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Effectively Using Social Networking to Build Your IT Business


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I joined Rich Akullian of Autotask on Thursday 16th February, 2012 for a free webinar aimed at IT Solution Providers and Managed Service Providers entitled “Effectively Using Social Networking to Build Your IT Business”.

In the 60 minute webinar we covered:-

* Principles for using social networking
* ROI of social networking
social networking vs. social media
* Tips for Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
* Business reasons to blog
* What are content loops and how to use them
* Third-party tools to better manage social sites
* How social networking differs from traditional business networking

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Effectively Using Social Networking to Build Your IT Business

  1. 1. Effectively using SocialNetworking to build your IT business Richard Tubb MSP Consultant
  2. 2. Webinar Agenda» The principles for using Social Networking» The ROI of Social Networking» Social Networking vs. Social Media» Tips for Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook» Why Blog?» Content Loops» The Tools to use» Social Networking vs. traditional Business Networking» Question and Answer (also tweet us now at @autotask and @tubblog)
  3. 3. The Principles of Social Networking» Do not sell!» Use to educate» Add Value, not noise» It’s a two-way conversation» It’s about quality, not quantity
  4. 4. The ROI of Social Networking» Establishes you as a subject matter expert» Begins process of building trust in you» Gives you visibility» Typically used as a conversation starter» Business can be won thanks to Social Networking!
  5. 5. Social NetworkingAll about conversations
  6. 6. Social Media» Primarily about content» There are still opportunities for conversations though!
  7. 7. Content Loops» Create a video on YouTube – create a link to your web-site» Create a blog post talking about the video» Tweet about the blog post» Create a LinkedIn status update about the Video» Add photos to Flickr showing how you made the video» Your e-mail newsletter references the blog article» Different people consume information through different channels. Help them to find you!
  8. 8. The tools to use» Tweetdeck» Outlook Social Connector» SocialOomph» Google Alerts» – Shorten and track the links you share» Autotask – Capture client & prospect Social Media details» Read my blog article – “The Tools I use” ( )
  9. 9. Tips for Twitter» 140 Characters – micro-blogging!» What you say will be open for the world to see!» Share links that share your viewpoint – add your thoughts» Follow like minded individuals, start conversations» Use Groups to categorise those you follow – Business, Friends, Local, Vendors, Prospects, etc.» Getting started? Re-Tweet (RT) some articles, ask and answer questions» Use Hash-Tags (#) to discuss specific subjects
  10. 10. Tips for LinkedIn» Solely business focus» Offers status updates like Twitter – but use sparingly.» Use as part of your process for managing business cards» Scan the Weekly LinkedIn update e-mail for opportunities to reconnect with people» Use LinkedIn Groups to engage with peers and prospects» If cross-posting to Twitter, don’t use Hash-tags (#) on LinkedIn!
  11. 11. Tips for Facebook» Facebook primarily for personal relationships, but is used extensively for business too» The line between personal friendships and business friendships is blurring» People do business with people they like – don’t be afraid to be yourself on-line!» Use Facebook Privacy settings to separate your friends and colleagues where necessary» Use @ sign to tag other people – in status updates, in photos
  12. 12. Why Blog?» Blogging is free – it doesn’t matter if anyone reads it!» It teaches you to effectively articulate your thoughts and points – it’ll make you a better salesmen, a better speaker, a better party guest!» Be consistent with your message and your frequency of posting» If you’re good at it, people will read. If you’re no good at it, you’ll get good at it.» Effectively builds trust in you and your brand
  13. 13. Social Networking Etiquette» When in doubt, treat like “real world” networking» Don’t say anything you wouldn’t want to be quoted on» But do be yourself!» Don’t “Friend Collect” – *always* write personalised introductions within connection requests» Read my blog post – “Thanks for your Friend Request, but who are you?”
  14. 14. Social Networking vs. traditional Business Networking» Social Networking compliments traditional networking, and visa versa!» Putting all your energy into just one or the other will only get you so far» Use a balanced “linked up” approach to networking both on-line and off-line – Face-to-Face, Telephone Calls, E- Mails, Social Networking» Always try to “Be The Connector”
  15. 15. Any questions?» Blog – opinions, info and news for SMB IT companies -» Twitter –» LinkedIn –» Google+ -» E-Mail (remember that?) –