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Fast track to the 9s via the cloud


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Oracle® is phasing out support for earlier JD Edwards ERP versions in 2013, which is increasing the pressure to upgrade to the 9s. Do you have all the information you need to justify your upgrade, protect your assets and complete the transition?
During this on-demand webinar industry experts share best practices on how CIOs and IT staff can:
- Prepare for an upgrade to the 9s that supports your business requirements.
- Speed up implementation, reducing the project timeline.
- Leverage a virtual private cloud model to reduce the impact of the upgrade on internal resources.

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Fast track to the 9s via the cloud

  1. 1. Fast Track to the 9s via the CloudPart of 2012 UpgradeOnline Learning Series
  2. 2. Today’s presenters Velocity Technology Solutions IBM Global Business Services Ward Quarles Doug McNamara director strategic national sales leader alliances / JD Oracle JD Edwards Edwards software practice solutions evangelist2 August 23, 2012 Velocity Proprietary and Confidential
  3. 3. Velocity Technology Solutions Velocity – the ERP in the cloud company – hosts and manages ERP, related applications, and disaster recovery services within its virtual private cloud environment. Aim is to lower operational costs, increasing service levels and improving software performance while reducing the burden on IT staff and enabling deployment flexibility. Our team has exceptional expertise managing enterprise software 24/7. Combined with our proprietary technology and superfast infrastructure, we increase application availability, security, and control. As a result, our customers are better positioned to accelerate enterprise growth and agility, attract and retain customers, and reduce cost, turning their ERP platforms into a strategic asset. Velocity is headquartered in New York City. www.velocity.cc3 August 23, 2012 Velocity Proprietary and Confidential
  4. 4. IBM Global Business Services IBM GBS is the professional services arm of IBM providing management consulting, systems integration and application management services. GBS is the worlds largest IT consultancy service firm. Within GBS resides IBM’s Oracle® and IBM Global Business Services is JD Edwards global consulting practices. committed to your success IBM is committed to a “Right Results-Oriented through our expertise in building Approach” to every project. Our approach is driven innovative solutions, our by a commitment to delivering measurable benefits capabilities for unlocking value and results with speed and mitigated risk. in business performance, and our JD Edwards customers need the commitment of a approach to agreements that hold business partner that has “been there and done it” many times and knows how to leverage the us accountable for tangible experience to continually increase success rates, business results. reduce costs and manage risks. For over 25 years IBM has brought this wealth of experience to JDE customers. Our practice approaches every customer project with the individual attention it deserves, completing each phase efficiently in a cost effective manner. IBM is headquartered in Armonk, NY.4 August 23, 2012 Velocity Proprietary and Confidential
  5. 5. Objectives of today’s session 1. Recommend best practices for upgrading to the 9s 2. Identifying tactics to accelerate time to value for upgrades, decrease business risk, and reduce capital expenditures 3. Leverage a virtual private cloud model to reduce the impact of the upgrade on internal resources 4. Introduce IBM - Velocity Rapid Upgrade in the Cloud 5. Q&A: where are you in the process?5 August 23, 2012 Velocity Proprietary and Confidential
  6. 6. Why we’re here today: ORACLE SUPPORT TIMELINES6 August 23, 2012 Velocity Proprietary and Confidential
  7. 7. Oracle JD Edwards key support dates JD Edwards Release Premier Support Ends Date Eligible for Extended Support E1 Xe / 8.0 12/31/13 No 8.90 09/31/08 No 8.10 06/31/09 No 8.11 / SP1 12/31/09 12/31/12 8.12 04/31/11 04/31/14 9.0 09/31/13 09/31/16 9.0 Update 2 09/31/15 09/31/18 9.1 03/31/17 03/31/20 World A7.3 12/31/13 No A8.1 12/31/13 No A9.1 04/31/2012 04/31/15 A9.2 04/31/14 04/31/17 A9.2 Update 1 05/31/15 05/31/18 A9.3 03/31/17 03/31/20 Note: Always consult current policies at August 23, 2012 Velocity Proprietary and Confidential
  8. 8. JD Edwards “keeps on rolling” to meet future demands Oracle JD Edwards planned product roadmap 3 1 9.1 April 20128 August 23, 2012 Velocity Proprietary and Confidential
  9. 9. Your team must roll with upgrade cycles, too • Do we have the JD Edwards skills in house • How do we justify the cost of an upgrade? to accomplish an upgrade? • How do we sell the internal stakeholders • How will we balance upgrade demands (business, CIO, CFO) on the upgrade? with production systems management? • How can we spread out the costs? • How many resources will this project require? Infra- Staffing Financial Change Upgrade structure • Will our infrastructure support an • How will this upgrade impact our current upgrade and new production business processes? environment? • Are all key stakeholders supportive of this • Will our system perform and scale to project? support the business? • How do we keep the project on time and • Is the infrastructure flexible enough to on budget? accommodate future changes?9 August 23, 2012 Velocity Proprietary and Confidential
  10. 10. Go it alone or with an experienced team? It’s up to you! “Whether you think that you can, or that you cant, you are usually right." Henry Ford10 August 23, 2012 Velocity Proprietary and Confidential
  11. 11. Determining the optimal upgrade starting point Client requirements IBM upgrade alternatives - Keep your application suite current with the Technical upgrade latest Oracle application functionality Pros: faster entry model, reduced business - Migrate to a new infrastructure disruption - Retire legacy modifications Cons: Do not address older business processes - Redesign business processes Functional upgrade - Adopt new functionality Pros: improved solutions introduced - Replace, minimize and migrate Cons: new modules & processes increase customizations training time - Optimize on best practices - Implement both new functionality & modules Transformational upgrade - Replace, minimize and migrate “complex” Pros: can drive needed business change customizations Cons: will extend upgrade project scope - Implement organizational change11 August 23, 2012 Velocity Proprietary and Confidential
  12. 12. Factors that drive an upgrade Project Time & Cost Degree of Customization Minimal Moderate Heavy Number of Interfaces <10 20–30 >40 Number of Mgmt Reports <15 20–30 >60 Number of Countries 1 Many Reengineering Less None Selective Significant More Time $ Time Client Participation $ 60% 30% $$$ Speed of Issue Resolution Fast Slow Data Cleansing 1 TB 2 TB 5 TB Training Requirements Limited Extensive Cloud or On-Premise Limited Effort Extensive Effort12 August 23, 2012 Velocity Proprietary and Confidential
  13. 13. The 100 Day Technical Upgrade for JD Edwards defined by OracleA technical upgrade of JD Edwards is largely scoped by the number of legacy customizations andintegrations that require forward fit and testing for each JD Edwards [data] instance… push process In order to limit scope limit adoption of new improvements/redefi functionalities other limit integrations that to a technical upgrade, nition initiatives to than what is delivered can be addressed in a Oracle recommends Phase II, other than by the 9.1 Phase II project. that companies: the quick wins that enhancements and, come with 9.1 “Business applications need to be upgraded over time to let users take advantage of features in the newer versions or releases. However, businesses need to find the right balance between the speed of innovation of their vendors and their own needs ... This will lead to more, but smaller, projects enabling the ideal of continuous innovation.” Gartner13 August 23, 2012 Velocity Proprietary and Confidential
  14. 14. 100 days ”more or less” the planning phase guides the way Planning Phase Technical Upgrade Phase Tools and Assets14 August 23, 2012 Velocity Proprietary and Confidential
  15. 15. Technical upgrade with IBM, incl. the planning phase Pre-planning phase: detailed work plan outlining a lite technical the approach, resources, Technical upgrade assessment timeline and costs Typical modules include: general ledger, purchasing, Interviews with key 2 - 5 week onsite planning human resources, order functional and technical engagement management, material users resource planning, manufacturing, … IBM will execute the identify a clear set of analysis of your custom necessary technical upgrade business objectives objects and RICE activities to move from the current to future state15 August 23, 2012 Velocity Proprietary and Confidential
  16. 16. Availability, security, and control: CLOUD BASED UPGRADES16 August 23, 2012 Velocity Proprietary and Confidential
  17. 17. Leveraging the benefits of the cloud to accelerate upgrades General cloud benefits: provisioning • Easy to deploy elasticity • Faster to deploy • Pay only for what you use • Less in-house IT staff/costs • Monthly payments Pay-as-you-go • Offers the latest functionality • Encourages more standardization of IT • Sharing systems and information simpler • It’s the way of the future APIs Source: IDC17 August 23, 2012 Velocity Proprietary and Confidential
  18. 18. How cloud translates into faster, less risky upgrades Infra- Staffing Financial Change Upgrade structure • Your team doesn’t have to balance • Infrastructure costs are spread out management of both the upgrade over time. Minimizes the hit on and production environments capex • Upgrade environment is managed for you by a team who has done hundreds of upgrades Greater cost Faster time to Business agility control market • Infrastructure is provisioned more quickly – days versus months Increased Reduced business Higher service • Infrastructure adds are incremental, productivity not major change events risk levels • Move to production is faster18 August 23, 2012 Velocity Proprietary and Confidential
  19. 19. Cloud computing means more flexibility for you Computing infrastructure, applications, business processes, and personal collaboration delivered to you as a service Wherever and whenever access19 August 23, 2012 Velocity Proprietary and Confidential
  20. 20. IBM-Velocity: Rapid Upgrade in the Cloud Try Before Upgrade Environment You Buy IBM Software Sandbox Business Process and Configuration Expertise Production Environment Velocity Virtual Private Cloud for JD Edwards• Accelerates time to value for JD Edwards upgrades Managed Application• Decreases risks, delivering an optimized deployment for Services from Velocity JD Edwards workloads• Reduces costs and minimizes the impact on in-house resources
  21. 21. Benefits of selecting an experienced team Business agility Greater cost control Faster time to Rapid market Upgrade in the Cloud Increased workforce productivity Reduced business risk21 August 23, 2012 Velocity Proprietary and Confidential
  22. 22. Grab a quality partner and enjoy the adventure to the top For more information email us at or call us on 866.638.2779. Thanks for attending!22 August 23, 2012 Velocity Proprietary and Confidential