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Bring the tudor period to your house


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There’s no place like home. Your home is your sanctuary. It’s the one place in the world that you should be able to rely on for comfort. With that being said, the way your home is designed and decorated should complement your personality and interests.

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Bring the tudor period to your house

  1. 1. Bring the Tudor Period toYour House 2013
  2. 2. Spicing Up the AbodeThere’s no place like home. Your home is yoursanctuary. It’s the one place in the world thatyou should be able to rely on for comfort. Withthat being said, the way your home isdesigned and decorated should complementyour personality and interests.If you’re a huge fan of the Tudor period thenyou may find an interest in accenting yourhome with Tudor-inspired decor. Give yourhome a unique feel that sets it apart from thetypical household—after all, it’s your house!It’s allowed to have character, right?
  3. 3. TablewareTudor period tableware serve both function and fashion. Add to thefeel of your homes and amuse yourself and guests on a daily basis.• Lead-free pewter tankards are great for addinga functionality aspect to the Tudor-accenteddesign of your home.• Many tankards have a capacity of 16 oz.,which is enough to hold a full pint!• Pewter is considered the world’s fourth mostprecious metal after platinum, gold, and silver.• Unlike silver, pewter does not require polishingor any other special care. It does not rust ortarnish over time.
  4. 4. Stationery―Details matter, it’s worth getting it right.‖ – Steve Jobs• Stationery can be cleverly used to accentyour home with sprinkles of detail.• Since stationery is typically cost effective,having a variety of stationery can help addsome subtle excitement for yourself as thedesigner as well as your guests.• While it very well can, stationery doesn’tneed to sit around and do nothing. Alongwith dressing up your dwellings it can also beused to write letters and notes to friends thatbrighten up someone’s day.
  5. 5. Flags and BannersAdd some character to your walls or even outside on yourfront porch!• Banners and flags can be used todecorate not only the interiorlandscape of your home but theexterior as well. It can really add to thecharacter of your front porch andbackyard by contributing a fantasticalelement.• Variety is not an issue when it comes toflags as there is a wide array of bothhistoric and heraldic styles to choosefrom.
  6. 6. TapestriesNatural. Handcrafted. Woven. Grand. Decorative.• Tapestries are large, beautifully crafted pieces ofwoven artwork that can be used to decorate theinteriors of a home. Typically these are placedalong a large wall or draped over a banister inlarge foyers, but that doesn’t mean that you needto be limited. Let your imagination free!• Tapestries may come with steel sleeves forhanging.• Can come in a variety of sizes but are typicallyfairly large, which adds to a sense of grandeur.• Usually made of chenille, cotton, and viscose.
  7. 7. Toys and GamesSomething that the whole family can enjoy!• Tudor period games are not only acool novelty, they’re also fun forfriends and family, from adults tochildren.• Can be used as decorative piecesplaced in shelves, bookcases, coffeetables, and more.• There are plenty of Tudor periodgames to choose from.• Get a glimpse of what it was like toentertain yourself during the Tudorperiod.
  8. 8. As you can see, there are plenty of ways to spice up your home with Tudor-inspireddesign. Whether it’s tableware, stationery, flags, banners, paintings, tapestries, toys orgames there are tons of options that can be used to pay homage to your interests inthe Tudor period and put that unique spin on your home.In Closing
  9. 9. Contact UsFounded in 2001, The Tudor Shoppe provides reproduction Tudor Era (1485-1603) and related goods to individuals, stage productions, television shows,museums, historic sites, educational institutions, and re-enactment societies.Our goal remains clear: to offer quality goods at the best possible price.Visit us today at