Tape lifestyle…
  5. 5. As one of RCA’s major country artists, Chris Young knows that surviving a non-stop life on the road requires three things: Talent,…
  6. 6. Fans and…
  7. 7. DUCT TAPE!!
  8. 8. This simple roll of tape is the trade secret of country music…
  9. 9. This Country Artist is one busy guy...
  10. 10. Whether it is modeling for charity…
  11. 11. Or participating in Charity Softball games…
  12. 12. Singing the National Anthem…
  13. 13. Being in parades…
  14. 14. Constantly doing interviews…
  15. 15. Or being on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno...
  16. 16. And singing at Country Music Festivals…
  17. 17. Chris does not have time for mishaps while on the road...
  18. 18. So the easy and quick solution calls for Duct Tape!!!
  19. 19. Before a new boot is fully broken in it may have a tendency to scratch up the artist’s leg. Chris has found the perfect solution…
  20. 20. DUCT TAPE!
  21. 21. During his fan club party, Chris had to play a whole set on a stool that had a broken leg. Out on the road, country artists constantly run across unreliable sets and furniture…
  22. 22. But even a broken stool leg can be fixed with a little duct tape!
  23. 23. Chris loves his fans, which is why he always makes time to sign autographs and take pictures. But there isn’t always a place to put the Sharpie down during a photo op.
  24. 24. Duct Tape your Sharpie to your holster… Holster
  25. 25. Thanks to Duct Tape, there is no longer a sharpie photo invasion issue. Fans get a perfect picture with Chris every time!
  26. 26. With very little room on the bus… how does Chris pack a tour’s worth of his signature bandanas, boots, jeans, hats, socks, shirts, and everything else a country artist needs out on the road?
  27. 28. There’s one easy fix all solution… DUCT TAPE!!
  28. 29. Without it you’re not ready to hit the stage…
  29. 30. Because life on the road REQUIRES Duct Tape.
  30. 31. Have DUCT TAPE will travel…
  31. 32. Just try Duct Tape and see, You’re Gonna Love Me……
  32. 33. The End Kuttler and Starr Productions We are not professionals!