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Cod preso


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Conference Organizing Distribution slides from DrupalCamp New Hampshire 2013

Published in: Technology
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Cod preso

  1. 1. Catch of the Day Fresh COD
  2. 2. Me Matt Goodwin aka ttamniwdoog Twitter: @mattgoodwin
  3. 3. More about Me Attend Manchester DUG Co-organize Keene DUG DrupalCamp NH volunteer (website, tshirts, sponsors, unofficial treasurer)
  4. 4. TMI ttamniwdoog Webmaster Since 1998 Back in 1986, typing in code I read from a magazine into my C64. Father of 4, Husband, fisherman and science & computer nerd
  5. 5. How I use COD Advantage Business Media Publisher of B2B magazines Design Communications Manufacturing Science Conference Division
  6. 6. Why Conferences are important? Human Need for Interaction We love to learn Lack of diversity in the office Conferences are important because they bring smart, like-minded people together.
  7. 7. What is COD? Why it’s a fish, silly! COD == Conference Organizing Distribution
  8. 8. What is a distribution? A collection of modules, theme & configuration that can be downloaded similar to a module. Many distributions available: OpenPublic OpenPublish Drupal Commons Commerce Kickstart https://drupal. org/project/commerce_kickstart
  9. 9. Who is COD right for? Curious Drupallers Entrepreneurs Conference Developers Publishers
  10. 10. How do I start using it? Like many things in the Drupal world, there are many ways to do things: https://drupal. org/documentation/build/cod/download Download it Read the directions http://drupal. org/documentation/build/cod Watch some tutorials
  11. 11. What to expect from COD? COD is an event management system In essence, a conference is an event. But so is a BarCamp or a Webinar. COD can host multiple events for you, not just your annual event.
  12. 12. What are some of its features? Attendee Registration Custom fields for attendees Webforms
  13. 13. Yet even more features... Views Commerce Reporting Event Registration as a product Sponsorships as a product
  14. 14. More on Sponsors Sponsors Sponsorship level is a taxonomy term Sponsorship Products Sponsorship Management Can upload their logo & manage their content
  15. 15. and yet more features... Speakers / User Submitted session proposals Rooms Time Slots
  16. 16. But wait there’s more...on sessions Sessions Session content type can have videos or even link to slides Session Evaluations/Voting Session Statuses (Accepted, Declined)
  17. 17. Bonus Features Automated Agenda (Thank You Views)
  18. 18. How can there still be more features Personalized Schedule for Registrants Registered Users could flag the sessions they are interested in to help determine room size
  19. 19. Finally the last feature Printing badges
  20. 20. Fierce Competition COD competitors
  21. 21. This is an awesome tool. How can I help make it better? Get Involved Answer Questions in IRC Join and Participate in COD Group Submit & Fix Bugs in the issue queue Review & Update documentation
  22. 22. What’s the catch? COD is currently at Alpha2 I find that documentation is a bit scattered and many times outdated Need to get up to speed quick on modules contained in order to use the distro like Views, Rules, Webform, Organic Groups, Commerce
  23. 23. I’m stuck...Now what? IRC #drupal-cod on Freenode Twitter @UseCOD Issue Queue https://drupal. org/project/issues/cod_support g.d.o page