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Power your practice socially networked world


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Power your practice socially networked world

  1. 1. Power Your Practicein Our Socially Networked World AADE, 2012 David Edelman, Manny Hernandez, Amy Tenderich, Hope Warshaw,
  2. 2. Healthcare & Social Media: Are you connected?34% of U.S. google traffic was health related53% of patients would like reliable information about their condition online
  3. 3. Remember Bye Bye Birdie?
  4. 4. Twitter: The New Telephone (3/12)
  5. 5. Today people think: “I’ve got…diabetes, I better get a Twitter account.” • “#1: “Real-time conversations with people who’ve been there; ….others who’ve been through it.” • #2: “…incredible [HCPs] sharing time and talents…answering questions, sharing insights, links to their blogs, etc.” • #3: “Tweetchats bring peers and pros together in one place.” • #4: Breaking health news: “Now I see things on Twitter before I see them in [top] news outlets.”
  6. 6. Social Media: Who’s THE EXPERT?• Lines are BLURRED – levels playing field• Everyone, anyone can be “AN EXPERT”• Diabetes Educators as experts need a presence, voice with HCPs, PWD & general public
  7. 7. Social media isn’t a fad… it’sa fundamental shift in the way we communicate. R U Using? Should U B?
  8. 8. How? PWD PWD
  9. 9. How? PWD DE/RD
  10. 10. How? DEs DEs
  11. 11. Twitter: @hopewarshaw Website: Facebook(like): eathealthylivewellBlog:
  12. 12. What’s Coming Up?• Assess yourself• Social media/networks: PWD and DOC• How, where, why DEs are engaging• How to get started, ID your home base• Future trends• Re-Assess yourself• Qs & As
  13. 13. Social Media - Assess Yourself • Goals? • Time available? • Timeline? • Resources?
  14. 14. I am from here… … not here! 
  15. 15. Life after
  16. 16. Platforms to empower patients…
  18. 18. The time wespend with our docs, DE’s…
  19. 19. Hours At the doc Not at the doc
  20. 20. Longer updates, articles… TThere are “EXACTLY” 45,301 diabetes blogs…
  21. 21. A diabetes social network…
  22. 22.
  23. 23. When people in the DOC meet in real life
  24. 24. Perla• Dec. 2009: Type 1 Dx • Spring 2012: A1c =6.9• Sep. 2011: TuDiabetes • Connected and hopeful• Nov. 2011: A1c = 7.6
  25. 25. Mike Durbin• Type 2 Dx: 12/29/2008• CHF: 12/30/“There is no shame inhaving diabetes or CHF, Ihope that by sharing mystory, I will inspire others tofight on and live their life tothe fullest.”
  26. 26. The DOC and…• JDRF Government Day• DC research event• Signature events: Las Vegas, Austin, Phoenix
  27. 27. The DOC and…• Diabetes Forecast featuring DA members• Call to DOC for input to Strategic Plan
  28. 28. The DOC and…• San Diego (2011)• DC, Des Moines, San Diego (2012)
  29. 29. The DOC and Industry
  30. 30. The DOC and DE’s…
  31. 31.
  32. 32. Tool/Handout:Connect YOUR Clients to the DOC Web version with links, downloadable/printable version available at:
  33. 33. AADE Building Bridges with DOC • Initiated, 2011 • Quarterly conf calls b/w DOC members, AADE staff • Goals: – Support growth – Learn, share – Embrace, engage
  34. 34. DEs Engaged: Who’s Doing What?Michelle Litchman, NP Jill Weisenberger, MS, RD, CDE • Build your practice • Offer educ/coaching • Conduct research Kit McKinney, RD, CDE • Peer educ/support • Be entrepreneurial Claire Blum, MS Ed, RN, CDE
  35. 35. Social Media… Compresses, Connects Our WorldFrom @HopeWarshaw: Seeking examples from #diabetes educators for AADE AnnualMeeting 2012: How are you powering your practice using social media? DM me PLZ.
  36. 36. Who? Claire Blum, MS Ed, RN, CDE • RN, CDE, 25+ yrs • PWD, 34 yrs • Educator, research coordinator in endo (PWD) office • Health coach online • *Program Coordinator, Partners & Peers for Diabetes Care, Inc, Chattanooga, TN
  37. 37. Claire: What’s YOUR Home Base? • Partners & Peers for Diabetes Care, Inc. (non-profit) • Goals: • Improve ed to HCPs, PWD • Offer online content, support • Build local community • Grow internationally • *web: • • Twitter: @partnerspeers
  38. 38. Claire: Why Social Media? • Connecting further, wider “profit in his own country isn’t heard” • Create safe/secure place to empower PWD, support/learn from each other • Announce events • Target media • Outreach larger orgs, efforts
  39. 39. Claire’s Messages to Peers…• Requires new skills, knowledge, TIME• Respect PWD’s privacy – seek permission• “Let’s push this frontier”• People need, asking for support• “It IS how younger generation connects”• People want to be active participants in their healthcare
  40. 40. Who? Jill Weisenberger, MS, RD, CDE • RD, CDE • 10 years DE in research setting • Jill Weisenberger Health Communications, LLC • Writer, Diabetic Living,, EN, etc. • ADA Author, new book • Entrepreneur, consultant • Online weight mgmt coach • Southern, VA
  41. 41. Jill: What’s YOUR Home Base? “I didn’t want to start a blog and have the pressure to keep feeding it with new content. Plus I already write so much.” “Video blogging and producing video tips is my way of getting my message out there, in my own voice.” “Its so much fun and easy to do, but it is time consuming.”
  42. 42. Jill: Why Social Media? • Goals: – Build reputation, professional brand – Promote accurate diabetes/nutrition info – Be an advocate for PWD • Web: • Twitter: @nutritionjill •
  43. 43. Jill’s Messages to Peers…• “No longer question of WANT, we MUST to advance our profession…just get over the resistance.”• “The various social media outlets are additive…in total they grow your business.”• “Working alone can be lonely. No more, I’ve now got an office full of colleagues…but I only have to connect with them when I want to.”
  44. 44. Who? G.E.T. Diabetes Education • Kit McKinney, RD, CDE, 18 yrs • G.E.T. Diabetes Education, LLC – In business 3 yrs – Kit, Lucy (“billing guru”) – Other RDs, 2 locations • East TX (near Dallas)
  45. 45. Kit: What’s YOUR Home Base? • G.E.T.Diabeteseducation • “I know Facebook best” • Fits demographics of my clients (older), they use Facebook • Nearly no cost vs. newspaper, other advertising
  46. 46. Kit: Why Social Media? • Gets my biz name out • Broad reach • Quick, easy, unlimited, do in my “spare time” • Fodder for content Facebook, Twitter: “easy to find and CE for me” • Twitter: @GETDiabetesEd • Web:
  47. 47. Kit’s Messages to Peers?• Just got to do it: “If I don’t have online presence, I don’t exist”• “We’ve got to be out there as THE diabetes experts.”• “It’s been rewarding to see my reach to community, peers.”• Therapeutic “fuels my passion”
  48. 48. Who? Michelle Litchman, NP • FNP – 5 yrs endo office – Now IM/FP practice, sees only PWDs • e-patient supporter • Social media enthusiast • Working on PhD in Nursing – Thesis:“A Multidimensional Analysis of Peer- to-Peer Health and Apomediation Theory in a Diabetes Online Community” • Salt Lake City, UT
  49. 49. Michelle: What’s YOUR Home Base? • “Marriage b/w diabetes expo and a party” • Connect PWDs locally to support, share, empower each other • Allows her to market, build community • HCPs mixing in social setting with PWD
  50. 50. Michelle: Why Social Media? • Goals: – Help HCPs gain clinical insights on daily mgmt – Get to know DOC • Blog: – Express thoughts about DOC – Looking for HCP community • Twitter: @MichLitch
  51. 51. Michelle’s Messages to Peers…• “Stick to one media venue until comfortable enough to move on.”• “Don’t come off like know-it- all HCP to PWD – think collaborative learning”
  52. 52. Should YOU Worry about Risks? http://womma.org Spring, 2012 endorsement-guideswhat-people-are-asking
  53. 53. Proceed with Caution… Stay Up-to-Date• Think HIPPA when concerns PWD – Info, photos, descriptions of encounters• Respect people’s privacy, confidentiality• Be transparent with endorsements, sponsorship, equipment mentions• Get, stay familiar with rules of engagement
  54. 54. You @HopeWarshaw support theADA/FDA dietary guidelines? I feelsorry for your "patients :( =, Are youa #DrugSalesman too? Know Your Enemies: Respond with science or Radio silence
  55. 55. David EdelmanCo-Founder Online community and health improvement platform Founded with Elizabeth type 1, CEO, foodie, yoga teacher Mission: Help people with diabetes live healthy, happy & hopeful lives.
  56. 56. Create Your Online Home
  57. 57. • Story-based• Flexible• Can’t always reach subscribers
  58. 58. Facebook Accounts v. Pages
  59. 59. Create a Page at
  60. 60. • 140 characters• Fast-paced• Must engage a lot• Still not that mainstream
  61. 61. . Follow or Search #dblog #type1 #DSMA #type2 #diabetes #epatient #diabetic #ehealth #bigbluetest #bgnow (blood sugar) Read something interesting? Follow that person!
  62. 62. • Topical• Conversational• Intimate
  63. 63. • It’s hard to build a stand-alone community. Join an existing one first or partner with someone that has a big following. Examples
  64. 64. • Video• Intimate• Broadcasting• Phone-friendly!
  65. 65. • Very flexible• Anything goes!
  66. 66. • Post images• All about sharing• Less discussion
  67. 67. What’s Your Platform’s Personality?• Facebook – story-based• Twitter – short and fast-paced• Communities – topical conversations• YouTube – broadcasting• Blogs – very flexible• Pinterest – visual• None of the above• All of the above
  68. 68. The BEST Tips for Participating
  69. 69. Tip 1: Be Helpful
  70. 70. Tip 2: Be Transparent
  71. 71. Tip 3: Limit Self-Promotion
  72. 72. Tip 4: Don’t Provide Treatment, Provide Support
  73. 73. The best platforms for those that want control and flexibility.
  74. 74. Blogging Platforms (Effortless)
  75. 75. 14.7% of the top million sites 48 of the top 100 blogs
  76. 76. Get a Geek • Domain Name • Hosting account • Install WordPress = 2 Hours of WorkSomeone Like Me!
  77. 77. Select a ThemeVisit
  78. 78. Getting Started Checklist• Purchase your domain name at a registrar like• Sign up for WordPress hosting – Options at – Request free hosting at• Install WordPress – Select and install a theme – Install Recommended WordPress Plugins • Sharing: Digg Digg, AddThis or ShareThis • Facebook: Simple Facebook Connect • Twitter: Twitter Goodies – Start blogging!
  79. 79. Amy TenderichEditor-in-Chief of DiabetesMine.comwww.diabetesmine.comOne of the world’s Top 20 Health BlogsCommunity Manager, DiabeticConnect.com650,000 members and growingDiabetes advocate, Book author @DiabetesMine @AmyDBMine
  80. 80. Tech Tools(the Future)
  81. 81. Mobile AppsConnected DevicesHealth GamingNew Online Platforms
  82. 82. Going Mobile
  83. 83. Diabetes Logging & Learning On the Run +
  84. 84. Action > Rewards! • 4x/day logbook • Motivation, education • Cash for iTunes!
  85. 85. Automated Logging
  86. 86. Connected Meters
  87. 87. First iPhone/iTouch Plug-in!
  88. 88. Health & Diabetes Games
  89. 89. Serious Business…
  90. 90. New Online Platforms…
  91. 91. Pinterest
  92. 92. Technology Adds Value!• More Tools to Succeed• Access to a Wealth of Data• = More Proactive Diabetes Care… for you and your patients!
  93. 93. Your Social Media Plan of Action
  94. 94. What’s Most Important??
  95. 95. 1) Have a Clear Goal Lurking and learning are good!
  96. 96. 2) Determine Your Time Commitment• Be honest with yourself• Be realistic!
  97. 97. 3) If/When You Decide to Jump In:• Get a Platform.• Get an Audience.• Get some Help.
  98. 98. Search the Web for “How-To’s”• Google terms like “tools” and “tutorial”• Medscape has a Social Media Primer for HC Professionals• On YOUTUBE: – HootSuite Beginners Tutorial – Top Twitter Tools Exposed & Explained at Lightning Speed!
  99. 99. The 15 Minute / Week Plan• Add some bookmarks to your desktop• Subscribe to a few blogs by email• Start reading for a few minutes/day• Try to find a few new resources each week
  100. 100. The 60 Minute / Week Plan• Follow a #DSMA Twitter Chat (Wednesdays at 6pm PST/ 9pm EST)• Create your own online profiles…• Then do “something” every week – new posting(s), outreach emails, updated photos
  101. 101. Assess Your Own Realistic GoalsThree simple questions:• What do you hope to achieve with social media? – Priorities?• How much time do you want to/can you commit? – Per day, week, month? – Think when?• What’s your timeframe? – Specific to each goal?
  102. 102. Q and A(Thank You!)