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Dolphins going extinct


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Published in: Lifestyle, Technology, Travel
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Dolphins going extinct

  1. 1. Dolphins are said to being dying, but is it the end of their species?
  2. 2. No Dolphins are not going extinct. "There is no evidence at this time to indicate that such a worldwide, multi-species crash is occurring," Randall Wells, director of the Sarasota Dolphin Research Program said.
  3. 3. The Truth There is no world-wide die out of dolphins Bacterial Infection has been spreading Only certain species of the population have been hit The same species in other areas could be doing fine
  4. 4. Bottlenose Dolphins For example the bottlenose dolphin was hit hard in the Gulf of Mexico year of 2010 before the oil spill in April.
  5. 5. What is Happening “No common infectious disease has been identified in any of the current dolphin stranding events,” said Barclay. These could wipe out families of dolphins effecting the later generations population It is a SERIOUS concern to the dolphin research and conservationist.
  6. 6. Reasoning Possible for thisDilemma abnormal weather toxic algae blooms parasites pollution exposure loss of prey leading to starvation disorientation due to loud noises from ships and oil exploration physical injury
  7. 7. The Ones Affected The Chinese river dolphin
  8. 8. Humans are at fault. “What isnt in doubt is that human impacts on the ocean are hurting dolphins around the world.” Dolphins need the water and most people do not realize what they are polluting the ocean.
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