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  1. 1. Morocco Tom Steward Take a tour of Morocco
  2. 2. Where do you want to go Geography People 2 Geography 2 religion Geography 3 Economy people Economy 2 Climate Click here to EXIT
  3. 3. Geography •Total area: 172,414 square miles or 446,550 square kilometers •Located on the NW coast of Africa • consists of 4 natural regions Back
  4. 4. Geography 2 •Mountain ranges riff in the north, middle atlas, upper atlas, and anti atlas. •Rich plains in the west •Well cultivated plateaus •A pre Sahara arid zone Back
  5. 5. Geography 3 •Slightly larger than California •Mostly inhabited by Berber people •Northern Africa country Back
  6. 6. People •King: Muhammad VI / Mohammed VI •France remains the natural trade with Morocco • Education in Morocco is free till age 15, But most girls do not attend school Back
  7. 7. People 2 •Morocco is home to The Muslims people •Arabs brought Islam to Morocco along with religions •Growth rate is 5% every year Back
  8. 8. Religion •Language: Morocco's language is officially Arabic •Illegal to convert from Muslim to another religion •They highly respected the royal family in the 17th century Back
  9. 9. Economy •Capital Rabat •Unemployment stands at 9.9% •Agriculture stands at 25% Back
  10. 10. Economy 2 •Inflation fell from 3.9% to 1% in 2008-2009 •Current external debt stood at 17.3 Billion at the end of 2008 •The trade between the united states and Morocco has increased by 147%
  11. 11. Economy 3 •In 2009 morocco was ranked among the top 30 countries in the off shoring sector •Is the fifth African economy •Was ranked first African country
  12. 12. Climate •Is moderate and subtropical •Average temperature Winter 70 degrees Fahrenheit • average temperature summer 100 degrees Fahrenheit
  13. 13. Bibliography World Almanac 2010
  14. 14. Population •Almost one hundred percent of the people are Muslims •1% are Christians •Population 31,394,044
  15. 15. Sports •Has over 30 golf courses and are appearing at all times •World renowned for its top class surfing •Trekking is very famous in Morocco, when hiking tourists get an excellent opportunity with nature
  16. 16. Morocco's New Year • Celebrated in Casablanca •People visit family and friends •Happens every 354 days
  17. 17. Economy 3 •Agriculture 14% •Industry 33% •Industry 55%
  18. 18. Holidays •Celebrate labor day spelled labour day •Music festival: held in Fez musicians come from around the world •Tan Tan: people perform Guerra dances at this time
  19. 19. Games •The most popular game is Ronda a simple fishing card game made in 1908 •Other popular card games are Solo, and Tres • Morocco is also where they hold the women's Fifa cup
  20. 20. Music •Most popular music is Berber music •Instruments include Flute and Drums •They perform music during cafes, concerts, private homes, ceremonies, marriages, funerals and religious processions
  21. 21. Exports/Imports •Exports fish, vegetables, and fruit • Export / import stands at 9.4% •Imports morocco furniture is mostly furniture and home decors
  22. 22. Food •Beef is the most commonly eaten red meat in morocco •Lamb is preferred but it is more expensive •Poultry is also very common
  23. 23. Food 2 •The importance of seafood is increasing •The most popular beverage is green tea with mint •A common dessert is pastry stuffed with almond paste and sugar known as “gazelle Horns”