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How Peer Collaboration can help an IT Company to Grow


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Richard Tubb speaks on how Peer Collaboration helped him to grow his own IT Practice, and how other IT companies can use peer relationships to grow their own business. Originally presented at the Microsoft Regional Partner Briefings -13th May, 2010 in Birmingham.

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How Peer Collaboration can help an IT Company to Grow

  1. 1. Three Minute Partner Presentation<br />Richard Tubb<br /><br />Slides will be made available to you along with presenter contact details after the event<br />
  2. 2.<br />3:00<br />2:30<br />2:00<br />1:30<br />1:00<br />0:30<br />0:00<br />How have you grown with Microsoft?<br />Peer group collaboration key to growth<br />See for a great example<br />SBSC Partner in 2007<br />Certified Partner in 2008<br />Merger of businesses in 2009<br />Partner Opportunity<br /><ul><li>Strategic Alliances with Microsoft Dynamics, Sharepoint and SQL Partners
  3. 3. Understand more about how we’ve grown through peer collaboration</li></ul>Richard Tubb<br /><br />Twitter:<br />Blog:<br />Business Information<br />MSP based in Birmingham<br />60+ SMB clients across UK<br />Microsoft SBSC & Certified Partner<br />Member of AMITPRO<br />Founder Member of HTG 11<br />