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May 2011

  1. 1. L.I.F.E. Coaching Learning…Inspiration…Fulfillment…Excellence May 2011 Living Your Best Life L.I.F.E. Client Spotlight – Brenda B. Simple StrengthsStrength is defined in the dictionary as thestate of being “strong”, a capacity for exertion Working with Tucker as my life coach rates as one of my top 5 bestor endurance. It is also defined as “one life decisions! I didn’t know what to expect or what life coaching was,regarded as embodying or affording force or but once we started working together I knew that coaching was rightresolve, as in “her inner strength is an for me. The results have been transformational; I ran my first half-inspiration to us all” marathon, I am maintaining a solid healthy lifestyle, I have increased self confidence, and have managed to understand my fears. I amEnergy, firepower, and might are all synonyms making my well-being a priority. My spirit is strong and my convictionfor the word strength. to lead the life I want has also improved my relationships!Do you know someone who radiates a senseof inner strength? What makes that person It is truly amazing that feeling good about yourself makes life thatdifferent from anyone else, what other much simpler to live. I have been able to let go of some things fromqualities does that person possess? Do you the past which in turn enabled me to move forward. The tools andbelieve that we all possess inner strength? practices that I have learned to use as a result of working with Tucker give me confidence and just knowing they are there gives me pieceWhen we take the time to consider who we are,and start to make choices based on the of mind and inner strength.answers we find, we can start to live life morefully and purposefully. We can begin to I am always honored and deeply grateful to be a part of myexperience a strong sense of ourselves, our clients’ lives as I learn & grow right alongside of them.Essence. We can connect with our innerwisdom and strength, fully present,experiencing a sense of joy and freedom. TuckerJoin me next month for a Course in SimpleStrengths, where you will connect to thestrength and wisdom that is in you.“I was always looking outside myself for Tucker Dinnes, L.I.F.E. Coachingstrength and confidence, but it comes from learning…inspiration…fulfillment…excellencewithin, it is there all the time.” Anna Freud 250-204-3349 www.life-coaching.ca www.facebook.com/LifeWorkCoach
  2. 2. L.I.F.E. Coaching Learning…Inspiration…Fulfillment…Excellence June 2011 A Course in Simple Strengths Wednesday Evenings Beginning June 1-2011 6:30 to 8:30 pm Vitalis Wellness Centre 5 classes-$75 Working Together PLACE PHOTO HERE, OTHERWISE DELETE BOX To compete with someone is to be in rivalry with them, a model on which traditional business is founded. Some professions are giving up this idea of competition and replacing it with the view that working together towards a Please contact me for details common goal or purpose is the new basis for success. In some tribal groups of people, each person was given a Coaching Strength name that reflected their own special gift or calling. What if, instead of looking for ways to compete and win businessWhat inspires you about you? over from our “competitors” we choose instead to recognize their individuality and talents as well as our own,Below is an exercise you might like to and maybe even look for ways to leverage both? A newtry called “How I’d Like to Live My Life” and radical type of business marketplace would emergefrom the Circle of Life Guide Book: overnight! 7 things I would like to do before I die 7 things/situations/relationships I Seeking out ways to authentically cooperate, and co- would like to change create with peers and even “competitors” will expand your vision and belief in what you have to offer in your business 7 attitudes that I hold that limit my and in your life. We live in an abundant universe where sense of inner strength and there truly is enough for everyone. happiness 7 attitudes and thoughts that allow me to feel & experience greater self esteem, power, peace, joy and well being.
  3. 3. L.I.F.E. Coaching Learning…Inspiration…Fulfillment…Excellence Public Speaking: Yuck… Why would you want to do that? (Big ideas for SB-Frances McGuckin) Well, you might want to consider doing it (public speaking) as a way of building relationships and your business. A person who develops excellent speaking and presentation skills will be in demand as groups and associations are always looking for a good speaker. In addition to public speaking, there are also other situations where you may be called upon to make a presentation. It may be a spotlight for your business at a Chamber or business association meeting, an interview or a workshop. So learning the basics of delivering a powerful and authentic presentation is a valuable asset. The 5 T’s of Terrific Talking can be applied to all facets of communication in your business: 1. Tuning In – Knowing your audience and your material. QUOTES  Ensure you are knowledgeable about the subject and have passion & conviction. A budget tells us what we cantafford, but it doesnt keep us from  Know what is important to your audience PLACE PHOTO HERE,buying it.William Feather DELETE BOX OTHERWISE 2. Talking – Presenting a dynamic delivery  Prepare  Speak from the heartIt usually takes me more than three  Beef up your body language (use facial expressions,weeks to prepare a good impromptu gestures, eye contact and the floor space)speech.Mark Twain 3. Techniques – Connecting to and inspiring your audience  Audience participation  Props  Personal storiesIts called a pen. Its like a printer,  Humorhooked straight to my brain.Dale Dauten 4. Technical Preparation – Ensuring a smooth delivery  Be prepared- check equipment, handouts, etc;  Know the venue size, seating style and capacityReal riches are the riches possessed  Arrive early and double check that all is working and ininside. place as you requestedB. C. Forbes  Have a Plan B – if something goes wrong be flexible! 5. Timing – Delivering in your allotted time.
  4. 4. L.I.F.E. Coaching Learning…Inspiration…Fulfillment…ExcellenceSuccessI have been reading and thoroughly enjoying RobertHolden’s book Authentic Success. It is a wise, freeingand empowering collection of his experiences andknowledge.One of the main threads in the book is the personaldefinition of success, and the offer to the reader toreally think about what success means to them, todetermine if success is internal or derived from theexternal “getting” of stuff and things.The book examines how to really enjoy soulfulsuccess while living in a sometimes manic, busy andhyped-up world.Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourselfis true wisdom.~ Lao Tzu Write Your Success Contract (AuthenticPLACE PHOTO HERE, Success-R. Holden) OTHERWISE DELETE BOX Everyone is a philosopher. We each L.I.F.E. COACHING have a philosophy about success and Learning-Inspiration-Fulfillment-Excellence about life. Coaching available in person or via telephone or What do you believe about success? Skype Examine: Vitalis Wellness Centre The Past- Quadra Island, BC What are the most unhelpful limiting 250-204-3349 beliefs you have had to overcome to www.life-coaching.ca enjoy your success so far? www.facebook.com/LifeWorkCoach The Present- What limiting beliefs do you now need to let go of for your next level of success? The Future- If you could take one positive belief with you-as a centerpiece for your alter of faith-what would it be?