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FAQs - 360 Degree Feedback Survey


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Frequently Asked Questions -360 feedback survey on Next Platform

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FAQs - 360 Degree Feedback Survey

  1. 1. Frequently Asked Questions – 360 degree Feedback Survey About 360 Surveys 1. What is 360-degree feedback Survey? 360-degree feedback survey is a process through which employees receive feedback from manycolleagueswhoworkcloselywiththem.These colleagues will include Line Managers, peersfromotherteams& departmentsandteammembersandotherjuniors.The processis conductedusing a standard questionnaire and feedback collected is presented back to the employee in a structured report. 2. Whyshould an employee participate ina 360 degree feedbackprocess? By helpingleadersgetcomprehensive feedbackfrommanycolleaguesontheir behaviour as perceived by others, 360 feedback surveys help leaders start new development journeys. Betterself-awarenesshelpsleadersbecome more effective in their current roles as well as prepare better for future growth and opportunities. About nomination of Respondents 1. How will this process work? 1. The process will start with each participant nominating a few colleagues to provide feedback.The nominationswouldbe providedusingthe nomination form which will be provided by HR. 2. Once all the nominations are received, an automated email is sent to all nominated employeesfromthe online360 surveyplatformwiththe linktothe online survey which they can complete to provide feedback to their colleagues. 3. Upon closure of the Survey process, a report is generated and shared with each participant compiling the feedback from all the respondents. 2. Whom should I nominate as respondents for my feedback Survey? You shouldnominate asrespondentsto your survey colleagues who work directly with you and have close personal experience of working and communicating with you. Please avoid nominating colleagues who have joined the organization in the last 3 months. Respondents should be nominated at these three relationship levels: a. Your directManager & other seniors who work closely with you (matrix managers etc.) b. Colleagues from other teams or functions who work closely with you c. Your direct reports or other junior team members you work closely with 3. How many respondents should I nominate? Kindlynominate between4to6 peersandat least3 team members in addition to your Line Manager.
  2. 2. About Accessing the Survey online 1. How do I access the survey? You will receive an email with the link, user id and password. You can access the survey directly and provide your feedback by clicking on the direct link or use the user id and password to access the Survey from your account if you wish to give feedback later on. 2. How much time it will take to complete the survey? It would take you 5-10 minutes to complete feedback survey for one participant. 3. Can I take a break while completing a Survey? Please complete the Survey in one sitting only. It will take only 5-10 minutes. Also, if you leave the surveyscreenidle for more than 15 minutes, the survey page will expire and you will lose your existing responses. 4. Will the participant or anyone else know about what feedback or score have I given? No.The surveyisanonymous.Yourfeedbackwill notbe revealed to anyone not even to the participant. The participant or the management will get a consolidated report without revealing individual respondent’s feedback. About the Survey Report 1. Who will get the Survey Report? An individual Reportwill be sharedwith eachparticipantsome daysafterthe Surveyprocess is completed. This Report is also shared with a senior HR contact in the organization. 2. Will I be able to know which colleague has given me what feedback? No.The feedbackprocessisanonymous. The Reportgeneratedis aconsolidatedreport with onlyaggregatedaverage scoresandno one will be able toknow what score or feedback any specific individual has given to any participant. 3. Who will have access to my Report? Apart from you, your Report will also be shared with the nominated HR contact for your organization – usually a senior member of the HR team. Taking the Survey 1. I want to reset the survey. Can it be done again? No, the survey cannot be done again. 2. Can the completiondate be postponed, in case all the respondents have not submitted the survey? Yes the completion date can be extended by the admin
  3. 3. 3. Do I need to fill the self survey? Yes,you needtofill the self survey.The gapanalysiscanhappenonly when the self survey is filled out 4. I am no able to download the report of one candidate whereas I can download the report of all the other candidates Please check whether this candidate has filled the self survey. The report cannot be downloaded if self survey is not filled up 5. I would like to have an excel sheet with the details of the progress of a project The dashboardwithall the detailsof each candidate along with the respondents data needs to be made manually. It can be customized and sent to you whenever you need the same. However this is part of the customization process. 6. The respondentfor two candidates is the same. As an admin, do I need to fill this particular respondent data twice? Yes, the respondents for both the candidates need to be updated each time. 7. There are 3 projects running for us at the same time. Can I see the analytics of all the projects together? No, we consider each project as a completely different survey. Hence the analytics of each project must be seen separately 8. Does the survey save the data already entered in case of an interruption or a disruption? No,the surveydoesn’tsave the dataalreadyenteredincase of an interruptionor disruption. 9. Are remindersto fill up the survey automatically sentto the feedbackproviders? Yes,the reminderstofill upthe surveyare sentto feedbackproviders.