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Horizon 2020 is the foremost non-dilutive funding opportunity for research-intensive industry to finance and accelerate research and innovation activities. The aim of Horizon 2020 is to advance scientific knowledge and discovery, while securing Europe’s growth and global competitiveness through stronger involvement of industry and in particular SMEs.

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Horizon 2020 for SMEs - ttopstart, the Horizon 2020 experts

  1. 1. Opportunities for SMEs in Horizon 2020 Horizon 2020 experts
  2. 2. Ontwerp: Toldt / www.toldt.nl
  3. 3. Horizon 2020 experts Opportunities for SMEs in Horizon 2020
  4. 4. Horizon 2020: the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 is the European grant and sub- sidy framework for innovation and R&D. The programme, running from 2014 to 2020, has a budget of €70 billion. Horizon 2020 aims to secure Europe’s global competitiveness. To promote industrial growth and tackle societal challenges, Horizon 2020 takes advantage of a market-driven approach, providing seamless and coherent funding from idea to market. Small and Medium- sized Enterprises (SMEs) are encouraged to participate across Horizon 2020 programmes. Within the Horizon 2020 programmes, many opportunities arise for SMEs to fund early- stage, high-risk research and innovation, including clinical trials. The Horizon 2020 programmes aim to accelerate R&D activities and stimulate breakthrough innovations. The simplified architecture of the Horizon 2020 programme - bringing together all European research and innovation funding - makes it easier for SMEs to identify funding opportunities and apply for participation. A minimum of 20%, or about €8.65 billion, of the total combined budgets of 'Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies' (LEITs) and ‘Societal Challenges’ is designated to SMEs. Non-dilutive funding for SMEs is provided for research, development and innovation activities, including: • Development of lead product or process; • Innovation in product pipeline; • Gathering clinical evidence; • Introduction of disruptive technologies; • Collaborative projects with academia; • Training, mobility and career development of researchers. What is Horizon 2020? Horizon 2020 is the foremost non-dilutive funding opportunity for research- intensive industry to finance and accelerate research and innovation activities. The aim of Horizon 2020 is to advance scientific knowledge and discovery, while securing Europe’s growth and global competitiveness through stronger involvement of industry. 4 ttopstart - Horizon 2020 experts
  5. 5. Excellent science Industrial leadership Societal challenges ∙ European Research Council ∙ Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions ∙ Future and Emerging technologies ∙ Research infrastructures ∙ Health, demographic change and wellbeing ∙ Inclusive, innovative and secure societies ∙ Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies ∙ Access to risk finance ∙ Innovation in SMEs Horizon 2020:key features • Increased participation of industry, including SMEs Research and development within Public Private Partnerships is promoted, e.g. through increased participation of industry, including SMEs. • Six specific types of actions Horizon 2020 consists of six different types of actions (project types), each with their own set of provisions and funding rates. Collaborative research and innovation projects are part of Research and Innovation Actions (RIA), Innovation Actions (IA) and the SME-instrument. • Simplified set of financial rules The EU contribution is up to 100% of the total eligible costs for R&D projects and up to 70% for innovation projects. In all cases, indirect costs will be covered by a flat rate of 25% of the direct costs. 5
  6. 6. Funding opportunities for SMEs In Horizon 2020 Eurostars SME instrument Consortium Min. 2 legal entities One for-profit-SME (small consortium of SMEs possible) Project type (specific for medical innovation) Preclinical Clinical Maturity of technological innovation Innovation validated in lab (on the market/ in clinical trials within 2 years after completion of project) Innovation validated in relevant environment (e.g. innovation ready for clinical validation or pilot studies) Funding €5M/ partner (depends on national rules) Max €2.5M/ project (PHC12 = max €5M) Theoretical success rate (based on number of projects submitted and funded) 23% ~10% Topics Development of any product, process or service - Biomarkers/ Diagnostics - Nanotechnology - Biotechnology - ICT Focus/Aim Increased internationalisation potential of SMEs Support fast-growing SMEs Several funding instruments are incorporated that offer non-dilutive funding support to SMEs. The funding instruments facilitate the acceleration of R&D activities and stimulate breakthrough innovations. 6 ttopstart - Horizon 2020 experts
  7. 7. Fast Track to Innovation Marie Curie ITN- EID Collaborative projects 3-5 legal entities, half or more from industry Min. 2 legal entities Min. 3 legal entities Late phase clinical/ commercialisation Any Any (dependent on call) Innovation validated in relevant environment (on the market no later than 3 years after start of FTI project) Any Any (dependent on call) Max €3M/ project €3M- €4M /project €3M- €6M /project 5-10% (~ 60 projects) ~19% ~3% Any LEIT/SC focus area of Horizon 2020 (amongst others: nanotech, biotech, ICT, personalised medicine) Not specified (bottom-up funding) Top down, specific calls Accelerate commercialisation of products, processes or services Involving the non-academic sector in doctoral training Highly innovative research A number of topics focus on SMEs by setting apart a major part of the budget for R&D activities for SMEs. The size, scope and internal organisation of projects are defined in the various Work Programmes. Key opportunities for participation and support of SMEs in Horizon 2020 are highlighted in the table. For a detailed description of funding instruments dedicated to SMEs please contact our consultants. Eurostars Research-intensive SMEs can aquire funding through Eurostars, the succesfull joint program between EUREKA and the European Commission, co-funded from the national budgets of over 30 Eurostars countries. Eurostars aims to support R&D performing SMEs by co-financing market-oriented innovation with a bottom-up approach. Eurostars projects are transnational, with at least two partners (one of which has to be a research-performing SME). Depending on national rules, non-SME collaborators can be eligible for funding. 7
  8. 8. Phase 1: Concept and feasibility assessment Phase 2: R&D, Demonstration, Market replication Phase 3: Commercialisation Lump sum: €50.000 ~ 6 months €0.5-5 M per project ~ 12 to 24 months No direct funding Investor-ready business plan Elaborated business plan Idea: Short business plan SME instrument The SME instrument aims to fill gaps in funding for early-stage, high-risk research and innovation as well as stimulating breakthrough innovations by SMEs. Single company support is possible. Although collaborations can be part of the project, only SMEs can acquire funding through this instrument. Staged support in 3 phases will cover the whole innovation cycle. SMEs can apply to phase 1 with a view to applying to phase 2, or directly to phase 2. The SME instrument is implemented via specific calls. The following SME instrument calls are of interest to SMEs active in the Health and Life Sciences: The SME instrument is implemented via specific calls. The SME instrument is implemented via specific calls. These calls are changed and updated with each Work Programme. For up-to-date information on calls of interest to SMEs active in the Health and Life Sciences, please visit our website (www.ttopstart.com), or contact a consultant (see last page of this brochure for details). 8 ttopstart - Horizon 2020 experts
  9. 9. Fast-track to innovation Fast track to innovation (FTI) funds activities to accelerate market introduction of new innovative projects. The innovation can come from any technology field that is a focus area of Horizon 2020. FTI targets technologies, concepts, processes and business models that need a last development step to reach the market and achieve wider deployment. Marie Curie actions SMEs are encouraged to participate in Marie Curie actions, such as Innovative Training Networks (ITN) to enhance training, mobility and career development of researchers. The ITN-EID (Innovative Training Networks – European Industrial Doctorate) involves the non-academic sector in doctoral training by allowing doctorate students to perform part of their research in industry. Collaborative projects The strong focus of Horizon 2020 on implementation and exploitation of R&D means that SME involvement in large collaborative research and innovation or innovation actions is highly encouraged. Targeted Work Programmes relevant for the life sciences, medical technology and healthcare industry are: Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing aims to create opportunities for real breakthrough research and radical innovation to respond to the ageing population and the increasing burden of communicable and non- communicable diseases. Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies focuses on new opportunities for industrial leadership in Europe. Within LEIT, two Work Programmes are relevant for Health and Life Sciences: ‘Information and Communication Technologies’ (ICT) and ‘Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing’ (NMBP). Access to risk finance Access to risk finance aims to leverage private Research & Innovation investments, including venture capital investments for innovative, high-tech companies, in particular SMEs. Horizon 2020 allocates a budget of €2.84 billion for financial instrument facilities and accompanying measures. At least one-third of this amount is likely to be dedicated to SMEs and small mid-caps. Access to risk finance includes a debt facility (providing debt finance) and an equity facility (providing equity investment) and is implemented via the European Investment Bank and the European Investment Fund and/or other financial institutions of comparable stature. If you would like to receive more detailed information about one of the funding instruments, please contact one of our consultants (page 18) 9
  10. 10. ttopstart facilitates strategic preparations for a head start in Horizon 2020 Is your organisation or department fully prepared to take the lead (or take part) in Horizon 2020 projects? Are you confident that your projects will get funded? Building on years of experience in the field of European subsidies, ttopstart can rapidly analyse the competitiveness of your organisation in a subsidy context. ttopstart provides you with access to our broad academic and industrial network. Moreover, we can give practical recommendations for optimal preparation for success in Horizon 2020 - even prior to any application.Whilst not guaranteeing success, a head start will definitely increase your chances. ttopstart is able to write 80% of the total application ttopstart can write the Horizon 2020 proposal (in close contact with the consortium), allowing you to focus on the scientific work plan. ttopstart manages the entire application process: from writing the body of the proposal, to collecting, streamlining and merging partner input, setting up detailed budget plans, distributing draft versions, handling partner feedback and final submission.This allows you to spend most of your time on the scientific quality and overall management. ttopstart supports you with professional non-scientific management Professional scientific and non-scientific management is a prerequisite for your Horizon 2020 consortium - and highly appreciated by reviewers. In the application phase, we offer a large toolbox with proven management frameworks and can tailor a model for project management and consortium organisation that secures quality and quantity of the output. In the project phase, we are a strong consortium partner for non-scientific management; from monitoring and reporting deliverables, to organising meetings and drafting progress reports. Why ttopstart? ttopstart is a European science and business consulting company with the ability to write 80% of your Horizon 2020 application. ttopstart has unique expertise in supporting you with non-scientific management, dissemination and exploitation activities during the project. 10 ttopstart - Horizon 2020 experts
  11. 11. ttopstart delivers high-quality dissemination and exploitation services for new and existing Horizon 2020 projects Horizon 2020 was created to boost Europe’s competitiveness and increase scientific leadership. It should be very clear how your Horizon 2020 project will contribute to this goal. ttopstart specialises in developing creative and detailed stakeholder-sensitive plans for dissemination and exploitation of the proposed outcomes. Our experience in developing corporate business plans means that we can integrate a society-targeted vision in your proposal and set up a winning impact section.This becomes of real value once the project has been approved: ttopstart is the ideal dissemination & exploitation partner, ensuring that stakeholders are involved, output is IP protected and commercialised and the proposed impact is achieved. At ttopstart, we combine science and business, specialising in the fields of life sciences, medical technology and healthcare. ttopstart has been built on the unique combination of science and business, with a focus on the life sciences, medical technology and healthcare sectors. Our consultants have a solid scientific background combined with an extensive business skill set.This is a key advantage for your Horizon 2020 application, considering the increased EC demands for translation of research, public private partnerships and societal impact. Proposals do not leave our office without scientific and business excellence. 11
  12. 12. Key achievements The strong focus and unique model have allowed ttopstart to become highly successful in European and national subsidy applications. Over the past 3 years, more than 70% of our proposals were granted, with multiple #1 rankings and high rankings in competitive European programs such as FP7/Horizon2020, Eurostars and Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI). Some examples: Collaborative projects ttopstart has supported over 20 international research consortia, often consisting of academic and industrial partners, with acquiring subsidies for FP7/ Horizon 2020 collaborative projects. REGAIN (Audion therapeutics) Size: €5.8M Topic: Hearing loss The REGAIN consortium is a collaboration between 7 highly dedicated partners, coordinated by Audion Therapeutics BV and including UCL Ear Institute, University of Tübingen,The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Eli Lilly, Clinquest Services and ttopstart BV (for project management).The consortium aims to develop a small-molecule drug to treat hearing loss caused by loss of hair cells. ttopstart supported the REGAIN consortium with design of the project plan, proposal writing and signing of the grant agreement. ttopstart is currently involved in the implementation of the project as project management partner. “The translation of innovative drug development ideas into cutting-edge proposals, in combination with their efficient and pleasant way of collaboration, are the reasons why we return to ttopstart every time.” – Cristianne Rijcken PhD, founder Cristal Therapeutics 12 ttopstart - Horizon 2020 experts
  13. 13. Eurostars ttopstart has managed 10 successful Eurostars applications for different SMEs throughout Europe. One of these applications was ranked as #1 out of 354 applications. Eurostars 2012: SeDI (SOHARD & MAASTRO CLINIC) Size: €1.2M Topic: medical device SOHARD Software GmbH, an expert company in semantic software development for healthcare, and MAASTRO, a renowned radiotherapy clinic and research institute, join forces to develop a semantic web adapter and a stand- alone PACS system that enables unprecedented ways to access and analyse medical data. ttopstart was highly involved in the SeDI application, from basic concept to final submission.The project was ranked #1 out of 354 applications. SME instrument 2015: Radiomics Size: €2.4M Topic: Radiomics for lung cancer In this phase 2 SME instrument acquired by ptTheragnostics, the company will validate novel imaging biomarkers that enable patient stratification for the breakthrough new cancer treatment "Radiomics".The validation will occur via a multi-centre clinical trial (Phase II). "The dedication and writing excellence of ttopstart has been key to the success of the SeDI project." – Peter Feltens, CEO Sohard "The application of the Eurostars PLATO grant awarded to a consortium led by thromboDx BV was a great success. We are thankful to ttopstart BV for their solid support." – Dr. Thomas Würdinger, CSO thromboDx BV 13
  14. 14. Our method Fit High-ranking projects show an ideal fit between proposal and call text. Both consortium and proposal must seamlessly match with the EC's intentions. To optimise this fit, ttopstart assists in: • Finding strong consortium partners - academic and industrial • Critically assessing and strengthening your initial project plan “Through our experience and a devil's advocate attitude we are able to rapidly see whether a proposal idea has winning potential.” “Our approach is acknowledged for its efficiency and harmony in the consortium.” Framework Uniting the visions of 5 - 30 partners into a synchronised and solid proposal is one of the main challenges for constructing a winning bid. ttopstart offers the tools to design a conceptual framework in which the consortium's plans can be integrated and fine-tuned towards a logical work plan. We use the problem analysis and Pyramid Principle in Horizon 2020 style in which we: • Analyse the major problem – focal problem – sub challenges • Define the ultimate goal – project objective – sub objectives • Connect work packages and impact to these items ttopstart has developed the FFWD model to fast-forward your science from an innovative vision to a winning Horizon 2020 proposal. Because of our risk-bearing strategy, we are highly motivated to succeed. We specialise in impact, for the consortium and for society. 14 ttopstart - Horizon 2020 experts
  15. 15. Write Developing a convincing proposal requires excellent writing skills, which are represented in the ttopstart team. ttopstart ensures a persuasive presentation of the proposal by applying the 8 C's: conform, complete, consistent, concise, concrete, convincing, coherent and creative. ttopstart guards timeliness and coordinates the entire application process - which can be as demanding as the writing part. Development Commercialisation, impact, dissemination and exploitation are now a central part of all Horizon 2020 proposals. ttopstart excels at these sections because of our extensive business consulting expertise. ttopstart offers detailed market intelligence and business development strategies to leverage societal and economic impact. During the application phase and the course of the project, ttopstart is your management and impact partner. We offer a variety of (tailored) packages to facilitate productive management, exploitation and dissemination. “The consortium is asked to deliver the work packages in a draft format. With your scientific input, ttopstart can set up the entire proposal from beginning to end." “Combining scientific and business expertise in your project results in high impact publications and valuable innovations." Submission Review EC Negotiation Knowledge utilisation Project management Development Consortium formation Fit Conceptualisation of research plan Framework Proposal preparation Write 15
  16. 16. ttopstart's full service support for Horizon 2020 applications With ttopstart's full service support we aim to take as much work out of your hands as possible. Our experienced consultants will take the lead in the writing and coordination throughout the process, while closely guarding the time to deadline and quality of the proposal.They will gather all necessary input from the consortium partners and combine this into a strong proposal. ttopstart's basic service support for Horizon 2020 applications In addition to our full service support, we also offer a basic support service.The basic support service serves clients who want to stay in the lead of the process themselves. Our consultants will support you during the application, providing valuable input on quality and helping with the budget and consortium formation.Textual input will be limited to the optimisation of selected parts. ttopstart can support the complete application process for a Horizon 2020 proposal. We offer writing capacity and experience, a clear and concise presentation of the project proposal and coordination of the entire application procedure. Full application support 16 ttopstart - Horizon 2020 experts
  17. 17. General info proposal Summary Administrative details participants Budget per partner Overall budget Section 1: Exellence Objectives Relation to work programme Concept and approach Ambition Section 3: Implementation Work plan Management structures Consortium as a whole Resources to be committed Section 4: Consortium partners Section 5: Ethics and Security Section 2: Impact Objectives Relation to work programme ttopstartClient Full application support: ttopstart can write 80% of your Horizon 2020 proposal. Part B Part A 17
  18. 18. Submission ttopstart’s review service follows our successful FFWD method (see page 10) to assess your proposal’s strengths and weaknesses. During three iterations, an experienced consultant will provide clear feedback, with easy-to-implement tips and tricks to elevate your proposal to the next level. Fit and Framework ttopstart will cross-check your proposal and consortium against all eligibility rules and the fit to the call text of the corresponding funding scheme.We will assess the innovativeness of the project plan and the coherence of the framework. Write With access to over 100 subsidy applications, ttopstart will provide you with‘best practices’ to present and highlight the strengths of your project plan in an appealing manner. We provide input on how to write a proposal that can convince experts, while remaining interesting and accessible for everyone. Our consultants have excellent writing skills, and will also provide a review on syntax and spelling. Development In the third iteration, ttopstart will focus on the persuasive and broad presentation of impact and dissemination of the project results.We will help you to couple these to key market trends and policies. ttopstart can provide clear- cut examples of how to write a convincing implementation plan that spans beyond the project. Review service F&F W D · Fit the call · Consortium build-up · Innovativeness · Coherent project plan · Persuasive and accessible · SMART goals · Management structure · Broad impact · Implementation plan Building on our experience in writing winning subsidy proposals, ttopstart is the ideal partner to extensively review your proposal. We will provide you with a clear and easy-to-implement evaluation which will improve your chances of success. 18 ttopstart - Horizon 2020 experts
  19. 19. Training Grant writing is like professional sports: in order to become and remain successful it is necessary to improve continuously – especially in an environment where public funding is under increasing pressure. ttopstart has supported hundreds of applications for national and international subsidy programmes and has shown a stable success rate that exceeds the a priori chance at least 3-4 times. In our training courses, we share our formula for success and help you understand what is needed to write a competitive proposal. ttopstart's outstanding success rate is, amongst other factors, attributable to following a structured approach; our own FFWD model (Fit-Framework-Write- Develop). By following this model, we take time to build a strong project plan, the foundation for a strong proposal, before we start writing.Throughout the process, we keep the reviewer close in mind, ensuring that the proposed work is ambitious but not overselling, and that impact is always a central theme. We now offer a novel training concept that can help you to implement these key success criteria. In a tailored, in-house training programme, you will experience: • How to apply key writing skills • How to shape the central topic of your proposal • How to organise the preparation of your proposal • How to think like a reviewer • How to centralise impact All of our trainings are highly interactive and hands-on, meaning that actual applications under preparation by the participants will be used as case studies during the training.Where necessary, our training programmes can be organised around specific subsidy calls. ttopstart offers training in: • Grant writing • Horizon 2020 project management • Networking for public-private partnerships 19
  20. 20. The database is updated weekly with the latest funding opportunities. For each funding option all relevant aspects are listed, as well as a link to the detailed call text.The database can easily be searched and navigated and provides you with a customised overview of relevant funding opportunities. ttopstart's funding database has received international acclaim and has proven to be a valuable tool for our clients.With many daily visitors, ttopstart provides excellent support, advice and service to those seeking funding. Your benefits: • Overview of relevant EU and US funding programmes • Free access • Easy-to-use search engine • Direct links to websites and specific factsheets • Quick contact links to our specialised advisors Comprehensive life science funding database ttopstart's online funding database gives your organisation an up- to-date and comprehensive overview of the most relevant subsidies, loans and fiscal stimulation programmes for your research and development projects, in real-time and free. 20 ttopstart - Horizon 2020 experts
  21. 21. Contact us For more information please contact one of our consultants or visit our website at www.ttopstart.com Marije aan den Toorn, PhD - consultant marije@ttopstart.com Patrick de Boer MSc. - partner patrick@ttopstart.com +316 5389 7487 ir Jasper Levink - partner jasper@ttopstart.com +316 3434 2333 Jochem Bossenbroek MSc. - partner jochem@ttopstart.com +316 2244 2641 21
  22. 22. www.ttopstart.com