2012 Rapid Response Roundtable ETA Region 1


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Opening session of the ETA Region 1 State Administrators' meeting in July 2012. This presentation focuses on Rapid Response under the Workforce Investment Act.

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  • Reference the older 1990 community audit grants.
  •  Context/Talking Points  From the guidance re: training of STC participants, “(6) eligible employees may participate, as appropriate, in training (including employer-sponsored training or worker training funded under the Workforce Investment Act of 1998) to enhance job skills if such program has been approved by the State agency;”This is an expansion of the requirement in prior law because it permits the state UC agency to approve STC plans providing for both employer-sponsored training and Workforce Investment Act (WIA) training to improve job skills.  Previously, only employer-sponsored training could be included in an STC plan.  The addition of WIA training should provide more training opportunities to STC participants.  As under previous law, any training must be approved by the state agency. States can only receive a grant if they have conforming legislation (see UIPL 22-12) Funds are available: grant(s) to promote and enroll STC employers +/or improve administration or implement an STC STC grant guidance is forthcoming
  • 2012 Rapid Response Roundtable ETA Region 1

    1. 1. The New ETA Vision for Rapid Response ETA Region 1 - Rapid Response Roundtable - July 2012Presented By:• Timothy Theberge, U.S. DOL – ETA, Region 1• Jeff Ryan, U.S. DOL – ETA, Office of National Response THE NEW ETA VISION FOR RAPID RESPONSE
    2. 2. 2 The When you PROMISE of the need us most, WorkforceInvestment we will be there. System THE NEW ETA VISION FOR RAPID RESPONSE
    3. 3. 3 • To establish a comprehensive, collaborative effort to improveWhy are we the Rapid Response system here? throughout the country by promoting consistent, high quality, timely and innovative responses to economic transition. THE NEW ETA VISION FOR RAPID RESPONSE
    4. 4. Rapid Response: Transition Management THE NEW ETA VISION FOR RAPID RESPONSE
    5. 5. 5 Rapid Response • Required state function under the Workforce What Is Investment Act (WIA); funded by reserving up to Rapid 25% of the state’s WIA Dislocated WorkerResponse? allotment • Provides direct reemployment services and facilitates additional services and resources; carried out by states and local workforce development organizations in partnership with One-Stop Career Centers. • Arranges for the provision of support services such as unemployment insurance, health care, home heating assistance, legal aid, financial advice, and other forms of critical assistance to affected workers and communities THE NEW ETA VISION FOR RAPID RESPONSE
    6. 6. 6 AND…. Fasterengagement = Better Rapid Response is a primary results gateway to the workforce system for both dislocated workers and employers THE NEW ETA VISION FOR RAPID RESPONSE
    7. 7. 7 Legislative AuthorizationFrom the Sec 665.300 WIA Final Rule Regs… (a) Rapid response … “activities necessary to plan and deliver services to enable dislocated workers to transition to new employment as quickly as possible” THE NEW ETA VISION FOR RAPID RESPONSE
    8. 8. “Other” Uses of Rapid Response Funds THE NEW ETA VISION FOR RAPID RESPONSE
    9. 9. The Shrinking Envelope of Innovation The outer most line (red) represents Federal legislation. The next line (blue) represents Federal regulations. The third (green) represents state rules. The last line (orange) represents local rules. The distance between orange and red represents lost opportunities for innovation. Our mission is to get locals and states to maximize the flexibility allowed by law. THE NEW ETA VISION FOR RAPID RESPONSE
    10. 10. 10 • Regional Asset Mapping • Service providers, community TransitionManagement and faith based organizations,(The Economy) educational facilities, foundations [665.320(b)] • Economic Mapping • At-risk employers, growth employers, infrastructure assets and needs, technology transfer (R&D) capabilities [665.320(d)(3)] • Action not Reaction THE NEW ETA VISION FOR RAPID RESPONSE
    11. 11. 11 • State-Based NEG Rapid • Rapid Response funds used Response to assist local areas in“Set-Aside” responding to events that do not otherwise qualify for a NEG • “Gap-Filler” Funds • Covers the gap between layoff and NEG • NEG funds used to replenish set-aside funds • Trade “wrap around” services THE NEW ETA VISION FOR RAPID RESPONSE
    12. 12. 12 • Approach at-risk (and growth) employers with information on Rapid Response andBusiness One-Stop services BEFORE there areVisitation layoffsPrograms • Does not wait for first contact with employer to be in relation to layoffs • Links businesses with financial planning, technology planning, marketing and job training resources (layoff aversion) • TAA for Firms, Commerce, Economic Development • Ongoing effort, not a one-time event • Focus on small to medium sized employers first THE NEW ETA VISION FOR RAPID RESPONSE
    13. 13. 13 • Provides actionable intelligence prior to layoffSkills Gap • Allows local workforce system to Analysis develop and deploy strategic planning efforts ahead of layoffs • Should focus on both at-risk and growth employers and/or sectors • Crosswalk skill sets of workforce to regional economies • REMI, EMSI, TORQ, etc. NOTE: Mention of a particular product does not constitute and endorsement thereof. ETA does not endorse particular products or vendors. THE NEW ETA VISION FOR RAPID RESPONSE
    14. 14. 14 667.262(b)(4) Small “Active participation in local business Business resource centers (incubators) [One-Assistance Stops] to provide technical assistance to Services small and new business to reduce the rate of business failure;” [added] Possible Technical Assistance Areas (HR Related): Resolving Conflict, Assisting Troubled and Difficult Employees, Managing Employee Turnover and Absenteeism, Supervisory Skills Enrichment (Human Resource Seminars) THE NEW ETA VISION FOR RAPID RESPONSE
    15. 15. 15 Incumbent Worker Training*Incumbent • 665.320(d) Assist in devising and overseeing strategies Worker for: Training (1) Layoff aversion, such as prefeasibility studies of avoiding a plant closure through an option for a company or group, including the workers, to purchase the plant or company and continue it in operation; (2) Incumbent worker training, including employer loan programs for employee skill upgrading; and (3) Linkages with economic development activities at the Federal, State and local levels, including Federal Department of Commerce programs and available State and local business retention and recruitment activities.*A waiver is required to use RR H E N E Wpay the direct O N F of R R A P I D worker training. T funds to E T A V I S I costs O incumbent R E S P O N S E
    16. 16. 16 • Full complement of allowable services not completely defined in regulations • Could allow for operation of mobile or Disaster temporary one-stops • Must be coordinated with FEMA and theResponse State EMA • Co-location with these agencies should be a priority • Assist workers in accessing DUA and other benefits and services • Assist employers in reopening • Beware of restriction on “employment generating activities” • Pre-planning activities may also be allowable • Responding to Disasters is a REQUIRED Activity THE NEW ETA VISION FOR RAPID RESPONSE
    17. 17. 17 • GIS to map dislocations, growth employers and available resources • Laptops, cell phones, etc. forTechnology Rapid Response staff • Mobility and connectivity are two key aspects of strong rapid response services THE NEW ETA VISION FOR RAPID RESPONSE
    18. 18. 18 • Comprised of a variety of community membersCommunityTransition • Develops Local Resource GuideTeams • Faith and Community Based Services • Mental Health Services • Other Government Agency Services • Provides non-employment related workshops • Holds community and fundraising events THE NEW ETA VISION FOR RAPID RESPONSE
    19. 19. 19 • Maintain a presence for your organization on Twitter, Facebook and Social other social media sitesNetworking • A great way to reach dislocated workers and employersas a Service • Maintain a presence for yourself on LinkedIn and other similar sites • A great way for people you know to connect to our services when they need them • If your current IT policies don’t allow you access to them, get those policies changed • In case you missed it, the way the world communicates has changed. • Facebook: Fueling revolutions since 2011. THE NEW ETA VISION FOR RAPID RESPONSE
    20. 20. Rapid Response:It’s not just for layoffs anymore. THE NEW ETA VISION FOR RAPID RESPONSE
    21. 21. 21 Rapid Response is PROACTIVE Don’t wait • Preparedfor WARN… • Delivered through a well-developed service infrastructure • Fully integrated Layoff Aversion strategies • Early Intervention • Engaged with the regional economy including: • Labor • Economic Development • Business Community • Local WIBs & One Stops • Education THE NEW ETA VISION FOR RAPID RESPONSE
    22. 22. 22 It is NOT event-driven; it is a pro-active approach to planning for andBend the managing economic transitions. Rapid Response requires: Curve • Ongoing efforts to build relationships with employers and other community stakeholders • Knowledge of labor market trends and economic forecasts • Strategic planning, data gathering and analysis designed to anticipate, prepare for, and manage economic transition • Understanding workforce assets and needs • Convening, facilitating, and brokering connections, networks, and partners • Planning for and responding to layoffs, minimizing their impacts wherever possible THE NEW ETA VISION FOR RAPID RESPONSE
    23. 23. 23 Rapid Response Throughoutthe Business Cycle THE NEW ETA VISION FOR RAPID RESPONSE
    24. 24. An orientation does not RapidResponse make. If it does, you’re doing it wrong. THE NEW ETA VISION FOR RAPID RESPONSE
    25. 25. Rapid ResponseFlow ChartLWIB - Local Workforce Investment BoardNEG - National Emergency GrantOSCC - One-Stop Career CenterTRA - Trade Readjustment ActUI - Unemployment InsuranceWIB – State Workforce Investment Board THE NEW ETA VISION FOR RAPID RESPONSE
    26. 26. Layoff Aversion 2.0 THE NEW ETA VISION FOR RAPID RESPONSE
    27. 27. 27 From TEGL 30-09:Defining • ETA considers a layoff averted Layoff when:Aversion • 1) a worker’s job is saved with an existing employer that is at risk of downsizing or closing; or • 2) a worker at risk of dislocation transitions to a different job with the same employer or a new job with a different employer and experiences no or a minimal spell of unemployment. THE NEW ETA VISION FOR RAPID RESPONSE
    28. 28. 28 1 2 BROADER IDEA: Saving the Company Lessening the Impact or Jobs of Layoffs• Lessening the number of • Fewer people filing for UI employees that the company needs benefits to layoff • Claimants filing for fewer weeks• ESOPs - Employee buyouts • Linking with other companies that• Finding a buyer for the closing are hiring (Company Match) business • OJT programs-linking with growing• Linking with Economic companies Development • Early warning networks• Incumbent worker programs • Effective partnerships• Workshare • (Short-Time Compensation) THE NEW ETA VISION FOR RAPID RESPONSE
    29. 29. 29 • Helps preserve jobs Short-Time • Reduces impact on UI trust fundCompensation (Workshare) • Option to provide training to STC participants • Increases job skills of participants • Grant funds available to promote and enroll employers • Coordinated with Rapid Response and business service teams • Opportunity to leverage Rapid Response funds for layoff aversion • Conforming legislation / policy revision required • Deadline: December 31, 2014 THE NEW ETA VISION FOR RAPID RESPONSE
    30. 30. Rapid Response:Partnering For Success THE NEW ETA VISION FOR RAPID RESPONSE
    31. 31. 31 Rapid • Early intervention servicesResponse & allow dislocated workers theThe Bottom best chance of re-entering Line the workforce with the least amount of time and money lost. • Rapid Response services in Massachusetts saved the MA UI Trust Fund an estimated $6.6m in PY2008 THE NEW ETA VISION FOR RAPID RESPONSE
    32. 32. 32 • Response to company RapidResponse closures and layoffs Initiated • Layoff Aversion / CompanyPrograms Matching • Rapid Response Set-Aside • National Emergency Grants • Trade Adjustment Assistance • For Firms • For Workers THE NEW ETA VISION FOR RAPID RESPONSE
    33. 33. 33 • Private Outplacement • Staffing Firms Building • Economic DevelopmentPartnerships • Business Community • Other State and Local agencies • Community-based Organizations • Faith-based Organizations THE NEW ETA VISION FOR RAPID RESPONSE
    35. 35. 35 If the worst economicThe Time to condition since the Innovate GREAT DEPRESSION Was Yesterday isn’t enough motivation, what’s it going to take? “If you do what you’ve always done, you get what you always got.” – Roger von Oech THE NEW ETA VISION FOR RAPID RESPONSE
    36. 36. 36 Timothy Theberge Boston Regional Office U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training AdministrationThank You! 617-788-0139 theberge.timothy@dol.gov timtheberge@gmail.com @timtheberge (Twitter) THE NEW ETA VISION FOR RAPID RESPONSE