Assignment frontsheet received file


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Assignment frontsheet received file

  1. 1. Faculty of Applied Design and Engineering ASSIGNMENT / COURSEWORK SPECIFICATIONSchool:Programme:Module/Unit:Assignment No: Lecturer: Internal Verifier:AssignmentTitle:Hand Out Return Date: Contribution to OverallDate: Module/Unit Assessment (%): PENALTIES FOR LATE SUBMISSION: UP TO ONE WEEK LATE, MAXIMUM GRADE OF PASS. OVER ONE WEEK LATE, FAIL. Outcomes being Assessed (from Module/Unit Syllabus): Number DescriptionCommon Skills (Key Skills): Tick if present Tick if assessed (HND/C only – normally only one)1. Managing and Developing Self2. Working with and Relating to Others3. Communicating4. Managing Tasks5. Applying Numeracy6. Applying Technology7. Applying Design and Creativity HND AND HNC PROGRAMMES ONLY – Grading CriteriaPASS:MERIT:DISTINCTION: