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How rakuten

  1. 1. How Rakuten is planning torun their entir business inEnglish?s1190125 Tsubasa Omori
  2. 2. Contents1,Rakutens Official Lamguage is English2,Necessity of English in Rakuten3,Influence by Strategy4,Uniqlo Clothing Chain5,Nomura Holdings6,Rakuten has Acquired Foreign Companies7,Score of TOEIC8,Myconclusion
  3. 3. Rakutens official language isEnglishEnglish is official language in Rakuten.If people who cant speak English in 2 years,the people will be fired.Now, cafeteria menus are written in English.
  4. 4. Necessity of English in RakutenRakuten has about 6,000 employee thatinclude 400 none japanese employee.Japanese company has people who can speakEnglish, but the people dont speak English forjapanese people. The people speak English forforeign country people. But Rakuten employeespeak English for Japanese.
  5. 5. Inflluennce by StrategyEmployee of Rakuten have to learn English andhave to speak English by 2 years. So,employee of rakuten have many pressure tolearn English.Many employee of Rakuten receive lesson ofEnglish from Berlitz Japan inc.
  6. 6. Uniqlo Clothing ChainUniqlo Clothing Chain said that officiallanguage will be English in March 2012.However employee of uniqlo need not to speakEnglish in a meeting and exchange e-mail.
  7. 7. Nomura HoldingsEmployee of Nomura Holdings have to speakEnglish, if there are some foreign member butemployee need not to speak English forJapanese employee.However Nomura Holdings has no rule toEnglish.
  8. 8. Rakuten has acquired ForeignCompaniesRakuten has acquired foreign companies, So,there are many foreign employee in Rakuten.Employee of Rakuten have to speak English forforeign employee.Rakuten strategy of English differ to Nomura,Nissan and Uniiqlo.
  9. 9. Score of TOEICEmployee of Rakuten is required 600~750point TOEIC score, because Employee whocant take 600~750 TOEIC score cant speakEnglish.If employee cant get 600~700 TOEIC score,the employee cant get a job in Rakuten and willbe fired.
  10. 10. My conclusionI think employee should speak English forforeign country emloyee, but need not to speakEnglish for japanese. The strategy of Rakutenis forcible strategy. But I think that all employeenees to speak English.