Innovation Bors (Stock Exchange, Börse, Børs)


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The InnoBors is an open, user-driven innovation arena to connect innovators with competent capital, smart competence and challenging customers

For Entrepreneurs
* present your idea to investors
* get help from experts
* find competent capital

For Investors
* the best ideas and companies in search for funding
* structured process with expert evaluation
* platform for collaboration with other investors

For Partners
* the best ideas and companies in search for funding
* see trends before they become obvious
* be visible in an exciting network

For Members
* vote for your favourites
* invest your Movation Dalere
* win stocks of vinners

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Innovation Bors (Stock Exchange, Börse, Børs)

  1. 1. ICT Venture Gate, 4-5. October 2011, Brussels MOVATION - Innovation by Design! Josef Noll, CTO, We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims. Buckminster Fuller An open, user-driven innovation arena to connect innovators with competent capital, smart competence and challenging customerstirsdag 4. oktober 11
  2. 2. Innovation through Collaboration Statoil ... Nets Opera Inner Circle eBAN Telenor Members Business Angels NFR NorBAN Strategic NICe Partners Movation IIP Artemisia Stock Exchange Int. Innov. Communities Prog. MoMo ETSIMobileMonday Academia Entrepreneurs MIT CWI CTIF 2 Providing the infrastructure for open collaboration Oct2011 Josef Nolltirsdag 4. oktober 11
  3. 3. Inner Circle Partners 3 Challenging customers Oct2011 Josef Nolltirsdag 4. oktober 11
  4. 4. The Solution! An open, user-driven innovation arena to connect innovators with competent capital, smart competence and challenging customers 4 - Shared Thinking at its best! Oct2011 Josef Nolltirsdag 4. oktober 11
  5. 5. • Supplementary slides 5 Oct2011 Josef Nolltirsdag 4. oktober 11
  6. 6. Om innovasjon… “If things seem under control, you are just not going fast enough.” Mario Andretti “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far it is possible to go.” T.S. Eliot “Test fast, fail fast, adjust fast.” Tom Peters “Nothing will ever be attempted, if all possible objections must be first overcome.” Samuel Johnson “Opportunity dances with those on the dance floor.” “What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?” Robert Schuller “You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Wayne Gretzky 6 Oct2011 Josef Nolltirsdag 4. oktober 11
  7. 7. The challenge! • More than 49.000 companies started in Norway in 2010 • Today’s Innovation success rate is less than 5% • Less than 20% survive the • first 2 years • More than 80 000 Norwegians are millionaries How to find, nurture and grow the next winners? 7 Oct2011 Josef Nolltirsdag 4. oktober 11
  8. 8. Bridging the gap! Investment Higher Risk IPO IPO Private Equity Venture Capital Seed Venture Venture Capital Capital Business Angels Business Angels Business Angels Friends, Family & Founders Lower Risk Time Seed Start-up Early Growth Sustained Growthtirsdag 4. oktober 11
  9. 9. Status Quo• Norway’s leading open Innovation Centre?• Over 600 registred members; – Mc2- the first open innovation Stock Exchange – 15 Inner Circle partner members – NorBAN – Norwegian Business Angel network – Innovation Forum Norway – An international Partner program 10 Oct2011 Josef Nolltirsdag 4. oktober 11
  10. 10. !!!!!!!Our!Innova*on!Accelerator!Program 3!A!blueprint!for!con*nuing!success THE NEED For a faster, more cost effective solution SUPPLY DEMAND Of Qualified great ideas For Qualified great ideas Incentives A great Plan Nominated ideas Clear Vision Inner Circle Partners Movation workshop Program Global market Business Angels Movation Scorecard Process Great team VC’s Brand Building Innovative companies Action plan ready Clients gets competent capital Virkemiddelapparatet Highly satisfied clients succeed and return 11 Oct2011 Josef Nolltirsdag 4. oktober 11
  11. 11. For all members The Innovation Stock exchange Community Expert activities voting Ideas Business from value “everyone” commu expert community Ideas Expert evaluation value nity voting incentive votingtirsdag 4. oktober 11
  12. 12. Impact of Movation IAP IAP Entrepreneurs • raise EUR 1 million average Amount Raised • > 33% succeed in goal • 6 months to close deal • pursue best opportunities Average Tech Entrepreneurs • raise < EUR 0,5 million average & • 5% succeed in goal • 1 year to close deal % Success • face lost opportunities Time & Costs to Funding “I believe there’s more innovation ahead of us than behind us” Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO, 13 Oct2011 Josef Nolltirsdag 4. oktober 11
  13. 13. Truls Berg, Oslo – CEO Serieal Entrepreneurs with 10+ start ups behind him. Truls was the founder of Component Software Nordic in 1997 a company which became the leading BI center in Scandinavia and was listed in 2002. Truls has since his exit in CSN used his irresistible engagement in a variety of start-ups. Over the last 5 years his engagement has mainly with open innovation and new methods of founder assitance in a modern network economy. Josef Noll, Oslo - CTO Josef is Chief Technologist in Movation, and professor at the University of Oslo and UNIK. He is co-founder and steering board member of the Center for Wireless Innovation Norway, Mobile Monday Norway, FemtoForum Norway, and supports collaborative innovation amongst entrepreneurs, industry, academia, and association. He is contact to the EUs Joint Undertaking Artemis, standardisation in ETSI, and EU technology platform Net!Works. He was previously group leader/senior advisor at Telenor R&I for the development UMTS. Prior to that he was project manager and researcher at the European Space Agency, ESA: Johan Birger Nymo, Oslo – COO/CFO Birger has worked professionally with nearly every facet of telco related development since 1984. He has operationalized and partly developed a couple of the most successful Norwegian web services, during his time in Telenor. Birger has been responsible for the heavy operation of complex internet solutions in the Telco industry like Telemedicin etc.. Erik Aaberg, Oslo – CIO Erik originally has a technical background, particularly within search technology, multi media and internet topology. He was immediately caught by the net in the early 90s - and have stayed there since then. He has worked with internet startups like Schibsted Nett, he was a co-founder of Basefarm (advanced server hosting) and he was the founder of Retriever (the leading media monitoring company in Scandinavia). His last assignment was with Schibsted ASA (no. 1 media group in Norway) - focusing on digital media strategies.tirsdag 4. oktober 11
  14. 14. NorBAN A national focal point for the best private investors in Norway. The NorBAN members have joined forces to become the leading information bank for good investments It is all about increased professionalism for knowledge-based investments of Business Angles, providing the best for upcoming entrepreneurs, our members and Norway as a knowledge society Fast, smart and trustworthy from ideas to values! 18 Oct2011 Josef Nolltirsdag 4. oktober 11