The dot com_bubble


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The dot com_bubble

  1. 1. The DotCom Bubble in California s1190125 Tsubasa Omori
  2. 2. Outline 1,What’s The DotCom Bubble in California 3,Background 4,Internet Business 5,Global impact 6,Collapse of the IT bubble 7,In Japanese
  3. 3. What’s The DotCom Bubble in California The late 1990s, is an abnormal storm surge of equity investment and investment real demand of Internet-related companies that stood in the center of the United States market. IT venture many called “DotCom company" was established.
  4. 4. Background The late 1990s, the possibility of e-commerce that can handle a large number of interactive direct communication with consumers is a reality. Therefore, many companies have Internet-related investment. Attention was focused on IT companies to provide these services.
  5. 5. Internet Business Business model over the Internet have been created one after another. Business with a focus on the provision of content, business advertising-driven, Internet e-commerce Broadly speaking.
  6. 6. Global Impact Direct investment of IT companies continued to small country Ireland wage costs were lower in the English-speaking world among the European countries. Blow to the Irish economy was not decisive collapse of the bubble. Investment in software is also increasing in India English population is large, I have a positive impact on the Indian economy.
  7. 7. Collapse of the IT bubble IT-related venture many are forced into bankruptcy, IT unemployment in the United States in 2002 amounted to 560 000 people. Google, e-bay and Amazon-dot-com survived in it.
  8. 8. In Japanese IT bubble of Japan will not last long, I fell in March 2000. Net bubble in Japan collapsed net of other lower the value significantly in the same period. But the economy was sluggish by the prolonged recession of the post-bubble Japanese economy. Impact on Japan of the IT bubble collapse with a focus on the United States was extremely limited.
  9. 9. Outline Technology who just graduated from university in the United States came to be gathered a lot of money just to distribute the presentation. Commercial potential was questionable to entrepreneurship statement of intent many. Also suspicious is included for technical feasibility.
  10. 10. Reference http://bls. gov/opub/regional_reports/200908_silicon_valley_high_te ch.htm htm 20Internet/dotcom.html