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Educate a Girl introduction

Educate a Girl is a programme of vocational scholarships for Pakistani girls in need to study media studies at the Institute of Journalism Pakistan. The scholars fund 3 month certificate courses in radio, print and tv with top 10% of scholars being given internships with top media outlets in Pakistan including Jung/GEO & Hum TV. Each scholarship is just $100 USD or PKR 10000 tax exempt in Pakistan, one time, and the scholarship is officially in the donor's name (so no double matching, absolutely transparent). All scholarships are presented live to winners with cheques presented live to the Institute. 16 girls began their studies on Sept 28th - details on our @educate1000girls facebook page - and another 28 will begin their studies end of November Educate a Girl is an initiative by Dawood Global Foundation in partnership with Institute of Journalism Pakistan and Mind Your Media Pakistan and is audited by Ernst & Young Global.

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Educate a Girl introduction

  1. 1. Why Educate Girls? Studies have shown the education of girls in developing countries results in: • improvement to economy • better communities • better education of children
  2. 2. “Swap guns for pens!”
  3. 3. • Literacy rate of adult females (age 15 & above) in Pakistan is 40.3% and in rural areas as low as 8%. • Hence, there is room for educating of 59.7% adult females
  4. 4. How YOU Can Help? Educate A Girl! Yes. Just one girl at a time…
  5. 5. How It Works At Dawood Global Foundation, we know the POWER of girls. It begins with EDUCATION and giving girls a VOICE. • Educate a grassroots girl in Pakistan in media studies at the Institute of Journalism for just $100 (or PKR 10,000 tax exempt) one time. • The LADIESFUND scholarship will be in your name and the course is 3 months training in radio, print and television media with the top 10% of graduates being placed in internships at media outlets.
  6. 6. Girls Educated by ,
  7. 7. Girls Educated by ,
  9. 9. Educate A Girl Today!
  10. 10. HOW? • To educate ONE girl: Donate $100 or PKR 10,000 (tax exempt) • To educate one class of 20 girls: One class of 20 girls: Donate $2000 or PKR 200,000 (tax exempt) • Enterprise Donation - 100 girls - with logo placement: Donate $10,000 or PKR 1,000,000 (tax exempt)
  11. 11. Change A LIFE Today!
  12. 12. Thank You ©2013-2014 Dawood Global Foundation