Who is GEM, Inc.


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Who is GEM, Inc.

  1. 1. We Design. We Build. We Maintain. Maximizing customer return on facility and process investments through design, build and maintenance contracting and consulting
  2. 2. Design. The GEM Difference GEM has Single Source ResponsibilityWe manage all phases of project pre-construction: o Site consulting o Design coordination/value engineering o Budget/cost analysis o Estimating o Scheduling o Bidding/bid packaging
  3. 3. Design. The GEM Difference GEM has Single Source Responsibility Guaranteed Maximum Pricing. Exceeding On-staff multi-discipline experts. Customer Extensive budget planning in the pre-construction phase. Volume buying power.Expectations Fast-Track Project Completion for Minimum Downtime. through… GEM manages all contractors. Streamlined bid and award process. Management of master construction schedule.
  4. 4. Design. The GEM Difference John Owner/Customer Penn National Gaming Hollywood Casino Toledo, OH Scope of Work 380,500 square feet indoor space and 1.1 million square feet of parking Structural steel erection – 3.2 million pounds of steel All mechanical contracting All electrical contracting including 2 million feet of wire; 1.5 million feet of communications cable Managed 2,000+ craftspeople
  5. 5. Design. The GEM Difference Owner/Customer BASF Corporation Elyria, OH Scope of Work Installation of solid distribution equipment and rigging assembly at Elyria, OH, lithium battery plant Renovation of existing R&D facility for new lab and pilot plant in Beachwood, OH
  6. 6. Build. The GEM Difference GEM has Self-Performance Capability We directly hire, train and employ the most skilled craftspeople from multiple trades: o Electrical o Mechanical o Machinery Installation o Boiler o Steel Fabrication o Structural Steel Erection
  7. 7. Build. The GEM Difference GEM has Self-Performance Capability Exceeding Small company response time with the resources of a large company. Customer Customer processes and facilities are up and Expectations running quickly and safely for the lowest through… overall investment whether it’s a planned shutdown, a new project or an emergency repair.
  8. 8. Build. The GEM Difference Owner/Customer PRO-TEC Leipsic, OH Scope of Work 454,000-square-foot building to house continuous annealing line process
  9. 9. Maintain. The GEM Difference Integrated energy productivity solutions for your business Exceeding Optimizing the efficiency of your facility for reduced lifetime operating Customer costs. Expectations We believe that companies focused on energy through… productivity will gain a competitive advantage in their marketplace.
  10. 10. Maintain. The GEM Difference Integrated energy productivity solutions for your business Our services let you focus on your core business, while reducing HVAC costs by 20% or more and Facility management, budgeting, extending the life of your construction management, scheduled existing equipment. inspections, minor repairs HVAC systems preventive maintenance, installation, repair and retrofit, start-up and commissioning
  11. 11. Maintain. The GEM Difference Integrated energy product and service solutions for facility operations Implementing recommended energy conservation measures lowers your utility bills Energy program and strategy development, assessments, and sets a plan for future benchmarking, measurement & savings – resulting in verification, supply-side procurement increased profitability. and management, demand-side load reduction
  12. 12. Maintain. The GEM Difference Integrated energy productivity solutions for your business Our building control automation expertise improves your facility’s comfort and reduces utility costs. Web- Building control systems design, based systems interface adds retro-commissioning, installation project convenience and time savings management, integration with existing for operations staff who can’t systems for remote trouble shooting and be on-site 24/7. service diagnostics
  13. 13. Maintain. The GEM Difference Integrated energy productivity solutions for your business With ReliaFlex, your business has decreased reliance on the utility grid and lower risk of ReliaFlex® advanced power systems disruption for mission with microtubine technology reduce electricity purchases by 20-60%, critical facilities requiring increase reliability of critical electrical power redundancy, all of systems and help meet energy and which contributes to sustainability goals. Each system is increased profitability. designed for the specific combined heat and power needs of the customer.
  14. 14. Maintain. The GEM Difference Owner/Customer The University of Toledo Toledo, OH ReliaFlex® modular unit built in a significantly shorter timeframe with no costly infrastructure changes or disruptions to adjacent building. Components and benefits: Hybrid UPS Capstone Turbines Free Chilled Water Continued operation during long blackouts
  15. 15. Contact GEM, Inc. today! » gmarketing@rlcos.com (419) 666-6554 www.gemincorporated.com Follow us: GEM Incorporated