Fibre applications in cars and road vehicles


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Fibre applications in cars and road vehicles

  1. 1. Use of textiles in Cars
  2. 2. Application areas Main performanceprerequisitesFibres / Products usedUPHOLSTERY Abrasion & UV resistance,attractive design & texturePolyester, wool, nylon,acrylicTYRE CORDS &FABRICSTensile strength, adhesion torubber, fatigue resistancePolyester, Nylon, HTrayon, steel & aramidCOMPOSITE Stiffness, strength, lightweight, energy absorbing, thermal stabilityGlass, carbon, aramid,HT polyester &polyethyleneRUBBER REINFORCEMENT(hoses,belts, airsprings)Heat resistance, tensilestrength, dimensional stability,adhesion to rubber, chemicalresistanceHT polyester, aramidSEAT BELTS Tensile strength, abrasion andUV resistanceHT polyesterAIRBAGS Ability to withstand high temperatureinflation gases, durability to storage incompacted state over many YearsNylon - 6,6, nylon - 4,6CARPETS Light fastness, mouldability Nylon, polyester,polypropyleneTable NO.1
  3. 3. AIR - BAGS
  4. 4. Convertible Cars with fabric-hood
  5. 5. CONCLUSION Textile materials are used in automobiles for interior trimand for ensuring comfort (e.g. seat covers, carpets, roof liners,and door liners) as well as for reinforcement (e.g. tyre) andfilters. Textiles also offer weight reduction which in turn resultsin fuel economy.
  6. 6. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Concept Paper on Automotive Textiles,