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Dynabyte - Journey and Culture

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  2. Mr. Nguyen Manh Ha, Executive Director • 20 years of experience in Ukraine, China, Russia, investing in services and manufacturing • Founded EuroAsia in 2005, investing in trading and commerce Ms. Le Dieu Loan, Executive Director • Previously President of Open World., JSC, Poland, a travel and logistics company Mr. Nam Do, Advisor • Top 10 Australian Tech Entrepreneur in 2007 • Founder and CEO of Emotiv, Australian electronics company developing award-winning brain- computer interface technology • Founder of Water Buffalo Productions, organizers of high-profile concerts in Vietnam such as Backstreet Boys and G3
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  7. Always start with the customers
  8. Dynabyte Manifesto We are Dynabyte. We are here to make a dent to the universe, wherever our starting point is. We are here to disrupt and bring change, whichever industry we enter. We are here to serve and make life better, whoever our customers or clients are. We do this by believing in our customers. We do this by believing in our teammates. Most importantly, we do this by believing in ourselves.
  9. We are doing this not because we can or because we have to; we are doing this because we WANT to. We can listen to what everyone says, live a safe life, but we choose to be here because we choose to listen to our heart. This is not just our job. This is our mission. We share a common vision, and we believe in playing big; we either go big or go home.
  10. We don’t focus on being better than others. We focus on being the best version of ourselves. We believe in over-delivery and going beyond and above we need to do. We deliver excellent work not because we need to, but because we respect ourselves and do not want to settle for mediocrity.
  11. We believe leadership and innovation should be ground-up, not top-down. There is no boss in our office, only a group of entrepreneurs working together. We believe in people as a competitive advantage. We will stay ahead of the industry by having amazing people - people who are more passionate, more talented and more innovative than our competitors. Our teammates are our fellow brothers and sisters in our Dynabyte family. We enjoy this journey together based on love, communication, and respect.
  12. We believe in making mistakes and having the courage to admit them and learning from them. We believe in ownership and accountability of our work, and are not afraid to take responsibility. We will be humble, and continue learning, exploring, and growing. We believe that we will grow strong only by doing something we are afraid. If we fall down 7 times, we will get up 8 times.
  13. We believe in focus: changing the world one thing at a time, making people happy one person at a time. We believe that there is a reason we are here, even though it might elude us from time to time. We will cherish the journey, and have faith that even though we might be crazy, irrational, and making detours, all the pieces will fall into the right places in the bigger picture when we look back in the future. 55
  14. We are Dynabyte. We are a force. We won’t stop moving. You can’t stop us. ***** *See full version here: Dynabyte Manifesto
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