Empowering   Connecting   InformingHope WarshawRD, CDE, Author, Diabetes Advocate“The Internet has given birth to blogs, b...
Mila                           Fundacion Dulce Guerrero                           Mila lives in Puerto Rico.              ...
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Diabetes Advocates brochure


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Diabetes Advocates brochure

  1. 1. Empowering Connecting InformingHope WarshawRD, CDE, Author, Diabetes Advocate“The Internet has given birth to blogs, bloggers and Who Are We?many social networking sites. These now include We are a collective of individuals and organizations thatvenues by and for people with diabetes. They’re offers expertise, resources, and support to people touchedmultiplying and helping people with diabetes and their by diabetes. We believe that connecting with others livingloved ones connect in supportive, nurturing spaces. with diabetes or caring for people with diabetes, and providing everyday emotional and anecdotal support, goesI’ve observed the heart-warming growth of the Diabetes hand-in-hand with the support of healthcare providers.Online Community (DOC) and the network of DiabetesAdvocates, the relationships it’s nurtured and the positivesupport it’s given so many. These observations, coupled What Do We Do?with knowing how very unrelenting and demanding We help people with diabetes and their loved ones realizediabetes is, has led me to regularly encourage the PWDs that they are not alone. We help the diabetes community(Persons With Diabetes) I work with to connect with by sharing our personal experiences, spreading the wordDiabetes Advocates to learn, share, get and give about diabetes news and treatment options, and helping tosupport. inspire a dialog between diabetes patients and their medical teams. We accomplish this through diabetes blogs, diabetesI encourage other diabetes educators to become aware social communities, videos, radio shows, books, 1962 University Ave #1of these resources and recommend them to their newsletters, and live events. Berkeley, CA 94702patients. Diabetes educators should increaseengagement with the DOC, because working togetherwe’re a powerful combination that will help patientssucceed.” www.diabetesadvocates.org
  2. 2. Mila Fundacion Dulce Guerrero Mila lives in Puerto Rico. She is the mother of Jaime, Mike a child with type 1 diabetes. Managing Editor, DiabetesMine™ She blogs about life with diabetes in Spanish. This is ”I’m Mike. I was diagnosed her story: decades ago when I was 5. It’s been tough sometimes – a lot“Mi nombre es Mila. Vivo en Puerto Rico y of times, especially as asoy la madre de tres varones. Jaime, el más teenager or in my early 20’s,pequeño, vive con diabetes tipo 1 desde el I just wanted to give up. I had2006, cuando apenas tenía 3 años. Cuando a lot of burnout, and I wanted to be “normal” – whateverJaime fue diagnosticado, vivíamos en la Simon Author, Simon from the 70s that means – and I really wish I had been able to findFlorida y tuvimos la dicha de encontrar un somebody just to talk to, to realize that I was not alone. Togran médico que nos orientó y animó a just know that there were other people out there goingeducarnos en la condición. Desde el primer “I’m fragile. I’m scared and I’m insecure. This is who I through the same things that I was going through anddía nos dijo que mientras más educados struggling with. I knew that there were others, but I couldestuviéramos acerca de la diabetes tipo 1 y am and what diabetes has helped me accept. never really find them.le ofreciéramos a Jaime la mejor educación Misdiagnosed, I found myself ten days in the hospitalde su condición, él iba a tener una vida libre with life threatening infections and severe DKA. All but I went on Google and I searched. Amazingly, I found a lotde complicaciones relacionadas con la blind and with limited mobility, I came face to face not of other people out there who shared my experience. Idiabetes. only with insulin-dependent diabetes but the reality that read stories about living lives with diabetes. The discovery those I had long counted as friends had abandoned me. of these people has been life changing. I no longer feelEn el 2008 regresamos a Puerto Rico. alone. At times, I still feel I don’t want to do this. I haveLamentablemente, descubrimos que las familias Diabetes has brought me both the best and worst faced depression compounded by diabetes and I haveque viven con diabetes tipo 1 en la isla no moments of my now middle-aged existence. It has brought found strength by tuning into friends’ stories online. I knowcuentan con tanto apoyo y educación como me to death’s door and through the valley of loss. It hasla que estábamos acostumbrados a recibir en crushed and created, it has built and destroyed, it has I can pull through.”los Estados Unidos. Comencé a buscar blogs de connected and broken. It is both a harsh schoolmasterdiabetes en español y los pocos que encontré and a loving mother. It has brought me to an online Simon, Mila and Mike are just a few of theeran todos para pacientes adultos. A través de las community. people with diabetes who are connectingredes sociales conocí varias personas del programa online. They are not alone and neither shouldDiabetes Advocates, con sus blogs sobre diabetes en I have not arrived but my journey has begun. Vision and mobility improved, I am setting out on the road anyone living with diabetes or caring for peopleinglés. of life armed with experience and hope. I stumble, with diabetes be. Diabetes Advocates can helpNunca imaginé conocer a tantas personas comprometidas I fall, and I make a mess of the simplest things. I individuals connect with the support they needcon la promoción de la educación de la diabetes y lo tear up and I break down, I carry more scars than to live better lives with diabetes.enriquecedor que sería para nosotros como padres de un souvenirs of success but now I carry them withniño con esta condición. Esto me animó a empezar mi propio pride. With flights booked to visit the friends Iblog en español. Queremos ver una comunidad latina have made in the Diabetes Online Community,educada en diabetes y por ende más saludable. No es un I join with them as I shout, ‘You can do this!’” learn more at:camino fácil, pero vamos a lograrlo.” www.diabetesadvocates.org