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U06a2 create a_game

  1. 1. Student 1 Student 7 Student 13 Student 19Student 2 Student 8 Student 14 Student 20Student 3 Student 9 Student 15 Student 21Student 4 Student 10 Student 16 Student 22Student 5 Student 11 Student 17 Student 23 SCORINGStudent 6 Student 12 Student 18 RUBRIC
  2. 2. Check out the Dear America Books section of Scholastic.com. Select The Fences Between Us image to read an excerpt. Do you want to read the rest of the book? Why or why not?
  3. 3. Visit Consumer Reports for Kidsand pick a report of your choice under ANY topic. Tell us whatyou find out by writing a brief summary of the report’s findings. Will this affect your future purchases?
  4. 4. It’s up to you! Choose any article to read (that we haven’tdiscussed in class before) from the National Geographic World Kids Archive. Write a summary to share with the class.
  5. 5. Visit Scholastic.com’s Article Archives! Choose any category you wish and then a related article.Teach the class something new! Write a paragraph to record your findings!
  6. 6. Pick one article of your choice from...and write a summary of it to share in class.
  7. 7. Visit www.whyfiles.org and select an article to read.Write a summary to share with the class trying to teach us something new. (Now that’s going to be hard!)
  8. 8. Visit: Read an online article of your choice.Write an article review. Be sure to include what it was all about. Was this a good article for kids your age? Would it help you with any subject in school?
  9. 9. Visit Nutrition Explorations and read the Featured Recipe.Does this recipe look easy for a kid to make? How does theorganization of this recipe make it easy to follow? Are you going to try it out?
  10. 10. Visit the Time for Kids News Section. Read an article of your choice. Try to teach the classsomething we don’t already know. (Now that’s going to be tough!) Write a paragraph summarizing your findings.
  11. 11. Check out...Read a News Scoop article of your choice. Write a paragraphexplaining why you would or would not recommend this article to a friend.
  12. 12. Hop, jump or skip on over to... Read an article of your choice and enlighten the rest of us!Write a paragraph summarizing the highlights of your article.
  13. 13. Read a Poem from Shel SilversteinBe prepared to read this aloud for the class. Do you likehis poetry? Write a paragraph explaining why or why not.
  14. 14. Read the first chapter fromThe Wonderful Wizard of Oz.What happens? Write a summary ofthe first chapter. You can read the restof the book online, a chapter at a time!
  15. 15. Visit... Read any story of your choice from this website! Write asummary of your selection to share with the class. Would you recommend this book to your friends? Defend your answer.
  16. 16. Read one of Aesop’s Fables.Can you explain the lesson tobe learned? Who would benefitfrom reading this fable?
  17. 17. Read the first chapter from Black Beauty.Write a summary of what you read. Do you wish to continue reading? Why or why not?
  18. 18. Read a chapter from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.Write a summary of how the story begins. You can read the rest online a chapter at a time. Aren’t you dying to find out what happens next?
  19. 19. Go on an adventure with Harold and the Purple Crayon.Keep a log of your travels to share with the class! Give us a quiz at the end to see if we remember everywhere you went!
  20. 20. Visit the Nature’s Web section of the National Wildlife Federation site. Choose two animals and learn how they are connected. Write a summary of your findings for the class. Is it true thateveryone on Earth is separated by everyone else by no more than six degrees of separation?
  21. 21. Visit the National Wildlife Federation’s “Keep the Wild Alive” section.Read the Species Spotlight for the month and take the quiz, too. Write a summary of your findings and convince us to “Keep The Wild Alive!”
  22. 22. Visit this amazing site and click on your favoritesubject. Then find a FEATURE ARTICLE you areinterested in. Read it, write a summary of yourfindings and be ready to give a magical report tothe class. Good luck on your journey!
  23. 23. Included copy of All questions in Answer is easy tochosen piece prompt are read and answered. understand and is very neat.Included copy of Most questions in Answer is easy tochosen piece prompt are read and answered. understand.Included copy of Some questions in Answer is a littlechosen piece prompt are hard to read and answered. understand.Copy of chosen Small part of Answer is hard topiece not included questions in read and/or does prompt are not make sense. answered.