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2013 college fair scholarship presentation


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2013 college fair scholarship presentation

  1. 1. Bellingham School District College Fair Oct. 3, 2013 Presented by Cindy O’Brien Squalicum High School
  2. 2.  Myth Number One: You need to be poor to get a scholarship.  Myth Number 2: You can only get a scholarship if you are in high school.  Myth Number 3: Finding scholarships will take me too long.  Myth Number 4: You have to have a high GPA to get a scholarship.
  3. 3. Outstanding Junior Award for Masonic Lodge, Presidential Community of Service Award, TASP (Telluride Academic Summer Program), Federal Way Rotary Scholarship, ACT Six (includes application to PLU and Gonzaga), Burger King Have it Your Way Scholarship, GET Ready for Math and Science Conditional Scholarship (denied offer), Washington State PTSA Scholarship, WSU Alumni Association Scholarship (denied offer), WSU General Scholarship Application, Leadership 1000 Scholarship, Federal Way Education Scholarship, Best Buy Scholarship. Total Applications: 13! Won/Accepted from Applications: 5! Approx. Hours Worked on Applications: 41.5 Offered dollars/hour (inc. denied offers): $1,635.28! Total Accepted dollars/hour: $896.19
  4. 4.  Private Scholarship:  WA State PTA Scholarship- $2,000  Federal Way Education Association Scholarship-! $1,000  Wa Bowling Grand Prix Scholarship- $906  Educational Excellence Scholarship- $2,000  Rotary: Federal Way Service Foundation-! $2,000  Todd Beamer High School PTSA- $176  Total: $8,082  Private Funded State Scholarships:  Leadership 1000 Scholarship CSF- $5,000 (renewable 4 years)  (only received $1,102 first year)  Total: $20,000  Free Money (Grants/Tuition Waiver):  PELL Grant- $2,100  Supplemental Ed Opp Grant 1- $100  Supplemental Ed Opp Grant 2- $512  Western Grant- $898  President's Scholarship (WWU) $2,000  Tuition Waver- $3,000  Total: $8,610  Grand Total Money: $17,794*  *Only includes first year of Leadership 1000 Scholarship
  5. 5.  Your School website under the counseling tab click on Career Center – Scholarships -bulletin!  ships-5  ips-1  /
  6. 6.  Most are on-line applications  Five Tips for Online Applications  Apply early to avoid website server crashes.  Print the online application once you have filled it out and before you submit it. Check it over for errors before you send it. File this hard copy in your records.  Have a friend or relative check your grammar and make sure you have filled out every blank spot.  Double-check to see that your attachments are in the right format.  Write down on a calendar or spreadsheet the date you submitted the application.
  7. 7.  Transcripts  Academic Resume  (List of Honors, Activities, Awards) • Study essay questions and develop your favorite responses – many are similar to college application s • Follow the Directions!! • Include All Attachments • Pay Attention to Deadlines! • Proof-read – ask another person to review
  8. 8.  The College you will attend!  Local Bellingham Companies Trans Ocean Ewing C. Kelly Whatcom Community College Larson and Gross Accountants Local Banks and Credit Unions Your Parents Work! Bellingham Dollars for Scholars
  9. 9. 
  10. 10.  The following schools in Washington are Matching Partners:  Central Washington University  Gonzaga University  Heritage University  Pacific Lutheran University  Saint Martin’s University
  11. 11.  - free online resource- no pop-ups. Complete at least 75% of profile for scholarships that fit you best  fastweb - explore colleges, apply for scholarships, useful on-line student finance tools  Zinch- a free on-line source for scholarships.
  12. 12. A. Alice McArver Ratchford Scholarship This scholarship is offered to students who: 1. Attend the University of No. Carolina at Greensboro, 2. Submit their FAFSA, 3. Be an undergraduate female, 4. Live on-campus 5. Have no car and no ring on their finger, 6. Demonstrate financial need, and 7. Haven’t been awarded another scholarship. True or False?
  13. 13. B. The Patrick Kerr Skateboard Scholarship This scholarship awards money to high school seniors who: 1. Skateboard, 2. Meet the 2.5 GPA minimum requirement, and 3. Is enrolled in a two or four-year college in the fall following their high school graduation. True or False?
  14. 14. C. The Duck Brand Duct Tape “Stuck At Prom” Contest You and your prom date attend your senior prom dressed in formal wear you’ve fashioned out of Duck brand duct tape and submit a photo of yourselves to their website. Ten finalists are selected and visitors to the site then vote on them. The couple, each of the two entrants, who gets the most votes gets $3,000 towards college and some cash for their school to boot. True or False?
  15. 15. D. Tall Clubs International Scholarship The TCI offers tall students a scholarship worth up to $1,000. Applicants must be (5’10” for females or 6’2” for males) minimum height requirement. They must also be:  sponsored by a nearby TCI club,  Be under 21 years of age, and  Be entering their first year of college the following fall True or False?
  16. 16. E. The Zolp Scholarship Don’t apply for this unless your last name is “Zolp”, you are Catholic, and want to attend Loyola University. Apparently there was a Father Zolp once upon a time who established this scholarship. Do you know anyone named “Zolp”? True or false?
  17. 17.  Write Thank-You Notes! –CRITICAL!!  Report to your counselor/career center to ensure you’re included in Senior Celebrations