Week 8:


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Week 8:

  1. 1. 13th and 14th CENTURY PAINTING
  2. 2. Model Book with Animals, c. 1400
  3. 3. Ulvik Altar Frontal, mid 13th century, Norway University of Bergen
  4. 4. The de Brailes Hours. London: BL, MS Add1999, c. 1240 The Crucifixion
  5. 5. Westminster Retable, late 13th century. Christ flanked by Virgin Mary and St John Westminster Abbey
  6. 6. Westminster Retable, Left hand side, St Peter
  7. 7. Westminster Retable Medallions: The Raising of Jairus’s Daughter, Healing of the Blind Man, Feeding of the Five Thousand
  8. 8. Queen Mary Psalter. London: BL, MS Royal 2.B.vii, c. 1310 The Wedding at Cana
  9. 9. Wilton Diptych, London, c. 1390s National Gallery
  10. 10. Wilton Diptych: King Edmund, Edmund the Confessor, St John the Baptist, Richard II
  11. 11. Wilton Diptych: Virgin and Christ Child and Angels
  12. 12. Tickhill Psalter. New York: New York Public Library, MS Spencer 26, 1303-14 Scenes from the Life of David and the Tree of Jesse
  13. 13. Luttrell Psalter. London: BL, MS Add 42130, c. 1335 Detail - sowing