How to Choose Correct Laser Cutting Machine?


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How to Choose Correct Laser Cutting Machine?

  1. 1. How to Choose Correct Laser Cutting Machine?Different laser processing equipmentCurrently, the main products of laser processing equipment used in the garment industry arehigh-speed laser cutting machine, laser cutting, mutual portable two-headed laser cuttingmachine, fully automatic laser cutting machine and laser marking machine. Different kind ofequipment has different positive format. I addition to laser marking machine, the aboveequipment can process the fabric cut tailoring films, clothing proofing, trademark,embroidered patch cutting, leather carved drilling, cowboy stencil printing, embroidery andother crafts jobs. As for automatic laser cut machine, its platform is movable, which canrealize the purpose of automatic processing configured with feeding device. Laser cuttingmachine is mainly used in the processing of large-format; in addition to adhering to thecharacteristics of the laser cutting, the laser head of the mutual shift-double-headed lasercutting machine can work together or can also do separate job; fully automatic trademarklaser cutting machine can do automatic identification and modeling for trademarks,embroidery pattern automatically search, as well as collect and automatically identificationcut the graphics with standard graphical features.Notes for enterprises when selecting equipmentWhen selecting equipment, the enterprises should need to figure out their own businessscope of production, processing materials and processing capacity, in order to determine theequipment procurement models, format and number, simply pave the way for the latter partof the procurement. When necessary, they can consult the related laser equipmentmanufacturing enterprises professionals on technical issues, or invite professionals tosimulate solve or provide solutions onsite.Two issues to consider when buying laser cutting machineThe primary factor of equipment is that the performance of the equipment is stable and thequality is good. At present, a lot of laser cutting machine manufacturers ignore the oldproduct quality improvement in the development of new products. This requires us to keepour eyes open at the time of purchase laser cutting equipment. For the choice of products,particularly laser processing equipment, we must first analyze its structure; know whether itsmechanical properties are reasonable and reliable, whether the software control is easy tooperate, whether the computer equipment inter-connection is very convenient, whether therunning process is clearly manifested. Any one device will have varying degrees of damagein the course of use. For the repair after damage, whether the maintenance is timely and thefees become the second issue to consider. So in the purchase, we should understand theproblems of the companys after-sales service through a variety of channels, for example,what is the response mechanism and whether the maintenance fees are reasonable and so
  2. 2. is a high-technology company specialized in the usage anddevelopmental research of laser technique. Our products are mainly laser carving machine,such as laser cutting machine, laser cutting bed, mini type laser machine, laser markingmachine, etc. If you have any problem about laser equipment, please feel free to contact us!This article is come from: