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Services Portfolio 2009 Full

  1. 1. Bringing Big IT To Your Home or Business… Services Portfolio 2009 • Hardware & Software Support • Infrastructure Design & Management • Company Branding • IT Staffing & Projects
  2. 2. Toll Free - 1-877-445-1525 Hardware & Software Support Call the Experts The Technology Specialists at PCTech Denver bring BIG IT experience and fundamentals to your home or business with over 25+ combined years of suc- cess supporting well known Fortune 500 companies. Versed in all aspects of current hardware and soft- ware platforms, our company leverages the latest technological tools and resources to get your par- ticular issue or challenge resolved quickly. Great Technical Support Does Not Have to Be Costly You need someone you can trust to fix your issue right the first time and give you a fair price. PCTech Denver has developed service plans to meet these specific needs; VTech. VTech Service Plans cater to your support needs and allow you to have confidence in the support and cost you will expect when the need arises. Each Service Plan offers the ease of having a help desk ID established for you home or business need. We have built in ser- vice level expectations into each plan so that you can expect prompt response and resolution. Additionally, your member- ship in VTech saves you money. Each plan has an established discounted hourly rate that will save you up to 54% on nor- mal costs. Lastly, each membership has assigned Technology Specialists. These assignments allow for a working relationship and knowledge of your equipment and environment; reducing time and cost to fix your issue right the first time. Contact us today to have a customer representative work with you to determine the best VTech Service Plan for your specific needs.
  3. 3. HTTP:// Infrastructure Design & Management Keep Your Business Flowing Whether your business is new and needs design from the ground up or you have an existing infrastructure needing change, PCTech Denver can provide a solution that will keep you or your business focused on its core competencies. We do IT, you shouldn't have to. The Foundation of Today’s World Virtually every aspect of every business in today’s world depends on the ability to access, send and share information electronically. Your ability to do this depends greatly on the stability and quality of your infrastructure. PCTech Denver customers rely on us to make sure their business can do just that and have the confidence that when issues arise, they will be handled in a very timely manner. Our Infrastructure services include: Network Design and Support • Server Builds, Support and Management • Email Setup, Configuration and Support • Server /Workstation Backup, Disaster Recovery Planning and File Sharing • Network and Wireless Security • Routine Preventative Maintenance programs • Call today to have a customer service representative develop a solution for your particu- lar need.
  4. 4. Toll Free - 1-877-445-1525 Company Branding Marketing 101 Businesses new and old must have a marketing strategy to compete in today’s world. The strategy must include an Inter- net Marketing Plan (IMP) and PCTech Denver can provide the foundation for this plan. Stay Competitive in Today’s Market Whether you have a home based business selling product online or have a medical office, most businesses today have a website to market their service offerings and logo to the internet population. The PCTech Denver Staff can work with you directly to develop effec- tive and appealing designs for your IMP. We do not stop there either! Once you are online, we can define and establish a Search Engine Hit Plan (SEHP) to get the most out of your website. Creating an SEHP can maximize hits to your website through the popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo. PCTech Denver’s Company Branding Solution may just be what your business needs to get recognition abroad. Our Company Branding Services consist of: Logo Design and Alterations • Website Design and Hosting Services • Website Maintenance • Email Marketing Campaigns • Website Search Engine Hit Planning • Please contact one of our customer service representatives to assist in developing a solu- tion that fits your business needs.
  5. 5. HTTP:// IT Staffing & Projects Send for the Troops Have a special project or staffing need? Need to hire a techni- cal person for your business but don't know where to turn? PCTech Denver provides technical staffing for projects as well as Temp to Hire. Quality People Equal Quality Results Our recruiting practices set the tone for what PCTech Denver expects to be delivered to our clients; Service Excellence. Our Technology Specialists are screened extensively not only for their technical abilities, but for their customer service and people skills. Rest as- sured, we perform background checks and drug screening to make sure we have the best of the best before hiring for any position. PCTech Denver requires all technical associates to have the A+ Certification as a foundational assurance to our client of their industry ex- perience. Our Project Managers must have notable project references of success and a PMP Certification is a plus. PCTech Denver can be your go to resource for any special project your business may have in the future. Brief descriptions of our services in this area are: Project Staff Augmentation • Project Management • Temp to Hire Staffing • Please contact one of our customer service representatives to assist in developing a solu- tion that fits your business needs.
  6. 6. HTTP:// 1-877-445-1525 PCTech Denver, LLC PO Box 3123 Englewood, CO 80155 E-mail: