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  1. 1. Taxi application management Tudor Bejan Anul IV, CTI
  2. 2. Brief description: The application was created to help a taxi company to monitor their cabs and the orders they have in real time. The system contains two parts:  The client application which is developed for Android phones.  The server application which will monitor all the clients.
  3. 3. Resources: Human resources:  Three software developers: ○ Tudor Bejan ○ Stefan Catanescu ○ Claudiu Blajan Material resources:  One laptop with notepad++ for server development.  Two laptop with Android SDK and Eclipse IDE for client application development.  One Android Smartphone for testing the client application
  4. 4. Project steps: Requirements Design Implementation Verification Documentation Presentation
  5. 5. Detailed planning:
  6. 6. Requirements phase:
  7. 7. Design phase:
  8. 8. Implementation phase:
  9. 9. Verification phase:
  10. 10. Documentation phase:
  11. 11. Presentation phase:
  12. 12. Conclusion: Microsoft Project is a very useful tool for project managers to structure the project efficiently in different tasks that can be easily tracked. Microsoft Project offers a very detailed organization of the tasks with features like resources, budget and time graph.