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Get Social - Region 1 YouthBuild Grantees


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A session on the use of social media platforms with the Region 1 YouthBuild grantees. Who is using social media and who is not? If not, why not?

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Get Social - Region 1 YouthBuild Grantees

  1. 1. Get Social…… because your participants already are.#ETARegion1
  2. 2. Social Media DemographicsUsage By Age Cohort0102030405060708090100Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest Tumblr18-2930-4950-6465+Pew ResearchNovember 2012
  3. 3. How old is your network?• Since 2010:o The average ageof Facebookusers hasincreased by 2years.o The average ageof Twitter usershas decreasedby 2 years.
  4. 4. 051015202530Twitter Pinterest Instagram TumblrWhite (NH)Black (NH)HispanicSocial Media DemographicsUsage By Race / EthnicityPew ResearchNovember 2012
  5. 5. Location, location, location…01020304050607080Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest TumblrUrbanSuburbanRuralSocial Media Usage by Geographic AreaPew ResearchNovember 2012
  6. 6. ConnectedA quick survey of YouthBuild’s social mediapresence in ETA Region 1#ETARegion1
  7. 7. So, this happened…1319ETA Region 1 YouthBuild Social Media PresenceOn Social MediaNot Connected
  8. 8. Choose your weapons…133211Social Media Usage ETA Region 1 YouthBuildFacebookTwitterFlickrTumblrYouTube
  9. 9. Facebook• Long Island(@youthbuildli)• Newark(@YBNewark)• New Bedford(@youthbuildnb)• Long Island• East Harlem• Springfield• Providence• Boston• Just-A-Start• Schenectady• New Beford• Lawrence• Biddeford• Newark• Camden (Maybe?)• Virgin IslandsTwitter
  10. 10. Social MediaLiteracyWhy you need to care and why it mattersfor your participants.#ETARegion1
  11. 11. What happens in Vegas…• At least 77% of employers Google job applicants• 37 % report using social media to screen applicants• Social Media Literacy for Youth / Job Seekerso Online behavior and your identity matter more than ever before.o Results of a recent survey for the college Class of 2013• 60% are not concerned with their online profiles• 35% have posted comments with profanity• 30% have posted comments or pictures about alcohol• 7% have posted about illegal activity… stays on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Vine, etc.
  12. 12. The real questions…• Why aren’t you using social media?• Are the barriers bureaucratic (real) or theoretical?o If bureaucratic, what are you doing about it?o If theoretical, how can we help?• If you are using it, do you have a social mediaplan?
  13. 13. Your Questions?• Comments also welcome.• Snide remarks must be submitted in writing.
  14. 14. PresenterTim ThebergeETA Region 1 –