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1330 susan bridges_ohl


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1330 susan bridges_ohl

  1. 1. ORAL HEALTH LITERACY: IMPLICATIONS FOR HONG KONG’S CHILDREN• Objectives: 1. To develop a new conceptual framework for oral health literacy; 2. To develop new, locally-relevant instruments to assess oral health literacy in Hong Kong; 3. To describe the relationship between oral health literacy and the oral health status and management of pre-school children in Hong Kong.• Development of locally-relevant tools – Chinese REALD-99/ REALD-30 – Hong Kong Oral Health Literacy Assessment Task (HKOHLAT)• Data collection: 300 dyads Working across disciplines
  2. 2. THE TEAM: THE INVESTIGATORS • GRF 2010-12 “Oral health literacy – Implications for Hong Kong’s children” • HKU KE Award 2011 “Making an impact – Oral health literacy for community dentistry” Dr Susan Bridges (CDC),Prof Colman McGrath (Dental Public Health), Dr Cynthia KY Yiu, Dr Gloria HM Wong, (Paediatric Dentistry), Prof Terry K F Au, Chair Professor, Psychology)Funding : University Grants Council of Hong Kong, General Research Fund (2010-12) (Ref:760009); SRT “Sciences of Learning” Top-up (2011); HKU KE Award (2011)Ethical approval: IRB HKU/ HA Hong Kong West Cluster (UW09-184)
  3. 3. The Team: Research SupportDentistry:RA : Jenny Lee Tsui Man, Rita Suen Po ChuenJHDOs: Caroline Chee Cecilia Chan Wing SzePhDs: Brenda Cheng Siu Shan Tina Peng Si MinStudent RAs:BDS V: Patricia Melody YeungBDS IV: Adrian Yu Yin Tat Carmen Chan Ka Man Andy Chan Hon Kwan Tony Lui To Vincent Cheung Ka Hei Bill Tsang Man LungPsychology:RA: Chris Kwan Yee Ping+ Summer Interns (2010; 2011)+ Student Interns
  4. 4. OHL@HKU: OURBRIEF HISTORY2009 (Pilot): 9th World Congress on Preventive Dentistry (WCPD), Phuket2010 (GRF) July: 88th General Session & Exhibition of the IADR, Barcelona, Spain (oral presentation) December: Conjoint Scientific Session, HKU-Sun Yat-Sen University (SYSU), December 2010 at Guangzhou Colgate Best Poster Presentation Prize (Senior Category)
  5. 5. Alice M. Horowitz School of Public Health, University of Maryland, USA2011 (GRF) Jessica Y Lee Department of Pediatric Dentistry UNC School of Dentistry, USA Susan Bridges Faculty of Dentistry, The University of Hong KongIADR/AADR General (Organiser & Chair)Session, San Diego. Julia Richman Department of Pediatric Dentistry, University of Washington., USASYMPOSIUM: Paola Calvasina University of Toronto,“Oral Health Literacy: CANADAFrom conceptualresearch to practice” Lisa Jamieson Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health, The University of Adelaide, AUSTRALIA
  6. 6. HEALTH EDUCATION:THINK BIOLOGYConceptual & Behavioral Change
  7. 7. COLD/FLUPREVENTION • Think Biology • Cold/Flu viruses’ life and death • How to kill them? • When to be careful?
  9. 9. Picture 4