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Brochure tss Updated

  1. 1. Technical Solutions for Sustainability Introduction Brochure March 2011 Technology for you and the environment
  2. 2. Technology for you and the environment INTRODUCTION Competitiveness might be defined as the set of factors that determine the level of productivity, and productivity sets the sustainable level of prosperity that can be achieved. Thus, more competitive means able to produce higher levels of income. Technological innovation is one of the 12 pillars of economic competitiveness. Moreover, the gains of the other pillars eventually seem to run into diminishing returns, and in the long term true gains will be achieved only with technological innovation (Porter M. and Scwab A., 2008) For many years mankind competitiveness has focused only in economic development without considering natural resources. But in 1972 the famous report entitled "The limits of growth" has great impact due to its dramatic conclusion that for a closed system like the earth is impossible to experience exponential growth without collapsing. The conceptTSS Solutions for: of sustainable development means extracting resources preserving a rich environment able to supply the required resources without sacrificing future generations (Colombo U., Hydraulic 2001) GIS & Surveying Therefore, in order to take a good decision, is important to analyze all the possible Cloud & Cluster Computing alternatives and analyze its impact in economy, society and environment. Numerical Home & Office models are vital tool for such task, as they allow us to understand and explain natural Our Developments (freeware phenomenas applications developed by TSS) TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS for SUSTAINABILITY Technical Solutions for Sustainability (TSS) is a new engineering services provider focused in applying the advantages provided by computers and new technologies in order to get solutions and improvements for a sustainable development of our society. OUR SERVICES We offer to our clients not only different software and computer tools, but also technical support. We offer the best and most renowned Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software applied to engineering areas such as hydraulic, hydrology, GIS and surveying. Moreover, offer the possibility to combine such software with new technologies in order to maximize benefits. We kindly invite you to take a look at our products and we will be glad to answer any further question you might have, just send us an email to: References cited: Schwab K., PorterM.E., 2008. The Global Competitiveness Report 2008-2009, World Economic Forum, Geneve - Switzerland Colombo U., 2001. The Club of Rome and Sustainable Development. Futures 33 (1), 7-11Technology for you and the environment
  3. 3. HYDRAULICNumerical modeling is a powerfulNumerical modelling is a tool inany engineering in any engineeringpowerful toolfield. Once the model is setup a wide range of model can easily afield. Once the scenarios is set upbeevaluated. Nevertheless, numerical modelswide range of scenarios canmust be be evaluated.easily used carefully without falling intothe black-box concept that may lead toNevertheless, numerical modelserrors. In Technical Solutions formust be used carefully withoutSustainability, we are aware not only of thefalling into the black-box conceptbenefits that might be achieved by the usethat may lead to errors.of numerical models, but also aware of theimportance of all the stages involved in theIn Technical Solutions forsetup of a numerical model in order toSustainability, we are aware notobtain reliable results. Therefore, not only HEC-RASonly of the best and most renowned bewe offer the benefits that mightachieved by the use of numericalhydraulic software, but also technical This model developed by the USACE allows to perform 1D steady flow, unsteady flow,models, all the stages of yourof thesupport in but also aware project. sediment/transport bed computations and water temperature modeling.importance of all the stagesinvolved in the setup of a HEC-HMSnumerical model in order to This modeling system developed by the USACE is designed to simulate the precipitation-Modelingobtain reliable results. Therefore, runoff processes of dendritic watershed systems. It is designed to be applicable in a widenot only we offer the best and range of geographic areas for solving the widest possible range of problems. This includesWe provide technical assistance in all themost renowned hydraulicstages of you modeling task, such as setting large river basin water supply and flood hydrology, and small urban or natural watershedsoftware, but also technicalup, data input, calibration and output in all the stages tools thatanalysis. Moreover, we develop of yourproject. and eases the use of theautomates Mike 11software according to your needs. This model developed by DHI is synonymous with top quality river modeling covering more application areas than any other river modeling package.Courses and Webinars Mike Urban This software developed by DHI is the urban water modeling software of choice when theWe provide different courses of manyhydraulic software. We also organize free important parameters for model selection are usability, work flow, openness, flexibilityEBUSINESS different topics, and we canwebinars on SOLUTIONS and GIS integration as well as physical soundness, efficiency and stability of simulationarrange special webinars about specific engines. MIKE URBAN covers all water in the city, including: sewers - combined orEnim under accumsan epulae accumsantopic iriure your request. separate systems or any combination of these; storm water drainage systems, includinginhibeo dolore populus praesent. Molior 2D overland flow; and water distribution systems.vicis feugiat valetudo quadrum quidemnisl ea paulatim. Haero ut nutus accum EPANET This software developed by the US EPA models water distribution piping systems. It is a Windows 95/98/NT/XP program that performs extended-period simulation of the hydraulic and water quality behavior within pressurized pipe networks. GPSX This software from Hydromantis is a modular, multi-purpose computer program for the modeling and simulation of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. Whether you are designing a new facility, or simulating an existing plant, GPS-X will help you improve your design and operating efficiency. Technology for you and the environment
  4. 4. GIS & SurveyingGeographic Information System (GIS) is anyinformation system that integrates, stores,edits, analyzes, shares, and displaysgeographic information for decisionmaking.GIS technology can be applied to almostany human related activity. Althoughoriginally was used to support scientific ARCGISresearch, nowadays it is applied to manyfields including economics or marketing ArcGIS is a system for people who rely on accurate geographic information to make decisions. It facilitates collaboration and lets you easily author data, maps, globes, and models on the desktop and serve them out for use on a desktop, in a browser, or in theServices field, depending on the needs of your organization.We provide you assistance in finding the SAGA-GISright tool for your needs, but also in any SAGAs first objective is to give (geo-)scientists an effective but easy learnable platform forproblem you might have. We also provide the implementation of geoscientific methods. This is achieved by SAGAs uniquescripts according to your needs that will Application Programming Interface (API). The second is to make these methods accessibleimprove your results, and save lot of time. in a user friendly way, what is first of all done by its Graphical User Interface (GUI). Together this results in SAGAs true strength: a fast growing set of geoscientifc methods ready to be used in numerous applications.Courses and webinars Online GISWe organize free webinars on differenttopics, and we can arrange special Thanks to the advances on online services, now GIS might be available for everybodywebinars about specific topic under your without the need of special and expensive software. Moreover, online GIS proved to be arequest. very efficient way to spread communication and create awareness about specific events. For instance, google earth "crisis in Darfur" allowed more than 200 million people around the world to visualize and understand that conflict. Our experience with online GIS application will be very useful for different purposes such as data acquisition, data visualization and communication Web data acquisition tools Topographic data is the basis for any study or project related with earth surface. The most common way to obtain such data is to perform in situ surveying. Nevertheless, this is a very expensive and time consuming task. There were many satellite missions like GTOPO30, ETOPO5 or SRTM that provides data of different resolutions. Such data have already proved to have great potential for many applications. However, user needs to search all data providers, and process such data. Weve already gone through that task of searching and finding ways to process such data, so we are able to save lot of time and effort by providing you with data according your needs, or linking to the best alternative according your needs. As an example, you can try our free application Any Longitudinal Technology for you and the environment
  5. 5. Cloud & Cluster Computing1945 was an inflexion point that modifiedthe nature of global interactions, not onlybecause the successful test of Almogodro,but also the creation of ENIAC, the firstcomputer. Since then, computers and theirbenefits have had an exponentialdevelopment. Over the last 20 years wewitnessed the appearance anddevelopment of the internet, a newtechnology involved in any aspect ofhuman society, such as communication,learning, working or free time Cluster ComputingThose are very dynamic areas innovatingevery day, one day of and you are obsolete. Computer industry realized that now the improvement of performance will be achievedAt TSS we offer you different ways to by increasing the number of processors, and running multiple applications in parallel,maximize your benefits from computer rather than improving a single one,. Thanks to the wide availability of computers at lowapplication and internet. cost, parallelisms is not only multicore, but also distributed computing. Thus, we can easily use one single computer not only to control others, but also to run many application in parallel and getting the results transferred to a single file.Services Cloud ComputingWe provide you assistance in setting up the Cloud Computing is a kind of distributed computing taking advantages of the newservice that fit your needs the best, and the possibilities offered by internet. With cloud computing you minimize your investing, byuse of it. We also develop computing codes using a pay as you go method. This technology allows you to create a virtual computerand scripts according to your needs, inorder to improve your results. with your needs, use it and then pay just for what you have used. New ApplicationCourses and webinars At TSS we are always looking for the newest advances and applications in the IT area, so that we can offer you different innovations to improve your results.We organize free webinars on different For instance, we can mention some of our developments such as:topics, and we can arrange specialwebinars about specific topic under your *ARAS: Automating HEC-RAS is a tool that automates HEC-RAS. This tool proved to be veryrequest. useful for advanced analysis such as uncertainty or optimization. *ALP: Any Longitudinal Profile is a tool where you give coordinates. Then, it connects to webdatabases and plots the longitudinal profile of those coordinates. *ECSR: Earth Cross Section Ras is a tool where you input coordinates. Then, it connects to webdatabases and creates Cross Sections into a HEC-RAS Geometry File. *RVR: Roughness Variable for RAS, is a tool that allows to give new values of roughness to all the cross sections, with just a button. Technology for you and the environment
  6. 6. Home & OfficeAs we are always using and testingdifferent software applications, we wouldlike to share with you our experiences, soyou can benefit from our experiences anduse the applications that we consider themost useful ones.Most of those applications are free, andsome ones have a small cost, but theimprovements achieved are muchgreater. Programming LanguagesServices A computing code is a specification of a computation algorithm. Since computer neitherWe assist you in order to find the best and get bored, nor need to eat, they have the same performance for such task no matter hownewest computing application for your many times it has to be repeated. There are many computer programming languages,needs. We also provide you assistance in scripts for coding algorithms, such as VB, Delphi, C++, Python, Php, Javascripts, Batchsetting up the service that fit your needs codes, Mathlab and more. We offer our experience in order to solve problems you mightthe best, and the use of it. We also develop have or to develop a specific computing code according to your needs.computing codes and scripts according toyour needs, in order to improve your MS Officeresults. Although its popularity, many people misuse MS Office, by using the very basic applications, almost like simple typing machine. We will be glad to help you discovering very useful tools. Inkscape This freeware is An Open Source vector graphics editor, with capabilities similar toCourses and webinars Illustrator, CorelDraw, or Xara X, using the W3C standard Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)We organize free webinars on different file format. Inkscape supports many advanced SVG features (markers, clones, alphatopics, and we can arrange special blending, etc.) and great care is taken in designing a streamlined interface. It is very easywebinars about specific topic under your to edit nodes, perform complex path operations, trace bitmaps and much more.request. Technology for you and the environment
  7. 7. Software DevelopmentsWe are continuously developing freewareapplications for different tasks like datacollecting, data input output for specificsoftware. We invite you to try some ofour developments such as ARAS, ALP,ECSR or RVR. Any Longitudinal Profile Any Longitudinal Profile (ALP) is a freeware application that uses the best webdatabasesServices with geographic data in order to quickly obtain any longitudinal profile from everywhere. The user just need to give some coordinates of the required profile, and ALP willWe develop personalized applications automatically the required elevation and plot the longitudinal profile along with givenaccording to your specific needs. points georeferenced into a google map. ARASCourses and webinars ARAS is a freeware application that automates HEC-RAS features. For instance, it allows to update values of manning for several cross sections at once. It also allows to run severalWe organize free webinars on differenttopics, and we can arrange special plans at once with just one click. It is very useful application that will save lot of time andwebinars about specific topic under your effort.request. This application has great potential for time consuming tasks such as calibration, and for advanced analysis such as optimization or Monte Carlo uncertainty. ECSR Earth Cross Section to RAS (ECSR) is freeware application for creating easily cross sections for HEC-RAS. The user just needs to give the coordinates of the points the cross section, then ECSR will automatically get the elevation for those points. Moreover, it will also create the geometry file with the cross sections so that you can import directly to your HEC-RAS project. RVR RVR: Roughness Variable for RAS is a freeware tool that allows update values of roughness to all the cross sections with just a button click. Moreover, it allows assign one value for each cross section. This tool proved to be very useful for advanced analysis such as uncertainty or optimization. Technology for you and the environment
  8. 8. Questions and Comments about our servicesWe also develop fit for purpose tools and software according to yourneeds. For instance, you are invited to test our free tool such as ARAS thatautomates HEC-RAS features, or ECSR that automatically creates HEC-RAScross sections from web sources.This brochure was just a small introduction of our services. We are notjust a service provider. We want not only to fulfill you requirements, butto show you the newest technologies available, and get you interested inthe use of such technologies in order to get a sustainable world for ourfuture generations.If you need our services, or for any questions you might have, just contactus, and we will be glad to assist you or organize a webinar according toyour needs. Contact us via:Email: tss.vraag@gmail.comWebsite: www.hometss.comSlideShare: kindly invite you to join our effort for a sustainable world. Technology for you and the environmentTechnical Solutions for SustainabilityPhone: +31 - (0)