Massachusetts Rapid Response Set-Aside Program


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Presentation by Massachusetts on their set-aside program under Rapid Response. This allows Massachusetts to bridge the gap between the point of the layoff event and receipt of a National Emergency Grant from ETA.

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Massachusetts Rapid Response Set-Aside Program

  1. 1. Deval L. Patrick, GovernorTimothy P. Murray, LieutenantGovernorJoanne F. Goldstein, SecretaryGeorge Moriarty, Director
  2. 2. Department of Career Services Rapid Response Set Aside Funding 2
  3. 3. Workforce Investment Act 1998(665.340 WIA Sec.134(a)(2)(A)(II))• Allows Rapid Response 25% funds to be utilized for additional assistance to local area’s experiencing events that substantially increase the number of unemployed individuals• Direct services to participants (such as, intensive and training services) if there are not adequate local funds available 3
  4. 4. Massachusetts Rapid Response 25% Set-Aside ProcessAdditional Assistance Funds are made available for Local Area’s 4
  5. 5. Utilization of Set-Aside Funds • Funds for a layoff or layoffs that would be to small to apply for a National Emergency Grant (NEG) • For use as a bridge while waiting for NEG funds to arrive • Assistance with Trade related companies • Layoff Aversion 5
  6. 6. Proposal Process • Rapid Response Regional Coordinator meets with Local Area representatives to discuss needs • Rapid Response identifies potential (set- aside) company layoffs and discussion is held with Local Area representatives . • Proposal is developed in coordination with the RR Coordinator , Local Area representatives • Proposal is sent to the set-aside committee for review and decision on grant approval 6
  7. 7. Proposal Process (cont’d)• All proposals must meet the criteria outlined in the MA set-aside policy (current policy WIA communication No.11-XX)• The chair person sets up a meeting with the set- aside review committee• The committee reviews each proposal and decides whether to approve or deny funding• Most proposals are incrementally funded 7
  8. 8. Quick Turnaround Funding• Once a proposal is approved the field is notified immediately• In addition, the goal of the set aside process is that funding is issued within a two week time frame. 8
  9. 9. Set Aside Committee• Rapid Response Manager• Finance/Monitoring Staff information• Workforce Training Fund• NEG Staff assistance• Trade Staff assistance• Local area’s may have representation 9
  10. 10. Grant Tracking• All programmatic grant information is captured on the Massachusetts One-Stop Employment system (MOSES)• All fiscal information is tracked separately through the finance department (FSR’s) 10
  11. 11. Field Responsibilities• Outlined on award letter/statement of work• Enter services in MOSES system• A Fiscal Spending Report (FSR) needs to be updated on the 20th of each month on each set aside award• Local Area’s need to set up separate set aside grant participant grant tracking in MOSES 11
  12. 12. Contact InformationKen MessinaRapid Response ManagerDepartment of Career Services19-Staniford Street 1st FloorBoston, Ma. 12