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Beyond Branded Entertainment


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Presentation to Filmteractive 2015 (Sept 2015)

Published in: Marketing
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Beyond Branded Entertainment

  1. 1. Make Everyone’s Life An Adventure Robert Pratten CEO @robpratten Transmedia Storytelling: Beyond Branded Entertainment
  2. 2. Online Participatory Experiences Gaming Voting Commenting Sharing Exploring Role-playing Real Places
  3. 3. We see the world as a storytelling canvas
  4. 4. The audience at the centre
  5. 5. Conducttr is an invisible “experience manager”
  6. 6. Conducttr listens for events and responds based on the story and game mechanics created by the experience designer… ... publishing videos; turning on a light; vibrating a bracelet, awarding badges, sending tweets… What is Conducttr?
  7. 7. Shopper’s journey (loop) © Stu Lewin, BTL Brands @BTLBrands
  8. 8. Integrated Marketing Communications • Advertising • Sales Promotion • Events and Experiences • Public Relations and Publicity • Interactive Marketing • Word of Mouth Marketing • Direct Marketing • Personal Selling Opportunity to integrate Transmedia Storytelling
  9. 9.
  10. 10. FNAC: forest. #VivePoniente
  11. 11. +42% increase in positive brand sentiment
  12. 12. Transmedia Storytelling • Taking the audience on an emotional journey • A journey that goes from moment to moment in someone’s life
  13. 13. Consumer segments by expended energy UGC, Co-creation, Live attendance Voting, Sharing, Commenting Watch the TV/web series
  14. 14.
  15. 15. The (minority of) engaged brand fans support everything
  16. 16. Hierarchy of consumer social needs
  18. 18. Blend entertainment & marketing
  19. 19. Opportunities
  20. 20. Transmedia storytelling is a design philosophy to connect with consumers in an authentic, empowering way.
  21. 21. Be remarkable Robert Pratten CEO @robpratten