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Information Technology Strategic Plan for UK HealthCare, an Academic Medical Center in Lexington, KY. By Tim Tarnowski & UK HealthCare IT Team

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UK HealthCare IT Strategic Plan

  1. 1. Information Technology Strategic Plan 2012 An enterprisewide initiative to solidify the future
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  3. 3. What’s InsideINTRODUCTION2 Executive Vice President for Health Affairs 28 Marketing3 Information Technology 29 Markey Cancer Center4 Executive Summary 30 Neuroscience 31 NursingSERVICE STRATEGIES AND INITIATIVES 32 Obstetrics6 Ambulatory Services 33 Perioperative Services7 Behavioral Health 34 Pharmacy 8 Cardiology 35 Radiation Medicine 9 Chief Medical Information Officer 36 Radiology10 Clinical Network 37 Revenue Cycle11 Clinical Performance 37 Strategic Planning12 College of Medicine 39 Supply Chain13 Compliance 40 Surgery14 Critical Care 41 Trauma15 Development 16 Emergency Department 42 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEES17 External Affairs 43 KEY ATTRIBUTES OF A WORLD-CLASS IT ORGANIZATION18 Facilities 44 OUR PASSPORT TO IMPROVEMENT19 Finance Hospital 20 Finance Planning 21 Good Samaritan Hospital22 Graduate Medical Education 23 Internal Medicine24 Kentucky Children’s Hospital25 Kentucky Medical Services Foundation26 Laboratory27 Legal Counsel UK HealthCare 1
  4. 4. Introduction The Commonwealth can count on us to meet health care needs – today and tomorrow UK HealthCare, the clinical enterprise of the University of Kentucky, is committed to supporting the university’s vision to become a Top 20 public research university. Our drive to excel at quality, safety, efficiency and service, as well as UK HealthCare’s growing reputation for clinical and research excellence, are becoming increasingly dependent on high-quality data, information and knowledge. UK HealthCare physician faculty and dedicated staff lead the advanced specialty care in the region and recognize the critical role information technology (IT) plays in achieving our medical and business strategies. Additionally, IT will be a fundamental organizer in relationship development and making improvements to care delivery. Our dedicated teams of clinicians, operations, finance and IT specialists are in pursuit of a single patient record to be distributed across our health care enterprise. Eventually, this Michael Karpf, MD record will be shared with providers across the Commonwealth and beyond to ensure they have current information while caring for members of our community. This single record will contain valuable data which can be used as a strategic asset to improve UK HealthCare. Over“ IT will be a fundamental the last decade, we have made significant investments and have laid the foundation for our ever-increasing data and information needs in this era of health care reform. organizer in This document further expands upon IT strategies summarized in UK HealthCare’s updated strategic plan – Advancing to meet the health care needs of Kentucky and beyond: 2011 – 2015. relationship development and making Michael Karpf, MD improvements Executive Vice President for Health Affairs to care delivery. ” UK HealthCare, University of Kentucky Michael Karpf, MD 2 UK HealthCare
  5. 5. Gaining an edge in an evolving environmentAs UK HealthCare has become increasingly reliant on data and information, we havemade significant progress toward a lofty vision to build a world-class IT function totransform UK HealthCare.In 2009, our IT Governance team developed some major goals, including implementation oftechnology for our new hospital pavilion; integration of a recently acquired community hospital;and achieving “meaningful use,” as defined in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, anddetermining a solution for our ambulatory electronic medical record.To begin, we restructured the IT leadership team. After recruiting nationally, we have establisheda strong team excited about the challenges ahead. This new leadership team worked to recruit Sergio Melgarand build a team with an updated, more contemporary IT skill set. We are currently finalizingthe selection of our remaining team members. Succession planning, development planningand mentoring programs are being established to ensure our team members are positioned forsuccessful careers here at UK HealthCare.Parallel with this transformation, we made significant progress on our goals.. All phases of thenew pavilion at UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital opened on time, and IT systems and services wereexecuted very well. The UK Good Samaritan Hospital activation was equally successful – more than50 systems were activated on a single day without incident or disruption. We have successfullycompleted our attestation period for inpatient meaningful use – stage one. Additionally, to pursuemeaningful use for our ambulatory clinics, a solution for our ambulatory electronic medical recordis currently being implemented. Congratulations to the dedicated teams of clinicians, operations,finance and IT who worked together on these significant accomplishments.Part of our transformation included creation of an “Improvement Journey,” which puts the patientat the center of our work. Page 44 shows the passport each team member has received to provide Tim Tarnowskiclarity in these efforts.Finally, we set out to create strong strategic alignment with our medical and business functions.To that end, we created this plan after interviewing our medical and business leaders. This “Congratulations to our multidisciplinarydocument is a summary of medical and business strategies we gathered during this process and teams on theiridentifies potential items to align with IT solutions. Our IT Governance team will use this input inthe coming years to continue guiding IT as well as establish upcoming priorities and funding for significantour solutions and services.As we work closely with our medical and business functions in the years ahead, we will build accomplishments. ” Sergio Melgar &upon our strong momentum and live our vision. We are excited about the challenges we face and Tim Tarnowskicommitted to keeping the patient at the center of our ambitions.Sergio Melgar Tim TarnowskiChief Financial Officer Chief Information OfficerUK HealthCare, University of Kentucky UK HealthCare, University of Kentucky UK HealthCare 3
  6. 6. Executive summary Investments in information technology (IT) will enable UK HealthCare to improve patient care, enhance communication with providers, adhere to regulations and operate profitably. The overarching goal is to have a single patient record that can be shared across the health care enterprise to improve the quality of care we provide to our patients. Information technology will be a fundamental organizer in relationship development and making improvements to care delivery. Therefore, UK HealthCare has invested heavily in information technology. Accomplishments The main area of investment in IT has included the automation of the inpatient medical record. Currently, UK HealthCare’s electronic health record (EHR) includes computerized physician order entry (CPOE), electronic medication administration and online nursing The entire health care industry is making documentation. Additionally, information major investments in health care IT. The systems have been implemented in the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act majority of UK HealthCare’s clinical areas, included a component that has provided such as surgery, the emergency department, significant emphasis on improving health care laboratories, radiology imaging and pharmacy. IT capabilities. We will continue to leverage IT as a means to improve UK HealthCare. Additionally, major IT investments have been made to support UK HealthCare’s Future strategies growth and system integration strategies. • Upcoming IT efforts in the inpatient Several multiyear IT projects were completed setting will include the expansion of to provide state-of-the-art information electronic physician documentation, the systems in both the new pavilion at optimization of currently installed UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital and at systems and improved analytics UK Good Samaritan Hospital. This will capabilities. These actions will continue ensure that information on patient care to enhance our abilities to better serve provided in these settings will be accessible to patients in the inpatient settings, as well as all health care providers within position us for further system development. UK HealthCare. The electronic integration of patient care data and information is an • Continued investments in health care ongoing strategy being pursued by IT for the ambulatory settings are also UK HealthCare. being pursued. Implementing an electronic medical record in the ambulatory clinics4 UK HealthCare
  7. 7. is a key component to our strategies. These E Y TO DAT investments will ensure accurate and complete patient information from all of our care settings EMR J OURNE is available to providers at any time and from any place.• Following the success of the physician portal, UK HealthCare will pursue development of a secure patient portal. The ability to look up medications, test results, schedules and patient education will be part of this functionality.• UK HealthCare will continue to pursue future meaningful use components, including participation in the Kentucky Health Information Exchange (KHIE).• Major implementations in our registration, admission, scheduling and billing information systems are also being considered in the overall IT investment plan. Updating the automation in these and other administrative functions is part of our overall strategy to continually improve our operational effectiveness and efficiency.• IT will play a critical role in the organization’s plans to develop closer working relationships and collaborations with community hospitals and providers. In order to operate as a more structured system, IT must be leveraged to The complexity of developing an electronic medical record is illustrated. provide information about the patient to all of UK HealthCare has already implemented a majority of the components the patient’s caregivers no matter where a and is now actively pursuing the most complex components such as the provider is located within the system. patient health record, health information exchange and data warehouse. 2008 & earlier 2009-2010 2011-2012 Inpatient EMR/CPOE Document Image Scanning New Patient Care Facility - Inpatient/ICU Surgery Info System Patient Access Center Ambulatory EMR Selection Lab EMR in ED Georgetown Clinic EMR Radiology Inpatient Pharmacy Health Information Exchange Registration Bed Management New Patient Care Facility - OR Scheduling Physician Documentation New Patient Care Facility - Data Center Billing Good Samaritan Hospital Integration Encryption Financial Decision Support New Patient Care Facility - ED Inpatient EMR Meaningful Use Upgrade Acute & Critical Care Lab Specimen Collection Meaningful Use Eligible Clinical Documentation Analytics Hospital Stage 1 Attestation PACS Outpatient Pharmacy Facility Boards HIMS/Medical Records Risk Management Cardiology Central Telemetry eMAR Rx Writer Physician Portal UK HealthCare 5
  8. 8. Ambulatory Services InitiativesAmbulatory Services Strategy What Ambulatory Services is How IT Can Help1. Transition of care (creating an Doing 1. Transition of care (creating an integrated patient experience) 1. Transition of care (creating an integrated patient experience) integrated patient experience) • Single-patient health record2. Space optimization • Inpatient & outpatient integration • Remote clinic access3. Access • Outreach & on-campus integration • Referring physician access4. Ambulatory services standardization • Community-based practices 2. Space optimization integrationInput provided by: • Clinic and building growth • Physician referral communication Jonathan Curtright • Standardization of clinic Marc Randall, MD 2. Space optimization systems • Right-sizing clinics 3. Access • Physical building growth • Practice management system • Consolidation of services around • Patient access patient needs 4. Ambulatory services 3. Access standardization • Patient access center - • Role-based system access “schegistration” • Standardized model clinics • Outreach • Subspecialty growth IT Strategy 4. Ambulatory services standardization uting “Always On” Comp • Management structure asset reorganization Data as a strategic Electronic health record • Creating model clinics eroperability Integration and int of electronic systems d outreach Support growth an tions Unified communica led systems Usability of instal rvice delivery World-class IT se 6 UK HealthCare
  9. 9. Behavioral Health InitiativesBehavioral Health Strategy What Behavioral Health is Doing How IT Can Help1. Clinical documentation 1. Clinical documentation 1. Clinical documentation • Electronic health record •Electronic health record2. Patient units integration • Behavioral health clinical practice3. Best practices • Integrate behavioral health clinical guidelines integration with practice guidelines with Sunrise Sunrise Clinical ManagerInput provided by: Clinical Manager 2. Patient units Darlene Spalding 2. Patient units • Segregation of units • Segregation of units • Methamphetamine Mom program - Emergency room 3. Best practices - Adult • Behavioral health best practices - Adolescence • Methamphetamine Mom program 3. Best practices • Follow behavioral health best practices IT Strategy uting “Always On” Comp asset Data as a strategic record Electronic health eroperability Integration and int of electronic systems d outreach Support growth an tions Unified communica led systems Usability of instal rvice delivery World-class IT se UK HealthCare 7
  10. 10. Cardiology InitiativesCardiology Strategy What Cardiology Is Doing How IT Can Help1. Electrophysiology and 1. Electrophysiology and 1. Electrophysiology & Catheterization Lab Catheterization Lab Catheterization Lab2. Imaging • Provide program description • Program optimization3. Outreach 2. Imaging 2. Imaging4. Inpatient services • Computerized axial tomography • Standardization of imaging 5. Clinic • Magnetic resonance imaging protocols • Echocardiogram 6. Cardiac rehabilitation 3. Outreach • Holter and event monitors • Imaging 7. Cardiovascular research • Vascular • Clinics8. Education • Nuclear • Electronic medical record9. Administration 3. Outreach 4. Inpatient Services • ImagingInput provided by: • Inpatient portal services • Clinics Justin Campbell 5. Clinic • Electronic medical record Rick McClure, MD • Electronic medical record and Susan Smyth, MD, PhD 4. Inpatient services Vincent Sorrell, MD cardiac data integration • Medical records • Core measures 6. Cardiac rehabilitation • Electronic medical record 5. Clinic IT Strategy 7. Cardiovascular research • Electronic medical record uting “Always On” Comp • Clinical database integration • Integration of Medtronic Paceart® asset Data as a strategic system for device clinic record 8. Education Electronic health 6. Cardiac rehabilitation • Physician and staff portals eroperability Integration and int • Teaching database stems • Integration of ScottCare’s of electronic sy d outreach cardiovascular solutions with the 9. Administration Support growth an tions electronic medical record and • Scheduling systems Unified communica Sunrise Clinical Manager led systems Usability of instal rvice delivery 7. Cardiovascular research World-class IT se • Clinical database integration 8. Education • Fellows • Teaching database 9. Administration • Scheduling faculty 8 UK HealthCare
  11. 11. Chief Medical Information Officer InitiativesChief Medical Information What Chief Medical Information How IT Can HelpOfficer Strategy Officer is Doing 1. Optimization of clinical systems1. Optimization of clinical systems 1. Optimization of clinical systems • Optimization and improvement of • Stabilize clinical systems clinical systems2. Centralized data warehouse • Research and implement the 2. Centralized data warehouse3. Outreach and growth “right” systems • Clinical and financial data4. IT recognition • EHR optimization into centralized data warehouseInput provided by: 2. Centralized data warehouse • Support of informatics growth Carol Steltenkamp, MD • Clinical and financial data 3. Outreach and growth into centralized data warehouse • Integration of health record with - Represented as a strategic asset various levels of health - Reliable, accurate, authentic information exchanges always available • Research and education support - Managed for local and outreach model with health care colleges growth • Develop education and training • Reinforce flow of data to environment with reliable and information to knowledge accurate information • Informatics growth • Coordination of care - Provide reliable, accurate information 4. IT recognition IT Strategy - Publish quality information • Facilitate communication of uting “Always On” Comp IT value addition to UK HealthCare asset 3. Outreach and growth Data as a strategic • Health record integration with: record Electronic health - National Health Information Network eroperability Integration and int - Kentucky Health Information Exchange of electronic sy stems - Physician and patient portals d outreach Support growth an • Collaborate with health care colleges tions Unified communica - Create support model for research, led systems Usability of instal education synergies rvice delivery - Develop education, training environment World-class IT se - Engage, train and retain nursing staff • Coordination of care through optimized use of technology 4. IT recognition • Market IT value addition to UK HealthCare • Recognition of IT success, accomplishments, milestones UK HealthCare 9
  12. 12. Clinical Network InitiativesClinical Network Strategy What Clinical Network is Doing How IT Can HelpAffiliate network 1. Affiliate network 1. Affiliate network 1. Outreach clinics network • Outlying community clinics and • Specialty services2. Community division network hospitals: 2. Outreach clinics network - Specialty services3. Network access and reporting • Specialty services - UK medical oversight presence Input provided by: • Outreach connectivity Joe Claypool 2. Outreach Clinics Network 3. Community Division network Karen Riggs • UK physicians providing specialty • Specialty services services at remote sites • Research • Outreach connectivity 4. Network access and reporting 3. Community division network • Referral tracking system • UK physicians providing specialty • Data warehouse services in own community • Kentucky Hospital Association • Research: data sharing and reporting - Translational trials • Access portals - Clinical trials • Telehealth 4. Network access and reporting • Mobile applications • Physician referral tracking • Centralized inpatient and IT Strategy outpatient data warehouse uting “Always On” Comp • Kentucky Hospital Association asset data sharing and reporting Data as a strategic Electronic health record • Clinical data sharing physician eroperability access portal Integration and int of electronic sy stems • Patient access portal d outreach • Guideline, policy, procedure Support growth an tions incorporation Unified communica led systems • Telehealth Usability of instal rvice delivery World-class IT se 10 UK HealthCare
  13. 13. Clinical Performance InitiativesClinical Performance Strategy What Clinical Performance is Doing How IT Can Help1. High-quality care, patient safety 1. High-quality care, patient safety 1. High-quality care, patient safety & service & service & service • Evaluation of quality & patient • Improving process through2. Providing the most efficient care safety technology innovations 3. Standardized care • Use of “swarms” • Hardwire documentation,4. Continuum of care focus • Mortality reviews reporting for core measures, • Power of collaboration – nurse-sensitive indicators,Input provided by: benchmarking and best practices hospital-acquired conditions Paul DePriest, MD • Core measure performance and patient safety indicators Carol Steltenkamp, MD • Infection control • Automation of processes for • Rapid response teams infection control • Nurse-sensitive indicators • Predictive analytics mortality prediction and patient 2. Providing the most efficient care deterioration algorithms • Establishing standard work and adoption of “lean” techniques 2. Providing the most efficient care • Competitive length of stay • “Usability” of electronic • Managing capacity documentation • Adoption of culture for rapid-cycle • Electronic systems for patient changes flow and capacity management IT Strategy uting 3. Standardized care 3. Standardized care “Always On” Comp asset • Using informatic principles and • Data warehousing & data Data as a strategic advanced analytics to improve: stewardship record Electronic health - Operational effectiveness • Analytics eroperability Integration and int - Quality, safety, patient outcomes • Real-time data availability at of electronic sy stems - Research and publication the point of care d outreach Support growth an - Adoption of culture for rapid- tions 4. Continuum of care focus Unified communica cycle changes led systems • Integration of disparate systems Usability of instal • Emphasis on evidence-based • Creation of fully functioning rvice delivery practice World-class IT se electronic health record 4. Continuum of care focus • Boundary focus across platforms of care • Population health UK HealthCare 11
  14. 14. College of Medicine InitiativesCollege of Medicine Strategy What College of Medicine is How IT Can help1. Continuing education central Doing 1. Continuing education central function 1. Continuing education central function function • Facilitate discussions with UK IT2. Enterprise research storage • Increase number of students and College of Pharmacy to identifyInput provided by: attending UK medical school best approach moving forward Fred de Beer, MD • Use distance learning synergies • Establish distance learning and and educational media educational media transmissions transmissions with the university to increase number of students • Collaboration with College of 2. Enterprise research storage Pharmacy on enterprise distance • Establish UK HealthCare storage learning program solution for College of Medicine 2. Enterprise research storage research • Provide appropriate storage mechanism for research IT Strategy uting “Always On” Comp asset Data as a strategic record Electronic health eroperability Integration and int of electronic sy stems d outreach Support growth an tions Unified communica led systems Usability of instal rvice delivery World-class IT se 12 UK HealthCare
  15. 15. Compliance InitiativesCompliance Strategy What Compliance is Doing How IT Can Help1. Privacy & security 1. Privacy & security 1. Privacy & security • Mandatory reporting • Audit reports 2. Research • Media releases • Encryption3. Billing • Encryption • Compliance4. Conflict of interest • Comply-Line (confidential ethics • Data growth and compliance reporting option) • Social mediaInput provided by: • ComplyTrack Suite (enterprise risk Andrew Hill 2. Research management software) Brett Short • Study manager software • Single source data warehouse • Compliance data storage growth 3. Billing and optimization • Accountability • Social media growth • Efficiency - Compliance • Fraud - Documentation (TigerText secure • Billing optimization mobile messaging platform) 4. Conflict of interest 2. Research • Tracking software • Study manager optimization • Conflict of interest optimization 3. Billing • Hospital billing IT Strategy uting • Professional billing “Always On” Comp asset • Optimization Data as a strategic - Eliminate waste record Electronic health - Enforce accountability eroperability Integration and int - Pattern of practice for fraud of electronic sy stems d outreach 4. Conflict of interest Support growth an tions • Code of conduct optimization Unified communica led systems • Gifts and benefits management Usability of instal optimization rvice delivery World-class IT se • Conflict management optimization UK HealthCare 13
  16. 16. Critical Care InitiativesCritical Care Strategy What Critical Care is Doing How IT Can Help1. High-quality care & patient safety 1. High-quality care & patient safety 1. High-quality care & patient safety • Evaluation of quality, patient safety • Improving process through2. Providing most efficient care in the intensive care unit technology innovations3. Data-based decision-making • Mortality predictability • Predictive analytics with mortality4. Improve outcomes • System standardization across the prediction and patient enterprise – one intensive care deterioration algorithmsInput provided by: unit • Electronic medical record Pam Branson standardization across disciplines Kathleen Kopser 2. Providing most efficient care and facilities Scott Morehead, MD • Improving process of care by establishing standard work and 2. Providing most efficient care adoption of “lean” techniques • Usability of electronic • Integration of all devices with documentation new monitors for all intensive • Electronic systems for patient flow care unit beds and capacity management • Competitive length of stay • Device integration of new monitors • Managing capacity 3. Data-based decision-making • Procedural support for ultrasound • Analytic support for real-time order, documentation and central decision-making line accreditation • Real-time data availability at the IT Strategy uting 3. Data-based decision-making point of care “Always On” Comp asset • Using informatics principles and • Integration of evidence into the Data as a strategic advanced analytics to improve electronic medical record decision record Electronic health • Emphasis on evidence-based support eroperability Integration and int practice of electronic sy stems 4. Improve outcomes d outreach 4. Improve outcomes • Dashboard development to assist Support growth an tions • Intensive care unit protocol with protocol support Unified communica led systems development to improve outcomes • Benchmarking using University Usability of instal • Inclusion matrix of service lines HealthSystem Consortium and rvice delivery World-class IT se • Benchmarking against industry other industry standards standards 14 UK HealthCare
  17. 17. Development InitiativesDevelopment Strategy What Development is Doing How IT Can Help1. Enterprise & College of 1. Enterprise & College of Medicine 1. Enterprise & College of Medicine Medicine fundraising activities fundraising activities fundraising activities • Pavilion A and Arts in Healthcare • Pavilion A and Arts in HealthCare2. Fundraising audiences & approaches hosted events • Kentucky Children’s HospitalInput provided by: • Kentucky Children’s Hospital • Research and education Vickie Myers - Facilities programs Brad Smetanko - Programs • Consolidation of corporate • Research and education programs development - Markey Cancer Center • Development systems and - Sanders-Brown Center on Aging analytics - Other centers, departments • State-of-the-art fundraising • Development consolidation and software collaboration • Benchmarking initiatives - Deans • Gift processing database - UK central development office 2. Fundraising audiences & approaches - UK HealthCare • Fundraising approaches 2. Fundraising audiences & approaches • Grateful patients - Secure major gifts IT Strategy • Medical alumni uting “Always On” Comp - Annual phone-a-thon asset Data as a strategic - Secure major planned and record leadership gifts Electronic health eroperability • Employees, faculty & retirees Integration and int of electronic sy stems - Secure major planned and d outreach leadership gifts Support growth an Unified communica tions • Community led systems - Secure major and planned gifts Usability of instal rvice delivery - Conduct targeted appeals World-class IT se and community fundraisers for focus areas • Corporations and foundations - Secure gifts and grants to support focus areas UK HealthCare 15
  18. 18. Emergency Department InitiativesEmergency Department Strategy What Emergency Department How IT Can Help is Doing1. High-quality care & patient safety 1. High-quality care & patient safety 1. High-quality care & patient safety • Electronic medical record2. Providing most efficient care • Evaluation of quality, patient safety standardization across disciplines3. Data-based decision-making in the ED and facilities 4. Improved outcomes • System standardization across the • “Always On” strategies to provide enterprise (One ED) uptime of electronic medical5. Community integration records and enhance patient safety 2. Providing most efficient care • Support innovation of technologyInput provided by: • Improving efficiency, throughput to in advancing patient care Penne Allison allow for growth and expansion of services 2. Providing most efficient care • Competitive door–to–doctor time • Usability of electronic • Managing capacity turnaround documentation time (TAT) • Electronic systems for patient • Reduction of boarders and flow, capacity management appropriate placement of patients • Data reporting for process • Discharge order to discharge improvement instructions • Innovations to promote efficiency 3. Data-based decision-making 3. Data-based decision-making • Using informatics principles and • Analytic support for real-time IT Strategy uting advanced analytics to improve care decision-making “Always On” Comp asset • Emphasis on evidence–based • Real–time data availability and Data as a strategic practice identification for efficiency record Electronic health • Allocation of dedicated resources eroperability 4. Improved outcomes Integration and int in business intelligence of electronic sy stems • Continue to improve patient d outreach satisfaction and HCAHPS 4. Improved outcomes Support growth an tions scores • Benchmarking using University Unified communica led systems • Benchmarking against industry HealthSystem Consortium (UHC) Usability of instal standards and other industry standards rvice delivery World-class IT se • Core measure data for compliance 5. Community integration & improvements • Integration to emergency management system 5. Community integration • Interoperability of outlying • Integration of disparate systems systems for interoperability 16 UK HealthCare
  19. 19. External Affairs InitiativesExternal Affairs Strategy What Affairs External is Doing How IT Can Help1. Central Web function 1. Central Web function 1. Central Web function • Web strategy • Web strategy collaboration2. Access Center • Patient access portals • Patient portals system delivery3. Contracts, vendor relationships 2. Access Center 2. Access Center4. Health care reform • Physician access portal • Physician access portal 5. Portfolio Management Office • Centralized registry solution • Centralized registry optimization • Process consolidation, • Process consolidation and collaboration collaboration6. Employee linkages • Regional extension center • Regional extension center7. Affiliations 3. Contracts, vendor relationships 3. Contracts, vendor relationshipsInput provided by: • Contract optimization • Contract optimization Mark Birdwhistell • Vendor relationship software 4. Health care reform Rob Edwards • Strategic alignment 4. Health care reform - Partner with health plans and • Payor and provider integration affiliates • Accountable care organization • Payor and provider integration and health maintenance of different performance and organization integration outcome models • Birdwhistell pyramid IT Strategy • Accountable care organization 5. Portfolio Management Office uting and health maintenance “Always On” Comp optimization asset organization integration Data as a strategic • Portfolio management Office Electronic health record • Consumerism: Improve outcomes support for EVPHA eroperability and reduce costs Integration and int stems 6. Employee linkages of electronic sy 5. Portfolio Management Office d outreach • UK-HMO Support growth an optimization Unified communica tions • Program director for Executive 7. Affiliations Usability of instal led systems VP for Health Affairs • Physician support rvice delivery World-class IT se 6. Employee linkages • Support UK-HMO growth • Change participant behaviors - UK-HMO - Community partners 7. Affiliations • Norton community physicians • Community physicians UK HealthCare 17
  20. 20. Facilities InitiativesFacilities Strategy What Facilities is Doing 3. Ambulatory Services • Implement Ambulatory Services1. UK Good Samaritan Hospital 1. UK Good Samaritan Hospital tactical facilities plan over one to • Evaluating the facility and2. UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital five years, enhancing services developing a tactical facility plan (pavilions A, HA, H, G, CC) by addressing: to maintain operations within - Clinic realignments, relocations3. Ambulatory Services the facility for an extended period and expansions of time - Ambulatory care support functionsInput provided by: • Upgrading infrastructure - Faculty and staff support space Murray Clark • Upgrading clinical, ancillary - Patient and family amenities and and support spaces support space • Repurpose clinical areas • Specific emphasis is being placed on: How IT Can Help - Operating room suites - Emergency Department 1. UK Good Samaritan Hospital - Endoscopy • Infrastructure, application and software validation or 2. UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital replacement (pavilions A, HA, H, G, CC) • Carry out the master facility plan 2. UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital for Chandler Hospital over a (pavilions A, HA, H, G, CC) IT Strategy multiyear period • Infrastructure, application and “Always On” Comp uting - “Fit up” of additional patient software validation or replacement asset Data as a strategic care and support units in 3. Ambulatory Services record Pavilion A • Infrastructure, application and Electronic health eroperability - Repurpose HA floors for software validation or replacement Integration and int of electronic sy stems Kentucky Children’s Hospital d outreach - Move Markey inpatient units to Support growth an Unified communica tions Pavilion A led systems - Repurpose Markey inpatient Usability of instal rvice delivery units for outpatient care World-class IT se - Repurpose or decommission vacated areas of Pavilion H • Maintain facilities to insure quality patient care and functionality 18 UK HealthCare
  21. 21. Finance Hospital InitiativesFinance Hospital Strategy What Finance Hospital is Doing How IT Can Help1. Hospital accounting 1. Hospital accounting 1. Hospital accounting • System optimization • System optimization2. Long-term capital forecasting • Documentation management • Documentation management3. Capital portfolio management program programInput provided by: 2. Long-term capital forecasting 2. Long-term capital forecasting Byron Gabbard • System platform upgrade • System platform upgrade Jay Sial 3. Capital portfolio management 3. Capital portfolio management • Capital allocation optimization • Capital allocation optimization • Capital request website • Capital request website optimization optimization IT Strategy uting “Always On” Comp asset Data as a strategic record Electronic health eroperability Integration and int of electronic sy stems d outreach Support growth an tions Unified communica led systems Usability of instal rvice delivery World-class IT se UK HealthCare 19
  22. 22. Financial Planning InitiativesFinancial Planning Strategy What Financial Planning is Doing How IT Can Help1. Maintain leading-edge financial 1. Maintain leading edge financial 1. Maintain leading-edge financial systems systems systems • Replace Relative Value Unit (RVU) • Improved performance and 2. Better utilize campus applications • Update program manager reliability • Replace decision support vendor • Disaster recovery (DR)Input provided by: • Replace Enterprise Budgeting • Program manager Teresa Centers Application (EBA) • SharePoint services • Decision support system optimization and/or replacement 2. Better utilize campus applications • Enterprise budgeting application • Systems Applications & Products (EBA) system optimization and/or (SAP) optimization with replacement UK HealthCare • Kronos optimization 2. Better utilize campus applications • Budgeting software replacement • Systems Applications & Products (SAP) integration • Kronos optimization IT Strategy uting “Always On” Comp asset Data as a strategic record Electronic health eroperability Integration and int of electronic sy stems d outreach Support growth an tions Unified communica led systems Usability of instal rvice delivery World-class IT se 20 UK HealthCare
  23. 23. Good Samaritan Hospital InitiativesGood Samaritan Strategy What Good Samaritan is Doing 3. Infrastructure optimization and expansion1. Community hospital system 1. Community hospital system growth • Renovation and utilization of Good growth • Collaboration with community Samaritan space. Examples physicians2. Enterprise service optimization include: • Maximize utilization and drive - Departmental moves3. Infrastructure optimization and appropriate acuity cases to - Workflow improvements expansion Good Samaritan - 7th floor • Promote and develop Good - CafeteriaInput provided by: Samaritan as a high-quality - Emergency department Ann Smith secondary level of care at a - Nursing stations Darlene Spalding contained cost - Physical plant • Promote and develop elective • Develop an enterprise medication surgeries that require an distribution center appropriate inpatient stay • Develop a retail pharmacy • Incorporate the culture of change acceptance at Good Samaritan within the enterprise How IT Can Help 2. Enterprise service optimization 1. Community hospital system growth • Integration and standardization of • Promoting and developing Good best practice across the enterprise Samaritan high-quality secondary IT Strategy • Collaboration and consolidation level of care uting “Always On” Comp of best practices as appropriate in 2. Enterprise service optimization asset Data as a strategic the community hospital • Move and development of record environment Electronic health UK HealthCare enterprise services eroperability • Optimization of specialty services Integration and int • Centralized MRI at Good of electronic sy stems with an appropriate level of Samaritan d outreach care, such as Behavioral Health Support growth an • Centralized laboratory for Unified communica tions and Orthopaedics the enterprise with potential led systems • Centralized magnetic resonance telepathology capabilities Usability of instal rvice delivery imaging at Good Samaritan World-class IT se • Centralized laboratory with critical 3. Infrastructure optimization and testing in the hospital space expansion • Growth and integration of post- • Renovation and utilization of acute care with Select Medical Good Samaritan space Long Term Acute Care and other • Develop an enterprise providers medication distribution center • Develop a retail pharmacy UK HealthCare 21
  24. 24. Graduate Medical Education InitiativesGraduate Medical What Graduate Medical How IT Can HelpEducation Strategy Education is Doing 1. Informatics as a core competency1. Informatics as a core 1. Informatics as a core competency in medical education competency in medical education in medical education • Promote strategies for third- & • Develop tools to promote fourth-year medical students to2. Innovations in medical education utilization of innovations in utilize the electronic medical record3. Supporting a culture of safety medical education in clinical settings4. Improved communication • Accreditation is based on full • Incorporate the education and strategies deployment and utilzation of an utilization of the electronic medical electronic medical record record as a part of ambulatory Input provided by: projectONE 2. Innovations in medical education Susan McDowell, MD • Support of new strategies to 2. Innovations in medical education address changes in resident • Usability of electronic documentation staffing • Evaluate “on call“ house staff • Create new scheduling database opportunities for credentialing • Evaluate optimization of credentialing - Tracking of clinical procedures and perioperative solutions for procedural logs 3. Supporting a culture of safety • Increase utilization and 3. Supporting a culture of safety development of simulation as a • Incorporate the simulation lab as IT Strategy uting methodology to teach team- a part of projectONE “Always On” Comp based care • Engage residents in the clinical asset Data as a strategic • Emphasis on interdisciplinary decision support committee and record Electronic health evidence-based care work to integrate decision support eroperability Integration and int • Focus on reduction of errors into care processes ms of electronic syste and performance improvement • Support procedures to integrate d outreach Support growth an methodologies evidence into practice tions Unified communica • Quality improvement is a part of 4. Improved communication strategies led systems Usability of instal accreditation standards • Evaluate and/or replace BEEP rvice delivery World-class IT se 4. Improved communication system for communication strategies • Include the physician role in the • Address “on call” system with front-line worker strategic efforts house staff database • Full utilization of the hand-over tool for hand off’s in care 22 UK HealthCare