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Food Fight! — MPI Philadelphia


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If there’s one thing we can count on when planning menus, it’s the tastes and trends of attendees are continually evolving. From demands for locally sourced and healthier vegetarian to special meals for food allergic attendees and vegans, gone are the days of planning a banquet menu that you only have to ask, “Chicken, fish or beef?” Gluten-free, allergy-friendly, macrobiotic and sustainable are all on the plate. But how do you meet the needs of all your guests while not breaking the bank?

The session will be one part lecture and one part educational game in which teams participate in a trivia game to test their knowledge and learnings.

Learning Objectives:
• Understand different dietary needs: food allergies, medical conditions, personal preference, religious practices
• The legalities behind meeting the needs
• How to meet these needs while managing costs

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Food Fight! — MPI Philadelphia

  1. 1. FOOD FIGHT!Winning the Battle of Special Meal Requests
  2. 2. @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsMPI PhiladelphiaJune 2, 2014 • Certified event professional, 
 strategic meetings manager & health coach • One of 15 million+ Americans
 with food allergies • Studied at Institute of 
 Integrative Nutrition • Founded Thrive! in 2010 • Not a doctor, nutritionist or lawyer Tracy StuckrathCSEP, CMM, CHC, CFPM
  3. 3. @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsMPI PhiladelphiaJune 2, 2014 Understanding various dietary needs Offering healthy meal options for attendees. Saving money when ordering F&B. Establishing better communication with F&B partners when planning events. Essential Learning Components u v w x
  4. 4. A Food Allergies1 2 Medical Condition 3 Lifestyle Preference 4 Religious Practices
  5. 5. @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsMPI Philadelphia our common ground, ~James Beard “Food is a universal experience.”
  6. 6. “Foodis the only thing you're going to buy that becomes you.”Carlo Petrini
  7. 7. @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsMPI PhiladelphiaJune 2, 2014 7:10Chronic Disease
  8. 8. @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsMPI PhiladelphiaJune 2, 2014 25.8 millionDiabetes
  9. 9. @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsMPI PhiladelphiaJune 2, 2014 35%/17%Obesity
  10. 10. @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsMPI PhiladelphiaJune 2, 2014 15 millionFood Allergy
  11. 11. @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsMPI PhiladelphiaJune 2, 2014 1:133Celiac Disease
  12. 12. @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsMPI PhiladelphiaJune 2, 2014 27 millionVegetarian & Vegan
  13. 13. @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsMPI PhiladelphiaJune 2, 2014 36%Religious
  14. 14. @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsMPI PhiladelphiaJune 2, 2014 1.8 MillionMeetings
  15. 15. @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsMPI PhiladelphiaJune 2, 2014 1.8 MillionMeetings 225 MillionPeople $54.5 BillionFood & Beverage food functions 23,1904,931 eventsday $149.3 million $6,439114 people each
  16. 16. ReceptionSnacks Dinner AM Break PMBreak Banquets Lunch BreakfastF&B staffmeals Green Rooms meals entrée main course salad soup dessert horsd’œuvres cocktails brunch Potluck cooking demos chef stations catering VIP amenities seated
 &served entremet Supper buffet plated seated served Coffee breakteam building
  17. 17. @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsMPI Philadelphia Food Allergy Potentially ! ! ! ! ! Immune System Response LIFE- THREATENING
  18. 18. @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsMPI Philadelphia Food Allergy Potentially ! ! ! ! ! Immune System Response LIFE- THREATENING
  19. 19. 8 150+ 120 90
  20. 20. @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsMPI PhiladelphiaJune 2, 2014 “Chronic disease is a foodborne illness. We ate our way into this mess, and we must eat our way out.” Dr. Mark Hyman
  21. 21. @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsMPI PhiladelphiaJune 2, 2014 • Tobacco Use • Physical Activity • Unhealthy Diet • Use of Alcohol } Chronic Disease 7:10deaths/year
  22. 22. @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsMPI PhiladelphiaJune 2, 2014 @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsMPI Northern California: Menu ImpossibleFebruary 19, 2014 Sugar Addictive, destructive substance 142 pounds Inflammation “Diabesity” A little creates desire for more 57 different names for sugar
  23. 23. @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsMPI Philadelphia Celiac Disease Genetic autoimmune disease 1:133 Malabsorption Avoid Gluten No cure Oatmeal? Wheat | Rye | Barley
  24. 24. @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsMPI Philadelphia
 1:3 Americans Manage blood sugar Low salt, fat & sugar High in fiber What, when & how much Epidemic of 
 21st Century
  25. 25. @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsMPI Philadelphia World’s population lives in countries where being overweight or obesity kills more people than malnutrition 65%
  26. 26. “We are at a time when it 
 is unprecedentedly to be a ! Adam Shprintzen, The Vegetarian Crusade living easy vegetarian.”
  27. 27. @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsMPI PhiladelphiaJune 2, 2014 Vegetarian No Beef Pork Poultry Fish Shellfish
  28. 28. @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsMPI PhiladelphiaJune 2, 2014 Vegan
  29. 29. Paleo• Processed foods • Sugar,candy • Sweetfruit • Grains • Beans • Dairy • SeedOils No
  30. 30. “Foodis an important part of my and the way I Arlene Mathes-Scharf, religion live my life.”
  31. 31. @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsMPI PhiladelphiaJune 2, 2014 Judaism Kosher x Kosher finned fish only Kosher Not with meat Buddhism x x some P P Hinduism x x Restricted/ Avoided ? x Islam Halal x Halal x x Rastafarianism x x no fish 
 over 12” x Seventh Day Adventist x x x ? Sikh in some sects Halal or Kosher
  32. 32. @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsMPI PhiladelphiaJune 2, 2014 Protestants Few Restrictions Roman Catholicism Restricted on certain days Eastern Orthodox Restriction s Restriction s Jainism x x x x x x Mormonism x Baha’i some are vegetarians x
  33. 33. @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsMPI Philadelphia JANUARY Chinese New Year (Confucian/Taoist/Buddhist) ! ! FEBRUARY Ash Wednesday (Christian) Lent (Christian) ! ! APRIL Good Friday (Christian) Easter (Christian) Shavuot (Jewish) Passover (Jewish) ! ! JUNE/JULY Ramadan (Islamic) ! JULY/AUGUST Eid al-Fitr (Islamic) Krishna Janmashtami (Hindu) ! SEPTEMBER/ OCTOBER Sukkot (Jewish) Rosh Hashanah (Jewish) ! ! OCTOBER Navratri (Hindu) Shemini (Jewish) Yom Kippur (Jewish) Simchat Torah (Jewish) Eid al-Adha (Islamic) ! ! NOVEMBER Diwali (Hindu/Buddhist/ Sikhism/Jainism) Thanksgiving ! ! DECEMBER Hanukkah (Jewish) Christmas (Christian)
  34. 34. Seeing, hearing,walking Eatinglearning, interacting with others, breathing Bodily functionsimmune, 
 digestive, bowel, 
 brain, respiratory, cardiovascular systems
  35. 35. Food Allergen Labeling • FALCPA of 2004 • Requirement for all packaged foods • Colorings, flavors and additives
  36. 36. Gluten-free Labeling • Passed • <20 ppm • FDA vs. USDA
  37. 37. Most Common Food Allergens Food Allergies what you need to know Tree nutsPeanuts Fish Shellfish MilkEggs Wheat Soy Millions of people have food allergies that can range from mild to life-threatening. If a guest has an allergic reaction, call 911 and notify management. When a guest informs you that someone in their party has a food allergy, follow the four R's below: Refer the food allergy concern to the department manager, or person in charge. Review the food allergy with the customer and check ingredient labels. Remember to check the preparation procedure for potential cross-contact. Respond to the customer and inform them of your findings. Cooking oils, splatter, and steam from cooking foods. © 2009 The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network Always let the guest make their own informed decision. Sources of Cross-Contact: Any food equipment used for the processing of allergy-free foods must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to use. All utensils (i.e.,spoons, knives, spatulas, tongs), cutting boards, bowls, pots, food pans, sheet pans, preparation surfaces. Allergen-containing foods touching or coming into contact with allergy-free foods (i.e. a nut-containing muffin touching a nut-free muffin). Fryers and grills. Wash hands and change gloves after handling potential food allergens. State & National Laws • ServSafe® Allergen Training • FARE • Food Allergy Awareness Act • Massachusetts, St. Paul, 
 New York • Training, posters, menus
  38. 38. .15! .25! Host would not be able to meet need Embarrassed Asking is impolite Unsure how to tell Perceived lack of empathy to their need Don’t want to be a burden Low Expectations of Products & Services
  39. 39. @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsMPI Philadelphia
 @tstuckrath @thrivemeetings • Contracts • Invitations • Registration Sites • Site Visits • Action Stations • Bars • Green Rooms • Place Cards • Apps Consider MPI Philadelphia

  40. 40. Eggs Milk/Dairy Soy Wheat Shellfish Fish Tree Nuts Peanuts Other _______________
  41. 41. @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsMPI Philadelphia
 Consider • SOPs • Menus • Back of House • Front of House • Set-up • Staffing • Communication • Sundries
  42. 42. % 50Do not return to events Do not attend events
  43. 43. @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsMPI PhiladelphiaJune 2, 2014 $125,000 Missed Revenue? Five-day conference
  44. 44. @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsMPI Philadelphia Once guests feel safe & satisfied with their eating experience, 
 they become a loyal & repeat customers. 80% New Revenue?
  45. 45. • Repeat customers • More referrals  • Increased spending • Professionalism • Improve liking • Gain trust • Fine-tune customer service • Budget Savings • Less Waste Benefits of Good Service
  46. 46. @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsMPI PhiladelphiaJune 2, 2014 Tracy Stuckrath 404-242-0530