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Overview of the Ashwaubenon Information Technology Plan

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  1. 1. Students and staff will utilize information and technology in an ethical and effective manner as creators of ideas in a digital and knowledge-based world
  2. 2. Integrating the Ashwaubenon School District  Information and Technology Literacy Standards with district curricula (targets) and goals Providing diverse learning opportunities for  students and staff to increase information and technology literacy Using 21st Century skills, information and  technology to address real-world issues (problems) via inquiry-based instruction
  3. 3. Information Technology Plan Access to Educator Effective Teaching Support Systems & Information & Proficiency & Learning Leadership Technology Resources
  4. 4. Revise Teacher Information Technology  Competency Checklist Demonstrate progress on individual goals  related to information technology competency checklist Competency Checklists and common units  and assessments that integrate information and technology benchmarks should drive professional development offerings
  5. 5. Revisit the Information Technology Matrix  and identify gaps Create units and assessments around  identified gaps Implement common units and  assessments integrated into the curriculum
  6. 6. Provide a minimum standard of technology  resources for all classrooms ◦ External speakers, projection devices Shift to using Web 2.0 applications instead of  purchasing software Encourage flexibility in lab use where  applicable Expand wireless access 
  7. 7. Communicate mission and vision of the  information technology plan to all stakeholders Communicate teacher expectations to  stakeholders including staff competency expectations and implementation of common curriculum units Revisit TRT job description  Provide professional development for  administrators on the effective uses of Information and Technology in the classroom