Mistakes MSP's Make


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A webinar hosted by Autotask on 05.02.13 and hosted by Rich Akullian speaking to MSP Consultant Richard Tubb looking at the Five Most Important Mistakes IT Managed Service Providers Make Which Cost Them Time and Money.

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Mistakes MSP's Make

  1. 1. Mistakes MSP’s Make Richard Tubb MSP Business Consultant richard@tubblog.co.uk Rich Akullian Business Development Manager Autotask Corporation rakullian@autotask.com
  2. 2. Mistakes MSP’s MakeThe five most important mistakes IT Managed Service Providers make that cost them time and money Richard Tubb Providing expert advice to help your IT company grow richard@tubblog.co.uk @tubblog www.tubblog.co.uk
  3. 3. Mistake Number 1- Not documenting client networks Action points:- • Read the “E-Myth Revisited” http://tubb.co/tubblog-emyth • Stop working in your business and start working on it • Avoid becoming a SPF • Break the cycle of fire-fighting and document the basics
  4. 4. Mistake Number 2– Not Using a PSA tool Action points:- • Build the PSA into your business Operation System • Make it the central repository of ALL information • Integrate with your other MSP tools – RMM, quoting, etc. • Start benefitting from Service Intelligence
  5. 5. Mistake Number 3– Trying to be a “Jack of all trades” Action points:- • Know your core competency • Focus on being the best at a few things, not everything! • Build up strategic alliances with complimentary companies
  6. 6. Mistake Number 4– Not charging enough for your services Action points:- • Question - do you think you are not charging enough? • Understand that pricing incorrectly attracts the wrong type of clients • Schedule a price raise within the next 30 days
  7. 7. Mistake Number 5– Not knowing when to ask for help Action points:- • Question yourself - do you want to actually own a business, or simply own a job? • What jobs can you delegate or outsource in the next 2 weeks? • Prioritise business growth over being the Hero
  8. 8. Conclusion• Mistake Number 1 – Not Documenting Client Networks• Mistake Number 2 – Not Using a PSA tool• Mistake Number 3 – Trying to be a Jack-of-all-Trades• Mistake Number 4 – Not Charging enough for your Services• Mistake Number 5 – Not Knowing When to Ask For HelpIf you recognise that you are making any of the mistakes described here – you’re already ahead of your competitors!
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