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The future of Advertising


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The New Rules Of Digital Engagement with 4 pillars: Content - Context - Community - Collaboration

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The future of Advertising

  1. 1. @PSFK | #FutureofAdvertising LABS The Future of Advertising The New Rules Of Digital Engagement SUMMARY PRESENTATION
  2. 2. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising Diminished 
 Attention Spans The human attention span shortened from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2013. Attention Spans: Consumer Insight, Microsoft, 2015 New Interfaces : 
 Chat And Voice Millennials spend equal or 
 more time in messaging apps 
 than on social networks. Brand Engagement Report, 
 Frank N. Magid Associates, 2015 Ad Blocking Spending on digital video advertising increased almost 
 60%, while the number of ad blockers rose from 54 million to 
 121 million. Ad Blocking Goes Mainstream, 
 PageFair, 2015 Artificial Intelligence 59% of online traffic is not human traffic, but query-focused bots. Distill Networks, 2015 Audience
 Is Changing
  3. 3. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising The PSFK Advertising Survey 2016 polled over 150 professionals from brands, agencies, media outlets across 14 countries to understand how advertising professionals view the future of their industry. Industry Is Changing 50% of brands think that advertising is more important than ever. Advertising Is Still Important 56% of the industry says advertising agencies are 
 less important. But Agencies Are Less So 44% agree that media outlets are less important as well. 49% of agencies worry that the agency is less important than before. Agencies Are Struggling To Find Their Role 80% of media outlets think the agency is less important than before. Media Outlets Are Encroaching On 
 Agency Responsibilities Media Outlets Are Fading Too
  4. 4. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising Agencies Moving past branded messaging, agencies must transition 
 to become co-creators of identities, tools and products 
 with their clients. Brands Brands must assemble a diverse team of agencies, producers, innovation partners and media providers to not only create content, but also to reach them in the right moments. Media Providers Media providers will expand the scope of branded content, 
 integrate contextual activations into offerings, and develop more immersive platforms. Evolution Of The 
 Marketing Industry
  5. 5. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising Rather than pushing activations onto consumers, effective digital engagements adapt brand content to the context and community in which it is experienced—inviting audiences to pull for more information. Layers of micro-customizations create symbiotic relationships where brand and consumer rely on one another for support and collaboration. The New Rules Of Digital Engagement
  6. 6. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising 7 Triggers To Consumer Motivation 1 REWARD 2 UTILITY 3 LOYALTY 4 ENTERTAINMENT 5 STATUS 6 NOVELTY 7 CONVENIENCE
  7. 7. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising Content 1. Story Selling 2. Brand-Led Education 3. Diversified Perspectives 4. Product As Media Community 8. Conversational Assets 9. Fan Pairing 10. Second Screen Participation Context 5. Micro-Moment Media 6. Situational Interactions 7. Personalized Engagement Collaboration 11. Control The Content 12. Audience Showcase 13. Creative Patronage 13 Trends
  8. 8. To increase share of voice in the marketplace, companies must reframe content to provide direct value for consumers. Brands that share advice, experiences or compelling narratives invite consumers to seek out their content rather than forcing exposure. CONTENT
  9. 9. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising Owned entertainment channels give brands the full creative control to produce high-quality content that audiences actively seek out during leisure time. Owned media is now trusted as a source of general news and information by 46% of the population. It increased by 3% in the last year to where it is now more trusted than social media. Edelman Trust Barometer, 2016 “Take off your marketing hat and put 
 on one that befits a journalist. What you sell 
 as a brand is not solely your product.” Luke Kintigh, Global Content and Media Strategist, Intel 01 Story Selling
  10. 10. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising GE Sci-Fi Podcast The Message Draws Reader Suspense While Introducing Company Products Agency BBDO New York 01 Story Selling LABS
  11. 11. NICKY TOMALIN Hola. Hi. Shalom. Bonjour. I’m Nicky Tomalin, your average Chi-Town girl living her dreams one podcast at a time. [ep2 | 4min 14sec] Listen to Cyphercast! LABS
  12. 12. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising 01 Story Selling Maybelline High-Profile YouTube Show Vanity Speaks To Digital-Savvy Fashionistas Agency Canvas Media Studios, Los Angeles LABS
  13. 13. LABS
  14. 14. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising Virtual reality, interactive video, and immersive content create activations that introduce users to different perspectives, refreshing routine brand experiences and amplifying emotional appeals. “I don’t want to take you to a place you can already go. It’s about taking you to a place you can’t go or can’t experience in the physical world.” Dan Ferguson, Director of Digital Interactive, ReelFX “When you engage with an audience in a different form it takes on a whole new association.” Andy Goldberg, Global Chief Creative Officer, GE 02 Diversified Perspectives
  15. 15. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising 02 Diversified Perspectives American Express Fans Compete Against 
 Tennis Pros In VR You vs. Sharapova Match Agency Momentum Worldwide New York LABS
  16. 16. LABS
  17. 17. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising 02 Diversified Perspectives Excedrin The Migraine Experience Simulator Helps Family Empathize With Sufferers experience Agency DDB Remedy London LABS
  18. 18. LABS
  19. 19. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising R&D initiatives and industry expertise inform educational messaging that helps customers optimize product use and improve their routines. “When branded education is used in 
 the correct way, it doesn’t feel like you’re 
 being advertised to. You are being useful 
 to someone who is loyal anyway.” Nicole Yershon, Director for Innovation Solutions, 
 Ogilvy & Mather UK “Being useful to people is paramount.” Jonathan Daly, Chief Strategy Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi China 03 Brand-Led
  20. 20. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising 03 Brand-Led Education Quaker Oats Amazon Echo’s Spoken Instructions Guide Users Through Overnight Oats Recipe Producer Quaker Oats LABS
  21. 21. LABS
  22. 22. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising 03 Brand-Led Education Johnson’s Internal Research Inspires BEDTIME Baby Sleep App sleep-app Producer Johnson’s LABS
  23. 23. LABS
  24. 24. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising Mixed media, action-triggered sensors and mobile applications transform products into messaging tools, relaying anything from product information to exclusive content. “Partner with product to align on a joint vision. Especially in tech brands, product and marketing need to find common language to succeed together.” Brian Irving, Global Marketing Director, Airbnb By 2020, there will be 34 billion 
 connected devices. BI Intelligence, 2015 04 Product
 As Media
  25. 25. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising 04 Product As Media Coca-Cola Wish In A Bottle Triggers Shooting Stars Agency Gefen Team, Israel LABS
  26. 26. LABS
  27. 27. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising 04 Product As Media Toys ‘R’ Us Book of Awesome Toy Catalog Overlays Digital Pop Ups And Surprises Agency BBDO Atlanta LABS
  28. 28. LABS
  29. 29. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising Heighten audience anticipation by releasing content in serialized installments. Offer second-screen interactions that allow viewers to share their opinions between episodes. Offer branded resources for shoppers to access expertise on the categories associated with a brand. Refresh repeat interactions by introducing a new perspective or vantage point. Build content into product packaging to connect with consumers post- purchase and encourage loyalty. Campaign Triggers For Content
  30. 30. Targeted messaging is evolving from general situational awareness, to create activations that provide relevant assistance to consumers at their micro- moments of intent. CONTEXT
  31. 31. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising Split-second moments of consumer attention provide the perfect context for concise, targeted engagements that peak interest and encourage viewers to come back for more. 05 Micro-Moment
 Media “You have to figure how to formulate 
 a message in five seconds. There is 
 a lot more science required to make 
 five seconds matter.” Warren Zenna, Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Mobext 82% of smartphone users consult 
 their phones while they're standing in 
 a store deciding which product to buy. 
 One in ten of those end up buying 
 a different product than they had planned. “Consumers in the Micro-Moment,” Google/Ipsos, 2015
  32. 32. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising 05 Micro-Moment Media New York Times NYT Election Bot Updates Flow Directly Into Team Chats Producer New York Times LABS
  33. 33. LABS
  34. 34. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising 05 Micro-Moment Media Hearst Sweet Couture Lookbooks For Snapchat Browsing snapchat Producer Hearst LABS
  35. 35. LABS
  36. 36. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising Crowdsourcing accessible data from wearables, sensors and the Internet of Things, content can learn from its environment to anticipate consumer needs and customize output. 06 Situational
 Interactions “Data is collectible everywhere and at every step. Smart brands will know a person inside and out and offer up only what is appropriate.” Torsten Gross, CSO, Partners & Partners “The modern mobile consumer expects different contextual user experiences and rewards brands that pay attention to this context.” Jeremy Sigel, Head Of Mobile For North America, Essence Digital
  37. 37. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising 06 Situational Interactions Nike Apparel Advertisements Tailored To The Weather Agency Weiden+Kennedy Portland LABS
  38. 38. LABS
  39. 39. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising 06 Situational Interactions Lloyd's Bank Data-Inspired For Your Next Step Digital Posters Identify With Citizen’s Financial Needs Agency adam&eveDDB LABS
  40. 40. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising Artificially intelligent systems, when supported and managed by dedicated human teams, can create targeted activations and respond to individual inquiries at a large scale. 55% of consumers strongly felt that personalization saved them from 
 browsing irrelevant content. Going Deeper Survey, Yahoo and IPG Labs, 2016 “We’re now able to go from ‘people’ to ‘person.’ Big Data isn’t simply a collection of a giant group of generalizations, it’s a colossal combination of unique human beings.” Tom Bernardin, Chairman and CEO, Leo Burnett 07 Personalized
  41. 41. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising 07 Personalized Engagement Smirnoff Online Bartender Mixes Drinks 
 Using The #PurePotential Of What’s In The Fridge Agency Special Group New Zealand LABS
  42. 42. LABS
  43. 43. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising 07 Personalized Engagement Netflix Friends Pre-Roll Ads Respond To Favorite Video Content Agency Ogilvy & Mather Paris LABS
  44. 44. LABS
  45. 45. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising Investigate where your consumers spend their extra moments, from social media feeds to audio news podcasts. Create content that supplements, rather than interrupts, their micro habits. Experiment with micro-moment platforms to retell brand narratives in a succinct manner. Challenge creative teams to remove any moments that are not attention- worthy. Identify when and where consumers interact with your products, and provide prompts that encourage them to reconnect when they are in the vicinity. Remember past preferences, behaviors and feedback, in order to interact with consumers in a way that makes them feel valued and heard. Campaign Triggers For Context
  46. 46. By creating accessible experiences and relationship- building opportunities, companies build advocate networks that appreciate a brand for its products, as well as for its community. COMMUNITY
  47. 47. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising By entering the consumer lexicon, effective branded emojis, hashtags, gifs, and videos encourage users to share their emotions and experiences while keeping the brand top-of-mind. 41.5 billion messages and 6 billion emoticons or stickers are sent around the world every day on mobile messaging apps. Swyft Media, 2015 “Smartphones and tablets are devices 
 that invite a certain degree of intimacy 
 with the user.” Juan Lindstrom, Director, Media Practice, Millward Brown 08 Conversational 
  48. 48. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising 08 Conversational Assets ePoints Digital Books Tweeted To Waiting Appointments, Expressing Merci Du Retard Agency Marcel Paris LABS
  49. 49. LABS
  50. 50. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising 08 Conversational Assets Nike Paris Centre 10KM Runners Share Results With Personalized Race Videos customers Agency AKQA Paris LABS
  51. 51. LABS
  52. 52. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising Relationship-building initiatives connect audiences to a brand story and emphasize connections, rather than products, as the central focus of a brand experience. 09 Fan Pairing “Advertising is more about providing a beacon for fans and 'locations' where they can gather—like-minded people who then can discuss whatever they want.” Scott Davis, VP of Marketing Strategy & Innovation, Nickelodeon “Facilitate a conversation, don't own it—
 be transparent and communicate human- to-human, 
 with empathy and honesty.” Nicole Yershon, Director, Innovative Solutions, Ogilvy & Mather UK Group
  53. 53. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising 09 Fan Pairing KLM Layover With A Local Connects Travelers And Locals Agency ACHTUNG! Amsterdam
  54. 54. LABS
  55. 55. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising 09 Fan Pairing Skol Beats Matching Masks Introduce Would-Be Friends At Carnival Agency Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo LABS
  56. 56. LABS
  57. 57. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising Live streaming and real-time activations can amplify second screen behaviors to create participatory opportunities for remote fans. 44% of consumers check Facebook or other social networks while watching TV. GlobalWebIndex, 2015 “Advertisers and agencies need to keep experimenting with the ways to make the most of ‘TV plus’ activities, reaching their most important customers on more than one screen through creativity and highly motivating messages.” David Tice, SVP of Media and Entertainment, GfK 10 Second Screen Participation
  58. 58. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising 10 Second Screen
 Participation Simpsons Homer Answers Audience Questions During #HomerLive Episode Producer The Simpsons #HomerLive LABS
  59. 59. LABS
  60. 60. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising 10 Second Screen
 Participation Totino’s Pizza Rolls Fans Buck Their Favorite Gamers Off The Bucking Couch Bowl Rodeo Sofa Agency 72andSunny Los Angeles LABS
  61. 61. LABS
  62. 62. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising Invite audiences to events usually closed to them through mobile activations. Allow them to interact with influencers for a more exclusive experience. Empower consumers to grow within a branded community; whether acquiring more connections or assuming more responsibilities, recognized participants grow in self worth through the brand. Create assets that prompt organic communication, rather than interrupting it. Campaign Triggers For Community
  63. 63. By tapping into the ideas, initiatives and goals of consumers, brands can create cost-effective, collaborative campaigns that build deeper connections those affected. COLLABORATION
  64. 64. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising Interactive platforms, which use responsive technologies and AI to adapt plotlines to user input, empower people to control the outcomes of their experience. 11 Control The Content “People want to engage with brands in their own way. Brands can't control all of the messaging. This is critical for future success.” Evan Orensten, Founder, CoolHunting “The consumer is the CEO of content.” Linda Ong, CEO and Founder, TruthCo
  65. 65. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising 11 Control The Content Clinique Play With Pop Music Video Remixes Song Genres And Makeup Looks Agency Weiden+Kennedy New York LABS
  66. 66. LABS
  67. 67. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising 11 Control The Content BMW Live Voting Controls Decisions Of Film Crew In #X1WhatsNext 9Ym2yYFtAu Agency KBS New York LABS
  68. 68. LABS
  69. 69. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising Campaigns that celebrate consumers and encourage them to share their experiences create robust and inclusive messages that identify with every consumer. 12 Audience Showcase “Advertising has been changing to be faster and better given both technology and a mindset to decommission creativity beyond the creative elite.” Brian Irving, Global Marketing Director, Airbnb 44% of people are more likely to engage with brands online if they post real pictures of their products. Social Annex, 2016
  70. 70. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising 12 Audience Showcase Tiger Beer Consumer Doodles Inspire Coaster Collaborative Film Agency Droga5 Sydney LABS
  71. 71. LABS
  72. 72. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising Cover FX Social Media Fans Tag Photos With #ShowUsYourShade To Become Makeup Models Producer CoverFX LABS 12 Audience Showcase
  73. 73. LABS
  74. 74. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising Whether providing resources, financial or educational support, businesses are learning they can reap rewards by investing in users —not only engendering loyalty, but also showcasing content that connects to their audience base. 13 Creative
 Patronage “We are all selfish and want something that 
 matters to us. Brands have to stop talking 
 to themselves so much and connect.” Meagan Kempen, New Product Marketing Manager, 3M “This is marketing for people. This is 
 connecting purpose with purchase. It's doing 
 good and doing well at the same time.” Keith Weed, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Unilever
  75. 75. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising 13 Creative Patronage YouTube Workshops And Creative Tools Support Female Storytellers Producer YouTube
  76. 76. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising 13 Creative Patronage West Elm Small Business Lessons Encourage Makers 
 To Scale Their Work toolkit Producer West Elm
  77. 77. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising Reduce resources necessary for campaigns by tapping into the extensive and talented fan network. Reframe conventions around previously static media to enable viewers to take control of their experience. Offer an elite suite of tools and expertise to give passionate followers the resources they need to realize their dreams. Encourage consumers to assume new and adventurous roles in their creative output. Consumers can discover hidden talents within a brand ecosystem. Campaign Triggers For Collaboration
  78. 78. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising Rather than pushing activations onto consumers, effective digital engagements adapt brand content to the context and community in which it is experienced—inviting audiences to pull for more information. Layers of micro-customizations create symbiotic relationships where brand and consumer rely on one another for support and collaboration. The New Rules For Digital Engagement
  79. 79. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising The Future
 Of Advertising: Emerging 
 Realities Attention Is Currency Relevance Is Contextual Perspective Is Impermanent Media Talks Back Learning Breeds Loyalty Success Leans Qualitative Experimentation Is Welcome
  80. 80. - 50+ examples of innovative campaigns, with key performance indicators and quantitative results - Insights and statistics from PSFK’s original global survey of the industry’s leading pioneers and researchers - New realities changing the relationship between people and brands - Levers impacting purchase decisions for digital consumers - Best-use strategies for VR, video and mixed reality - Trends-centered conversations between international professionals - A bonus 60+ page summary presentation deck Shaped by changing audience habits and evolving industry practice, the PSFK Future of Advertising report presents a playbook of strategies to transform digital advertising into richer engagement between brand and consumer. Get the full report for: Download the Full Report at: Access all Reports and Debriefs as a PSFK Member: Get The Full Report @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising
  81. 81. LABS @PSFK #FutureofAdvertising About PSFK Labs PSFK Labs 42 Bond Street, 6th Floor New York, NY 10012 PSFK Labs is an innovation consulting firm. Since 2004, our agency team have helped global corporations concept better products, services, communications and experiences. Our researchers, analysts and designers leverage a unique research process with unparalleled access to experts to identify and develop new business opportunities for brands. In addition to our client work, PSFK Labs oversees the innovation portal and produces a series of reports, workshops and events that inspire creative professionals in their work. Insights And Ideation Workshops PSFK Labs' workshop program integrates trend immersion, innovation ideation and expert speakers to take teams from emerging insights to future-forward ideation in a single day. If you are interested in organizing a workshop, seeing a presentation of this report, or understanding how PSFK can help your team ideate new possibilities for your brand, contact us at LABS
  82. 82. @PSFK | #FutureofAdvertising LABS The Future of Advertising The New Rules Of Digital Engagement SUMMARY PRESENTATION