How To Release Your Inner Writing Warrior


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This instructive 30-minute broadcast will bring out the writing warrior you’ve trapped since high school English class. Come on – what business gorilla doesn’t want to be a killer-content creating beast? Listen and set your words free.

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How To Release Your Inner Writing Warrior

  1. 1. Online Writing In 30 Minutes October 12, 2011 “How To Release Your Inner Writing Warrior” Wednesdays - 1:00 pm CST
  2. 2. What to doWrite compelling content.How to do itUse formula one step at a timeWrite. Read. Revise. Replace. Reduce.
  3. 3. The high school and college writing process- Take lecture notes- Read text book- Research at the library- Begin writing – full sentences and full paragraphs
  4. 4. Use formula: Write. Read. Revise. Replace. Reduce.- Researching key words for achievable SEO results- Developing ideas through image searchWRITEWords and phrases - NOT sentences
  5. 5. READ1. Written words and/or phrases. Ask questions: – Who is my reader? – What does my reader want to know? – What four questions can I answer for my reader?2. Using words and phrases write sentence
  6. 6. Look at paragraph lead sentences for variety and“keep them reading” interest. Review for style:StatementExample: I do not buy them expensive toys.QuestionDo you hate spending big bucks on baby toys?ExclamationToy stores terrify me!Command or RequestForget buying those expensive toys. Empty yourkitchen cabinets instead.
  7. 7. During REVISE step, select style by considering:• Whose blog? Your blog, website, email, or other business document belongs to the reader, not the writer!• Why write? The purposes of online writing are to get readers to continue reading, to develop a relationship with the reader and to encourage conversation.• Step by step to action? Move the reader to action.
  8. 8. Replace Being Verbs with Active VerbsAbolish is, am, are, was, were, be, been. Actionverbs divided by business sector: general nouns with specific nounsAvoid pronouns (He, she) and specify withdescription. Paint pictures with nouns.Replace passive voice with active voiceClue to passive voice are words “by” or “with” followthe noun. In active sentence, the subject is doing. Inpassive sentence, the subject is acted upon.
  9. 9. Challenge yourself to reduce content by 50%.Mini-skirt principle“An article should be long enough to cover thesubject and short enough to be interesting!”VarietyMix short sentences (Exclamation – Wow!) with longsentences.Write for scanability• Short words and paragraphs• Turn comma-divided lists into bullets• Use subheads
  10. 10. Ready to learn to write so your customers will buy?Want one FREE instructional rewrite? Schedule ameeting now.Call: 913-406-8636Email: terri@terristurner.comFacebook: