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Lessons for the Living - Storytelling


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The stories we tell shape our perceptions, incite our actions, stamp an impression of us on others and either facilitate or complicate our interactions. The stories we tell are more important then that we may realize. What's your story? What does it say about you? What do you know from the stories that others are telling you? These slides are taken from a talk that I give on the life lessons that I have learned from working as a hospice volunteer at San Francisco's Laguna Honda Hospital. There, I hear remarkable stories.

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Lessons for the Living - Storytelling

  1. 2. ~ The Story Factor “ stories are ‘more true’ than facts because stories are multi-dimensional.”
  2. 3. stories invoke a power beyond the sum of the facts you report ~ The Story Factor
  3. 4. emotional content, contextual framework and wisdom reach past rational analysis ~ The Story Factor
  4. 5. story is as close as you can get to taking someone else for a walk in your shoes ~ The Story Factor
  5. 6. the most powerful story – is their story ~ The Story Factor
  6. 7. their story might teach you something ~ The Story Factor
  7. 8. they may let go of their story because you have listened ~ The Story Factor
  8. 9. pay attention to the story your actions tell
  9. 10. pay attention to the story your actions tell