Depressed or stressed


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Depressed or stressed

  1. 1. Depressed OrStressed?Kathleen Graham RNTeacher’s College,Columbia University
  2. 2. DAWN Study•  Diabetes Attitudes Wishes and Needs•  The first time people who live with diabetes were asked what it is like•  An international project•
  3. 3. Depression vs. Diabetes Distress Depression Diabetes Distress•  Appetite changes •  More difficult to measure•  Sleep changes •  No clinical depression•  Irritability •  Feeling down, stressed•  Lack of focus or upset about diabetes and aspects•  Loss of pleasure of living with diabetes•  Feeling sad/worthless•  Thoughts of suicide
  4. 4. Feelings About the Disease•  I feel overwhelmed by my diabetes•  I worry about the future and possible complications•  Diabetes takes up too much of my energy every day•  I worry about low blood sugar
  5. 5. Feelings About Support•  I feel uncomfortable in social situations regarding my diabetes care (e.g. people telling me what to eat)•  I feel alone with my diabetes•  I feel that my family and friends are not supportive of my diabetes
  6. 6. Feelings About Treatment•  I don’t feel I have clear and concrete goals for my diabetes care•  I feel discouraged with my treatment plan•  I’m not satisfied with my diabetes physician•  I’m having trouble paying for my meds and supplies
  7. 7. What To Do?•  Realize you aren’t alone•  Enlist the support of family friend•  Seek a support group•  Talk to your doc/endo/CDE about your needs•  Learn more about the aspects of diabetes that make you feel uncertain•  Become creative in your approach to your management.